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With the Heaven Sent series, I delve into the wonderful world of yaoi. If you don’t know what yaoi is, I recommend visiting the Yaoicon website and reading up on this genre of homosexual fiction that was born through Japanese manga and has become a thriving industry. Yaoi is basically pretty boys doing pretty boys, and, man, did I have fun coming up with my boys. I’ve done my very best to pay tribute to and be honest to the genre that sparked this idea and I’m tickled that many yaoi fans have enjoyed the series.

Heaven Sent is a fictional rock group with originally four members: Johnnie Heaven, lead singer; Lucas Sloane, bass player; Brent Rose, lead guitar; and Darien Hughes, drummer. They are all quite gorgeous and quite wonderful and book one starts with Johnnie’s story. Johnnie, as it just so happens, is bisexual. Turns out that Luc and Brent are as well and Darien is happy to let everything think he is too. Each of the four main books in the series–Heaven, Purgatory, Hell and Faith–looks into the love life of each of the original four boys. Book 3 adds a fifth member, keyboardist Hell, to the band.

Genesis is about all four couples at once, taking place around a New Year’s eve concert. Trials occur, angst ensues, sex follows, endings are happy.

Revelations wasn’t a book I originally intended to write, but after all was said and done, Gretchen wanted a story. We argued, she and I, because, after all, she’s a girl and girls are a no-go in yaoi. She suggested perhaps she should get two men. Well, heck. After all she’s done to keep the boys in line, she deserved a story. Rest assured, however, that Archer and Owen are into each other as well… well, eventually.

I’ve had marvelous reaction to the boys. I attribute a lot of that to the absolutely gorgeous covers by the absurdly talented PL Nunn. If you have not seen the artwork or read the stories on her website and you like pretty boys having sex with pretty boys, GO NOW!

I’ve occasionally been asked about the titles. Did I have fun with them? Yes. There is nothing religious or evangelical about the books. Each one of the titles actually refers to a name. Heaven is Johnnie’s last name. Purgatory is the name of the club where the band got their start. Hell is the name of the new keyboardist who joins the band. Faith is the last name of the guy Darien eventually falls for. Genesis is the name of the ski resort at which they play. Revelations is the only non-tangible title, but it refers to Gretchen’s own revelations about life. See? Very simple.

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  2. I merely wanted to leave a simple thoughts to say your blog was awesome. I ran across it on google seek right after going through plenty of other information that had been probably not relevant. I believed I would find this much earlier thinking about how good the info is.

  3. I’m from the US but quite fluent in Japanese (thanks to a childhood friend), so I’ve read quite a few BL novels from Japan within the last two or so years. Imagine my surprise when I found out that such novels also existed in the US! You can probably tell that I’m a casual BL reader, I bet. 🙂

    Anyway, I’d just like to let you know that I enjoyed this series more than I’d ever thought possible. As I’m not much of a romantic, I tend to want to turn away from lots of books when things get to heavy and depressing. Despite being female, I’m not very emotional and can never really wrap my mind around the things that irk many of my friends about their lovers or their relationships. I can never really relate. Trust me, because this is coming from a woman who once had an ex tell her that she was more like a little brother to him than a lover. :/

    Anyway, while the conflicts between the couples in this series DID make me groan and to yell “No! You don’t mean that. Hurry up and make up!”…it wasn’t in a bad way. It wasn’t like the ‘wanting to walk away’ feeling that I get from the melodrama of some romantic fiction.

    I loved this series. Devoured all 6 books and their side stories in less than 48 hours as a matter of fact (thank god I was on vacation), and will gladly do it again with your other works.

    Well, you’ve gone and done it. I’m officially a fan.

    Bravo, my dear. Bravo.

    –yoko (the chatter box)

  4. I bought the Heaven series on a whim. I could not put them down. My husband was going crazy because I would sleep for two hours, get up and start reading again before I slept for another two hours. Totally love the series.

  5. Oh, and I forgot to ask, which yaoi manga inspired you? I am myself a very active member of a french scanlation team so I am quite curious. I would be interested to know which manga as well got you to write tech support, another of your lovely story^^

  6. ooookay… so, first I loooooove the books, second I love the art, third how is it possible to get each book individually? like Heaven’s cover is just so great I’d like to have it.

    1. Sorry Graziella, the individual covers are only available in ebook. The artist, PL Nunn, has her own site called Bishonenworks that you might enjoy. To be honest, it’s been her artwork that has inspired me more than any other magnaka. There are a few others who I enjoy but I’m embarrassed to say that I don’t know their names off the top of my head.

      Thanks. glad you’re enjoying the series.

  7. I love this series so much I (literally) bought the T-shirt! The artwork is outstanding.

    Can’t wait for Indigo Knights. And, like Jacqueline, I want MORE….

    Johnnie and Tyler’s baby story;
    Luc and Reese’s wedding;
    Brent and Hell’s production exploits; and
    anything about Darien and Chris’ future

    I know the HS boys will appear in the Indigo Knights series, but will we get some additional books or shorts with just them? PLEASE!

    p.s. I totally cracked up at the costumes worn at Gretchen’s party. They were so awesome! Any artwork with our boys decked out in their Halloween finery?

    1. Well, in IK: Squire you’re going to see Brent and Hell’s production exploits. Izzy — Rabin’s love interest — is Brent’s cousin. Not sure where else it’ll take me but I think Luc and Reese’ll show up in IK2.


  8. Thanks so much for responding!

    I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for the release of your new series.

  9. I’ve fallen in love with Heaven Sent!
    Wouldn’t it be so cool if they were a real band – totally accepted with loads of fans as in your books?

    Is there any more in store for the boys? Would totally love to hear if Johnnie & Tyler end up with a kid or 2 & who actually plays the ‘mommie role’; how Luc & Reese are enjoying married life; what level of success Brent & Hell are having as a cutting edge producing team; if Darien & Chris have formalized their relationship in any way; and how Gretchen & her two gorgeous men are getting on (has Archer started his new business?; has Owen started managing bands on his own?)

    Love your creations, Ms Mykles!

    1. Thanks, jacqueline! You’ll see some of the HS boys in the Indigo Knights series. Brent and Hell actually have parts in book 1 and I’m sure the other boys will show up at some point in the rest of the series.

  10. Hey Jet,
    I just finshed Heaven Sent and I love these boos. Are you going to write a book 6? I hope so beacuse I want to now what happens with these guys!!!!!! (^_^)

    Love you work!!!!

  11. I absolutely loved this series, my favorite was by far Brent and Hell they are the cutest couple. I always think of Heaven Sent’s music sounding like Muse

  12. Do you know if there is any fan fiction out there based on your books?? Especially the Heaven Sent series?? How would you feel about that? Giddy with excitement or super offended…

    Just wondering…

    1. I don’t know of any fan fiction out there about the boys. I think I’d be flattered but I’m not sure I could read someone else’s rendition of them. They’re way too real in my head. I couldn’t be offended, though, not if someone loved the boys that much. Having dabbled in fan fiction myself, I know the love that inspires the need to write it and that’s an awesome thing.

  13. I just adore the Heaven Sent series! I was just scanning the internet one day and happened to come across your website. I started looking through your books and read a little bit of Heaven Sent and I just fell in love with it! I actually started ordering the books through my high school library. Well worth it. So far I have only read 1 and just about done with 2. Johnnie is still my favorite. Something about him just got me ever since I just seen the drawing of him at the top of the website before I even started reading. I even showed my friend your books too! I have like 4 or 5 people wanting to read your series lol You should of saw their reaction when they saw the book I had to forcefully take the book from my friends arms cause she wouldn’t let it go hehe Your writing is just amazing too. I’m hoping to buy the entire Heaven Sent series if I have enough money. hehe I don’t usually leave comments or anything about books or series I like but I just had too with this one! I’m just happy the book finally came in. I had 1 on backorder for a month. 2 came in before it so I had 2 at waiting for number 1 so I was so excited when it came. Very worth the wait. Keep up the amazing work :3

  14. I love this whole series to pieces, but I’m pretty sure I squeed a bit when Faith came out. Honest to goddess Squeed. Having the serious seriouly-hot English guy (with glasses, no less!) topping the cute social member just like… *happy sigh* yeah. Still need to get Revelations, but I’m saving up. Many many kudos on the whole series, and Squee for Faith!

  15. So I have read all the Heaven sent books and I love them. Darien is by far my fave has nothing to do with sharing the same name.LOL. Great work Ms Mykles I enjoy all your stories.

  16. Hi, Just writing to let you know how much I enjoyed these books. Have all of them (2 Books the rest ebooks)
    I love the series and have read them that many times. I don’t know which is my favourite Can’t pick between the first 4.Just finished the set again this week but now have to look for something else to read. I hate finishing books that I am really enjoying.Are you doing anymore stories on any of them.Such good feelings for each other in the books. The friendships are great between them all.
    Will the rest of the books be coming out in print?
    Thanks again for a great series.

  17. Wanted to tell you that I often take my print HeavenSents into the treatment room w/me, and invariably someone gets curious and wants to see what I’m reading (I’m known as a big reader, and often get asked for recommendations). Virtually everyone who gets a glimpse falls in love, and I just thought I’d let you know that we’re all a lot happier when we have you’re on hand, taking us away from where we’d really rather not be!

  18. Hey Jet, Love the boys. I second the idea of Genesis & Revelations in print. Any special person at Loose Id we can bug about this?

    Bought the t-shirt. Why didn’t the boys play in Pittsburgh???

    1. Did they not play in Pittsburgh? Ah well, sorry about that. The SO played the role of tour manager and chose the cities.

      As for the print, not sure who. I think there’s a “contact us” somewhere on the LI site.


  19. I love the Heaven Sent series and was wondering if there will be a spin-off from this, especially since all the boys are matched up. Any hope for us waiting for more?

  20. Jet, is Loose ID going to put Genesis and Revelations in a print book together? That would be nice

  21. Hi Jet.
    I read the first book of Heaven Sent and I enjoyed it. I didn’t have much faith in the second because sequels are never as good as the first, but I was wrong – it was better!! I finished the second and quickly moved onto the third and loved it more still. I honestly didn’t think you could find anything original for a FOURTH book but again, you proved me wrong. Book 5 was fantastic as well. I really enjoyed having all 4 couples together in the story and loved how you managed to intertwine the 4 stories and easily switch between them. I read all 5 books, as well as the 4 holiday shorts in a mere 3 days and I must say, my only disappointment was when it ended! So a very big thank you from a new fan of the boys, and I very sincerely hope to see more works with them in it.
    P.S. I really did want to rave about my favourite from the series, but all 8 boys are just so gorgeous it’s impossible to separate them. So thank you again (to both you and PL Nunn – who’s work I have also read and loved) for really bringing the boys alive in my mind.

    1. Wow, thanks 😀
      I did make a conscious effort to make all four stories as individual as possible while still maintaining the feel of the series. It was very important to me not to do exactly the same type of dynamic for any of the relationships.

  22. Your books are great!!!!!!I read the Dark Elves series and then found Heaven. I bought all the books including the shorts and could not put them down. I actually read them all and then had to read them again they were so addicitive. Your characters are so real, will there be anymore in the heaven series I can’t wait.

    1. Thank you!
      There is at least one more Heaven Sent book due out, that being Heaven Sent: Revelations, but it’s got girl cooties. m/m/f girl cooties and the girl is Gretchen, their manager. Other than that, the boys will be making appearances in the Indigo Knights series when I get to that 🙂

  23. I was turned onto a couple of your short stories, Tech Support and Snagged, by a friend on good reads. (My first m/m reads) I fell in love with your writing style and decided to dive into the Heaven Sent books. Fabulous. I’m only through the first three books, so far, but I am just head over heals for the Heaven Sent boys. So, not only am I totally converted to the m/m genre, but I think I like the pretty boys best. Yum!

  24. I am in mad love with these boys! I just finished HS2 and absolutely LOVED it! I began with your Dark Elves books in print & enjoyed them so much, I got the two HS books. I love that each of the boys stories are so different; how they fit each of their personalities perfectly. J/T & D/C are my faves! I am in the process of buying all the yummy lil ebooks in between, incl Genesis. I know you’ll be branching out with side stories & am looking forward to them, but, I’ll miss these boys terribly! Thanks so much & keep writing!

  25. Love the HS stories, I have the 4 main in print and all the yummy extra’s in e-ebook. The guys remind me of some of the people I knew in my twenties and worked in the music scene. They are adorable! Not that I’m that old but that was pre mommy days. Can’t wait for the next one and the Knights. Your awesome!

    PS My first M/M read too!

  26. I LOVE the Heaven Sent Boys really!!! I never read a M/M love story before and I was totally shocked!! I thought I wouldn’t be intrested in this type of story but BOY was I wrong!!!! You have opened my eyes to a whole new world and I thank you!!!!!!

    I have just finished the 4th instalment (I know, I know I’m slow on the uptake) I CANNOT wait to get to the next one! and then the one after that!

    Again I thank you!

    P.S Do you recommend anything else for me to sink my teeth into? You have me hooked!

    1. oh I LOVE popping m/m cherries. So fun 🙂 Thank you!

      I would recommend any of my fellow authors at Fiction with Friction. Yes, I am biased because they are my friends but they became my friends because I love their writing. I would also recommend Anne Cain and Barb Sheriden, esp if you liked the yaoi aspect of my books. Katrina Strauss’ Blue Ruin series too. Evangeline Anderson. Stephanie Vaughn. Man, I could go on but that’s a good start.

      Enjoy! M/M is a lovely addition, imho.

  27. I am and always have been a VORACIOUS reader.I started reading Yaoi manga about two years ago and have a small collection of other Erotica (Anais Nin etc.).I really enjoyed your books! The “boys” are each strong interesting characters but I empathize the most with Brent—I’m not outgoing either.
    I too would like your other Heaven Sent stories in book form.Your books are treasures even on my loaded book shelves.

  28. Loved, loved, loved them! Jet, you’re great, these stories are wonderful!! I especially liked Tyler, lol, and Darian’s story…really liked this one! Really fantastic!

  29. I am a big fan of yaoi stories, I love them. Heaven Sent was absolutely delicious. I read them all in two days (it was hard to put down) and had a blast. They made me laugh out loud and made my heart melt. I love each and every character, they’re some really special guys. Your characters are some of the most developed that I’ve read, with very distinct personalities. Nothing was repetitive, not even their sexual styles, which was amazing. I’m sad that I’ve read them all so fast because I want more of their story.
    Your work is AMAZING! Thanks for creating and sharing it with the rest of us.

    1. Thank you!
      I tried hard to make sure that each of the stories was unique, as were the characters. I didn’t want to repeat myself with any of the stories and I’m rather proud of how they came out. I’m glad you liked them.

  30. I have read the first 4 books of the heaven sent series and I have tried to find out if the other books in the series will come out in print any time soon. I hope you will soon have these books out in print soon and will let me know when they will be out. I would appreciate a response in any case. I really enjoyed you Heaven Sent stories. Thank you very much.

    1. Hi Doreen,
      Thanks so much for reading and enjoying the HS series!
      As for the print, unfortunately, that’s not in my control. It’s up to Loose Id if they’re going to release them in print or not.

  31. Hi Jet. I just wanted to say how much I love your Heaven Sent series. The first books I read of yours was the first two of the Dark Elves series. Since I enjoyed them so much I decided to give Heaven a shot even though I’d never read m/m. It sounded interesting but I wasn’t sure I’d enjoy the sex scenes. OMG was I surprised! It was so hot and the story so sweet I literally couldn’t stop reading. I finished it that same night. I’ve been obsessed with m/m ever since. I buy just about every m/m ebook I can get my hands on but I keep going back and re-reading Heaven and Purgatory (my two favorites). You’re a wonderful writer. I buy everything with your name on it, without even reading about the book first, and have never been disappointed. Thank you so much for hours of wonderful stories.

  32. I’m glad I bought the four main books in one go because I just couldn’t stop reading! I love them! So… is there any chance the 5th book and the side stories are published in print?

  33. There are few books and stories that I’ll read over and over again, and all the Heaven Sent books have made the list. The Heaven Sent series has become comfort reading.

  34. Hiya,

    My name’s Lanie and I just wanted to say I absolutely love the Heaven Sent series. I actually bought the fourth book in the series first because I couldn’t find the first three, but after reading Faith, I hunted around and now I have all five. You are now my all-time favorite author! Thanks for all your wonderful books and stories!

  35. Hello,

    I’m French and I read in English only since 2 or 3 years – So please, excuse my bad English ! – . I heard of Heaven Sent on a New French web site where you can find criticisms about books. It was a criticism from Guitou – a lover of M/M romances on the site – who was so enthusiastic that the only thing of which I could think after reading it was to read the books mentioned. I bought the two first and read them in two days ! I think that I’ve never read so fast in English ! Of course I bought the three others books just right after and devoured them !

    I would thank you for your so entertaining books – so hot and so full of emotion – and thank Guitou for giving me such a desire to read you.

    For information : a link to read Guitou’s criticism on “blue-moon.fr” : http://www.blue-moon.fr/spip.php?article460

  36. I’m new to the series, I just finished reading Faith, and it was fantastic, I was sooo moved that I must have the rest of the series now, so sensual and hot, I did not want the story to end. I so wanted to see Chris bottom at least once, lol I was so moved by this story, I cried when Darien proclaimed his love and was rejected. This is a beautiful story, I loved it. Thank you for sharing your talents with the rest of us.

  37. Thanks, Angelia! I’m not ruling out the possiblity of more stories about the boys, but I think they’re mainly going to be background characters in any further stories I write in that world. You’ll probably get the idea when Genesis comes out 🙂

  38. I just read “Heaven” again for the umpteenth time, and I adore Tyler and Johnnie. I can’t wait for “Genesis,” and I hope you keep writing about the rockers. I would love another full-length story about J/T, and then you could do Luc and Reese, etc…..How about it? Please!

  39. Genesis will both be a quickie and more involved 🙂 it’s about as long as Heaven, but it follows all four couples. So the stories are kind of shorter. But they’re much longer than the four holiday quickies.

  40. LOVED all of these books and so happy for you about the print Heaven Sent title! Very exciting! So, can you tell us who Heaven Sent 5 is about? Pretty please!

  41. I love this series! I can’t wait for book 4 and I’ll be buying the print version of the first two stories as soon as it is available.
    Actually, I would buy all your stories in print if they were available.
    Thanks for all the fun characters and the great pictures too!

  42. Oh man, you like big buff and like my guys? cool! Because I don’t write big and buff LOL I’ve tried but they always end up being pretty *shrug*

  43. A friend recently turned me on to this series and I absolutely adore it. I typically like big buff alpha males, but they boys of Heaven Sent really got to me. You write m/m sex with an intensity that I don’t see all the time and it’s incredibly erotic and compelling. I’ve already reread the first three and I’ll soon get the two shorts. I’m really looking forward to Faith; Darien has been in the background so much and I want to see him shine. Thank you for such great writing!

  44. I can’t wait for the 4th book. I like the website, but some of the covers was cut off. Maybe I need a longer computer screen.

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