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Update, of sorts

I know I’ve been really quiet lately. I wanted to assure you that I am working, it’s just slow going. 2011 hasn’t been the best of writing years for me, unfortunately. First Reverb wiped me out and now Leashed 4 is kicking my ass. But that’s just whiny author talk. I’ve been doing lots and lots of reading, much of it in series, so I find myself being just as impatient for the next story as some of my readers. So I get it. I DO get it.

It looks like Toys for Good Girls will be coming out in November so that should be fun. Again, it’s a not quite Christmas story that takes place in Santa’s Village which resides in a parallel universe where elves can shapeshift into reindeer or chubby little men with jolly laughs and pudgy tummies. This one’s m/f though so we’ll see who of Reindeer Games audience is interested. Sorry guys, I gave it some serious thought but Bok insisted that he wasn’t gay. I think Tanty’s pretty cool though so hopefully some of you will enjoy her.

Leashed. Oh my gods. I’ve written this elsewhere but let me just say again that I have a new, profound respect for authors who write series about the same individuals. Continue reading Update, of sorts

Finished Reverb Rough Draft

I don’t usually post about these things, but this particular story has been kicking my ass so I’m going to hoot about it.

Just finished the first rough draft for Reverb. WOOOT!

This is my longest to date. At present, it’s just over 80,000 words. I believe it’s my longest story to date.

My work’s not done, of course. Now I’ve got to go back and polish it up. This one’s going to take a lot of polish, I know, because it took me most of the book to really figure out what was happening. Ah, the joys of writing by the seat of my pants. But I know the story now so that’s a relief. Now I need to make all the nit-picky details go with it.

Not sure when it’ll be out. Not sure when it can fit into the MLR Press release schedule. My own fault for that, not them. I was scared to commit until I had the story down. But it should be out sometime this year.

I’ll try and get at least a blurb on the site sometime in March. Until then, I can tell you the guys on the cover are Marlowe — taller one — and Nick.

What I Learned about Writing from Jet by Tara Lain

Those who follow my site know that I don’t often have posts from other people. But I’ve heard from Tara Lain before and she’s got a her first book out today so I’ll happily make an exception. I remember all the authors who helped me when I was just starting out and I’m happy to return the favor for an author who seems to share a lot of my same sensibilities toward writing. Good Luck, Tara!!


For years, people told me I should write a book, but I couldn’t imagine what I wanted to write about. Then I started reading Jet Mykles, and less than two years later, I’m a published author with my first book, Genetic Attraction, coming out from Loose Id this week and a second book under contract. Reading Jet’s books was better than all the fiction-writing classes (although I did those too), because through Jet I discovered my passion for passion. For the first time, I found something so fun and exciting it would write itself. (Jet can now put “muse” on her resume.)

Here’s what Jet taught me:

    It’s impossible for heroes to be too beautiful – Don’t tell me my hero, Roan Black, couldn’t exist in real life. Erotic romance fiction isn’t real life. The likes of Johnny in Heaven and Shasertai in Sursein Judgement are compelling to me and lots of other readers.
    Characters benefit from being a little (or a lot) over the top – Many writers concentrate on “real people”, but I find I best remember the ones that stand out from the crowd. Have you ever met anyone quite like Hell?
    It’s possible to write great conflict without unspeakable angst – When conflict gets too intense in books, I often feel like closing the cover and walking away. (I avoid the Russian authors and love Jane Austen) Jet makes her readers wonder how the characters will ever get out of their mess – while being totally confident that it will happen.
    Relationships between people are diverse, wondrous and mysterious — Jet’s books avoid labels and categories. She has straight men falling in love with other men , gay men falling in love with women, all  with a minimum of chest-pounding. Is this real life? Who cares? It’s great fiction.
    Once your characters grab a hold of you, they don’t let go – Jet’s book are almost always part of series. I never intended it, but I’ve written four books and three  are all in the same series. My people demanded that I tell their stories.

The bottom line is — thank you, Jet. You have always been generous with your help, and, above all, a huge inspiration to many writers like me. I’ve learned great lessons from your fiction and, hopefully, have put it to work in my books. Oh yes, I forgot to mention. We both love  Adam Lambert.

What have you learned from reading Jet’s books? Share.   :  )


Buy Link for the bookhttp://www.loose-id.com/Genetic-Attraction.aspx

Tara’s contact info:

At a conservative Long Island University, renowned researcher, Dr. Emmaline Silvay, has two great loves — her life-saving work, and her younger research partner, Jake Martin. The romantic love is impossible. She’s his boss and he lives with his girlfriend. But his “girlfriend” is actually a boyfriend; the beautiful and infamous supermodel, Roan Black.

Resigned to a platonic relationship, Em accepts a weekend invitation to their home, but the men have a ménage on their minds. She can’t resist, doesn’t even want to. But their intentions go far beyond passion. They want her to “be a part of them.” Their three-way love defies propriety and the standards of the University that funds their work. The supermodel’s fame makes secrecy impossible. Their ménage threatens to crumble all she’s worked for. What will give way to make room for genetic attraction?

Contrary to popular belief…

I don’t think the next Indigo Knights story is Danny’s.

“But Jet, he has to be!” I hear you say. “If you follow the pattern from Heaven Sent, then the guy who gets the next book is the secondary character that was prominently featured in the previous book.”

“Yes,” I say, “this is true.”

But, to be honest, I screwed up. I really should have brought Lance and Noble into the mix sooner. That’s what I get for being a pantser with a loose idea of what my stories actually are as I’m writing them.

BTW, Gordon and Danny aren’t a couple. That one I’m sure of. Because I do know who Gordon’s man is 😉

Over The Top

I have been accused, on occasion, of writing characters who are over the top. I don’t, by the way, at all mind this accusation. I just think it’s noteworthy. I like over the top characters. In moderation, of course. Too many or too much can be overwhelming, but if you’ve got the right outlandish character in the mix, then they tend to keep things interesting.

Take Justin from Just For You. He’s nearly a queen. Not quite, but he wouldn’t have far to go if he so chose. I could, for instance, see him cross dressing without batting an eye about it. I know he wears clothing that some would consider OTT. But I think Justin was a rather balanced character, actually. His OTT glossed over a very thoughtful man who’d been hurt in the past and chose not to dwell on it and move on.

And Johnnie from Heaven Sent. OMG, isn’t he OTT? But he should be. A lead singer in a rock band has to forge ahead and thump people over the head with how very special he and his band are. But, again, the OTT was a gloss. It’s his job and he loves it, plays it to the hild 24/7. But once Tyler figured all that out, he found the warm, mushy center underneath and that’s what’s special about Johnnie. Strange to realize that he’s so very loyal but he’s really a puppy dog underneath all the glitz. Hmm, let’s not tell him I said that, shall we?

Mustn’t forget Hell from Heaven Sent either. I figure Hell’s been small and cute all his life so he decided early on to work it rather than regret it.  But that doesn’t mean that’s all he is. The imp rather likes throwing people off and scaring those who think he’s a Kewpie doll without a brain. Don’t let the lavender hair fool you.

There’s also Ki from Tech Support. Again, here’s a guy with a forceful personality who takes life by the horns and charges ahead. He sees no particular reason to deny himself or to let what he wants slip through his fingers. Is he an ass about about? Well, yes, sometimes.

And then there’s my favorite elf, Radin. Not sure you can get much more over the top and arrogant than he, but he’s got the stuff to back it up. He just is that powerful and that charming. I know, I created him LOL

Shows a certain amount of strength to be over the top. Can be annoying, sure and can make your teeth itch, but they get the job done. I think my OTT characters are my alternative to the overpowering alpha males many authors write. Now, let me say with conviction that there is nothing wrong with alpha males. I’ve read many a story with alpha males and enjoyed them. But, to use one of my favorite phrases, they make my teeth itch. Many times, I can’t decide if I want to fuck them or shoot them. It’s the nature of the beast. I’m just not great at writing that kind of character. Closest I’ve gotten are a few elves — Salin and Krael come to mind — Michael from Leashed and Drake from Fox and Dragon. But I don’t think even they really fit the bill.

So, over the top? Sure. That’s my thing and proud of it.

Two at once

No, I’m not talking about menage this time. I’m talking about writing. I’ve got two stories live in my head at the moment and it’s kind of weird.

I just finished the rough draft of Dark Elves VI: Awakening as well as the first round of edits on Heaven Sent: Revelations, so, naturally, I’m ready to start the next project. I don’t stop, you know. I may not be writing as fast sometimes or I may be stuck and not writing at all, but the stories never really halt in my head.

Well, I was all set to start this story that is so far “the boss” story because I don’t have a title for it yet. I started working on this one over a year ago when the first scene jumped out at me and I had to write it. I managed to write 20,000 words on it before I fizzled out. I think it was Unicorn that needed to be written, so I put this boss story aside. But now it fits perfectly with a submission call that Loose Id sent out so I’m trying to get that one done and in by the deadline. It’s the story I planned to do.

So, imagine my chagrin when another story up and accosts me. I’m going to say it isn’t my fault. Look at this picture by Heise.

whisper of a rose2 by *heise on deviantART

Is that not one of the most beautiful things you’ve ever seen? I’d seen it before because I purchased her artbook, but I was looking again the other day and a story for these guys just leaped out at me. I’d written close to 5K words before I’d really realized it.

So now I’ve got 2 stories going and I don’t know who’ll win out. Not sure I can get both of them done before I need to start working on the sequel to About Something, which I’ve agreed to do.

*sigh* so many stories!