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The Dark Elves series is currently in transition


The Dark Elves series reveals a magical world and these black skinned denizens who live in the Dark Forest covering the Rhaen Mountains. The elves were creaed by their goddess as a magical race of bodyguards and sexual consorts. However, when Rhae left the world, she realized her error in their creation. There were no women. So before she left, she gave them a spell to change human women to enable them to procreate with the elves.

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I have always loved elves. Love the look of them and love the idea of them. I’m a LOTR fan from way back and I’ve been reading fantasy series books for most of my life. So I guess it’s quite natural that my first ever published work was a fantasy piece about elves.

The Dark Elves series was born out of the first few images seen in my image gallery. I posted the first three images at Renderotica, each with a little snippet of a stream of conscious story about what was happening. I was pleased and stunned when people asked for more.

The elves hold a special place in my heart, for what they’ve meant to me both in fantasy and reality. The series has been a great hit with readers and I thank each and every one who’s read and liked them.

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  1. I have the dark elf books : taken,mastered,salvation,dissent,discovery,awakening,dark elves:taken 1 and2,dark elves salvation (dark elves 3# and #4)

    and wanted to know if the series will be continuing or is that it for the series.

    1. As of now, that’s the series.
      I hope to revamp the stories like I’ve started doing with the Heaven Sent books so, who knows, I might come up with a new story when that happens.
      Thanks for the interest!

      1. Thank you! I try to rebuy at amazon, I could only get them in paperback. In will wait for The Dark Elves to come again.

      2. I really hope you get them republished. I had the collection but lost it due to moving. I can’t find a good copy or ebook version anywhere. Fingers crossed and good luck.

  2. are there going to be any more after awakening and how many more books in the series will there be?

  3. I love your dark elves books. Fell in love with your work through them. Are you going to do any mre in this series. Just curious

  4. Jet querido gostaria muito de ler seus livro pois só leio resenhas e como leitora viciadonaaaaaaaaaaaaa queria le-los como faço para baixa-los? desde já agradeço

  5. Hi Jet…. Im just going to chime in with everyone and say that I love the Dark Elves and would really like to read more. If you could write a couple more for some true Dark Elves lovers that would be AWESOME! Brain Storm away 🙂

  6. Hello Jet
    your dark Elves are sizzling hot I love the world you created. I have a question though in book 6 are a lot open ends, I am desperately waiting what happens Radin, one of my fave characters, the red elf freed by Radin, with the girls born to the tribe, and now that they can open portals again will there be contact with their goddess again or more danger from the false goddess. Will there now be women which come on free will to their world etc….
    Please continue this series!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    thanks for writing this fantastic books

  7. Hi Jet! I am simply checking back again, as I often do, to see what you have in the works. I see that you are currently working on the Leashed Series and was wondering if you see anything in the future streams for the Dark Elves?

    I would LOVE to see more coming, as there are so many wonderful characters yet to play with!

    Thanks Jet!! 🙂

  8. Hi Jet! I can not find my previous post from yesterday?:( But I had gotten Taken on a whim this week and finished it in one setting. I went and bought the other books yesterday so I could finish this series. I am quiet curious to read your take on the “drow” society. I know your elves have a different name, but they are so similar to the Drow elves in the Forgotten Realms stories. I did enjoy Taken, but I wish you would have put a bit more thought into a plot rather than focus so much on the sex. But they are erotica so why am I complaining..lol! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your artwork! It is sensual and beautiful! I loved the fact also that you included some of that artwork through out the book! I was shocked and it really did help in the imagination department. My fiance commented once while I was reading “Your breathing awfully hard, are you ok??”…LMAO!! I was like oh, yeah, I am fine…lol!! Thank you for some interesting reads Jet. I will comment more when I am finished with the books!

  9. Do you mind if I quote a couple of your posts as long as I provide credit and sources back to your webpage? My blog is in the exact same area of interest as yours and my visitors would definitely benefit from some of the information you provide here. Please let me know if this okay with you. Thank you!

    1. Generally, I’m ok with crediting my site so long as it’s not just a copy of an entire post or story with no credit. If it’s a few sentences and you link back, I’m good with that.
      If I may, where’s your site?

  10. Hi guys,
    I’m tickled that you’ve enjoyed the Dark Elves. Thank you so much!

    DE7? Don’t know. I’ve finished the main storyline. I’ve played with the idea of some one-off stories in the same world but haven’t gotten anything solid yet. You never know!

  11. Hi Jet! I just wanted to check back and see of you have yet any plans on DE 7?? I check constantly to see if you have it in the works, or have plans to do so….any updates? Thanks! 🙂

  12. Dayum Jet!!!

    Talk about melting panties material with these Dark Elves WHOOP! WHOOP! WHOOP! *starts doing a happy dance*

    I was introduced to the series bout 2 weeks back by my awesome Mama who had Taken & Salvation in P/back. After reading Taken & Mastered I was instantly addicted which is saying alot seen as my #1 author/addiction is my Author Mistress Joey W Hill.
    After gobbling through Mastered & Dissent I ordered Discovery and Awakening and am 3 quarters through Discovery and whoa these reads are perfect. So much so that I can’t help but feel like you’ve written these just for me *beaming*

    To find an author that is consistant with their writing to me is rare and you’re one of those diamonds in the rough. Amazing, intensely sexually charged, out-of-this world are just a few descriptions I’d use to describe your Dark Elves work.

    I absolutely love the fact that you’ve continued to touch base with past charas! The majority of ongoing series that I read, you’re lucky to get a glimpse of past charas and whats happening with them now so I’ve been tickled pink reading this series.

    Favourite chara for me is Radin! I bawled when he sacrificed himself and then I ruined it for myself by reading the back of Awakening before I started Discovery *shakes head at self* but I’m ecstatic that he’s back EEK *squeals like a lil kid in the candy store, back flips and finishes with the splits* Looking forward to getting up close with him again *sighs dreamily*

    Anyway, rather than continue to rant I just wanted to add my praise and say Thankyou so much for sharing your awesome gift with us mere mortals *winks*

    I was hoping to find a Jet Mykles fan forum but will have to satisfy myself with raving about your work to my fellow Joeyhaulics and bringing them over to the Dark Elves side *wags brows as evil smirk splits face*

    Hope this finds you well and smiling.

  13. hello everyone
    first let me say that I adored your first two books, Taken and Mastered, and currently am trying to resist bying the next ones before my finals

    I have a question about the first one though, when Gala asks Nalfien why he didn’t know about Iana when he put the spell on her, he replies that he was with Hyle at the moment.
    Then he says Hyle is not only his apprentice, but his son, to explain the attraction Gala felt around him.

    Here’s the thing, if raedjour are only fertile with their truemates, how can Hyle have been an apprentice of Nalfien’s BEFORE he met his truemate??
    I’m sorry if this question had already been answered, or if there’s an obvious answer, but I didn’t see either 🙂

    Best of luck

  14. Hi Jet! I just wanted to add a little wish for more Dark Elves!! You have developed so many wonderful characters and it seems as though there is so much in their universe yet undone….I would love to see another story!!!

    You have the market on this particular story and characters, it’s not like there are others writing anything similar, so we depend on you and you alone for more. 🙂 I can get a paranormal fix from any number of wonderful Authors, but the Dark Elves….well, it’s you and you alone!

    Please keep our Dark Elves addiction fed! Thanks so much!

    Kimberly 🙂

  15. Hey Jet…. Just wondering how’s the family tree coming along???

    Also, will you be attending RWA this year? I missed you in DC last year 🙁 but I hope you will be in Orlando 🙂

  16. hi! your books made me a more open-minded person and i think that’s a good thing. i really love reading them and its so amazing that you are such a creative person, both in mind and artworks. the concept and characters of your story is so original and dynamic. and so i hope to read more of the dark elves series. keep up the good job!

  17. Hi Jet… Love your Dark Elves… have all six books 🙂

    I was wondering if you have a Dark Elves family tree on your web site somewhere and I just have not found it. Im sometime get confused as to who is whos son and who is the teacher of whome…


  18. Hello.. ive just spent the past week basically ignoring my husband… the dog… housework to read these six awesome books 🙂 and now that i’m done i’m kinda sad cause there aren’t anymore… any plans to write about more Dark Elven exploits?? Your an awesome writer and a smash up artist as well…. looking forward to reading more of your work.. ciao

    1. lol I hope your family survived without you.

      At the moment, I don’t have any more planned in the Dark Elves world, but that doesn’t mean I might not come up with something in the future.


  19. Hi, absolutely love the Dark Elves series. Enjoyed them so much. Wondering if or when Dark Elves VI Awagenings will be put out in print version?
    Your artwork is great and I love your website, thanks for sharing 🙂

  20. I enjoyed dark Elves series greatly so far. And I especially liked Ale’tone, felt kind of sad for him in the end. Plus, it made a really nice contrast of a nearly sexless elven race in comparison to dark and red elves. Made me wonder what kind of hilarity and confusion would have happened if a light/white? elf female found her way into the raedjour city 🙂

    Excellent writing and an interesting world setting.

  21. I’m hoping there’s more to the story in this last edition. There is so many pieces to this story. I is a must that you keep this race from upper society. It is a fact there are so many races amongst one another the Dark Elves needs to remain within there own society. However whom ever wished to be apart of that realm could lead to possibilities. However one suggestion I have is other beings such as themselves. This race needs to grow and advance. Is there others like the little red elf. I am truly missing Radin. It was not meant for him to die, if so the direction of the book lead me to believe otherwise before the demise of the vortex. He is such a great character. He ties everything all together. I await to see what happens.

  22. I just got the first 4 books and I love them! You’re very talented! I’m about to start the 2nd book but have a question about the first.

    It mentions that Iana had 40+ lovers before she truematched with Nalfien. And that Nalfien was not the sorcerer to lay the spell at her capture since he was preoccupied helping his apprentice Hyle at the time.

    How is that possible? Hyle is his son, but I thought Raedjour are only fertile after being truematched? So how could helping his son have delayed the meeting with his truemate?

    Are am I misunderstanding something? I tried googling to see if this was addressed but maybe I didn’t use the best keywords.

    I know it’s not a biggie, but it’s driving me nuts. XD

    1. You’ve discovered one of the errors in the series. When it said that he was preoccupied with Hyle, it should have been that he was preoccupied with Radin. Hyle is Nalfien’s oldest son.

      I didn’t catch that glitch until long after the book was out. You’re not going crazy 🙂

      Thanks! I hope you enjoy Salvation and Dissent.

  23. I just bought this whole series on FictionWise and I loved it so much! I can’t wait for the last book, though I would love for there to be more. You’ve done a wonderful job with these and I’m going to look into other books you’ve written. I just enough about how wonderful I think this series is.

    1. Thanks so much!
      Book 6 will end the arc that I have planned but I don’t rule out the possibility of returning to the world. I’ve spent a lot of time there now, after all lol

  24. I knew those damm black hides were seducing me!! LOL
    I just ordered the rest of the series on amazon.
    Oh YES!! score!! found out you did a whole book on Meg-Michael-Rudy. YEA!! Happy Kat Dance. Loved the short story in Howl last night. Of course, Leashed was added.
    Only wish my pale skin would darken from reading about those wicked Elves. 🙂 Or looking at them on as my screen saver:) THANKS AGAIN

  25. Hi Jet,

    I have recently fallen in love with your Dark Elves series. I found them through Loose ID & had them on my wish list there. Kept going back & finally bought. I absolutely cannot wait until V & VI. Any tentative dates for V so I can fill in my wish list on Excel?

    I explored your gallery. Amazing! Beautiful! Talented!

    Thank you so much,

  26. I am so in love with this series! I adore Salin, I want a guy like him….oh well a girl can dream lol cant wait till 5 comes out

  27. Hello jet!

    I have read all of the Dark Elf books, and have really enjoyed them. Though I was a little upset when Radin was lost. He is one of my favorite characters. Anyway, I saw that you are currently working on Dark Elves book 5 and I was wondering if there is a time-line when it should be out. I’m really excited and can’t wait to read it.

  28. Hello Jet!

    Radin is by far my favorite dark elf character! You have done an amazing job with his character throughout the Dark Elves series. He is one secondary character that I always look forward to when reading this series. When you put him in Dark Elves III: Salvation, I was excited. And I still enjoyed the book immensely. However, I was wondering if Radin will get his own story in the future?

  29. I’m going to start working on DE5 in another month or so. Maybe summer release if I’m lucky? I’m hoping to get both of them out this year *crosses fingers*

  30. Hi there! Any idea yet when 5 and 6 are going to be released? All I can find is 2008 (yay!), but nothing more specific. Thanks!

  31. Funny you should mention print. I just saw the print cover yesterday and it’s GORGEOUS! Ms. Anne Cain has graced me yet again I’ll post it as soon as I can.

  32. Hello,

  33. Hey there Jet,

    I got to say I LOVE this series of yours. I race to grab them when they come out. 🙂 I am definitly looking forward to the next 3 in the series. 🙂


  34. Hi, I’m really waiting for the fourth book to buy it, but every time I search at loose id it is still in “coming soon” state. Do you have an aproximate date for the release?
    EI apologize for my poor english, I’m from Spain.

    Hugs from Spain

  35. hi.
    (( excuse the bad translation, over google one translated ))

    Exist does the possibility, the books of the “Dark Elves” somehow of buying or somewhere? This series pleases me very well.

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