ReverbReleased May 12, 2011 from MLR Press.

Pairing: m/m

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This is another rock star story, not in the Heaven Sent universe. This story is by request of one Laura Baumbach who is a wickedly persuasive lady.


Sex. Drugs. Rock ‘n Roll. Nick Gorman’s got it all. He’s on top of the world, living his dream, playing guitar on stage in front of thousands of people with non-other than Marlowe. The famous singer could have had his choice of anyone to replace his former guitarist, but he picked Nick to tour with him. Now Nick’s star is on the rise, all thanks to Marlowe, who’s not only Nick’s idol but is fast becoming a terrific friend.

In the blink of an eye, it all turns upside down. A drug-hazed time in a bed alone with Marlowe forces Nick to be aware that the rock star’s interest in him is more than just friendly. Then, before he can even react to that, both singer and guitarist are in a near-fatal accident that could ruin both their careers.

What now? Marlowe’s in jail for two years and Nick is broken. Could they ever play together again, let alone explore the sizzling reverberations that still exist between them?

Cover art by Laura Carboni

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24 thoughts on “Reverb”

  1. Hi,

    I just finnished reading Reverb. An intriguing and captivating and I’d love to read more about them. Maybe even got to follow Kip when he finds his love of his life?

  2. G’day Jet,

    I LURVE the front cover and I can tell right now that I will LURVE the story – I always do!!!!!!

    I wish I could read it now, I could be crass and say something like, “I would give my left ovary to have it now”. But I would never be so un-ladylike.


    Looking forward to it.

  3. Hiyah Jet darlin! The cover is gorgeous!!! Absolutely gorgeous! Looks like it will be another great one from you!
    Congrats on that cover!


  4. Jet thanks for answering 🙂
    Yeah it’s always best to just go where the stories take you. Anyways I’m really excited about the Indigo Knights series 🙂
    Do you already know when the sequel might release?

    Thanks! X

  5. Hey Jet that’s great news!

    Was just wondering if there are gonna be more Heaven Sent books? And how many Indigo Knights books are there gonna be? LOVE your stories! 🙂


    1. Hi Anya,
      I doubt there’ll be more Heaven Sent books and currently there are four Indigo Knights stories planned. Both of those, however, are subject to change if i come up with a story 🙂

  6. Can’t wait for more rockers from you, Jet. Can you give us ANY hints about the characters? (Yeah…I’m begging.)

    1. No hints yet, I’m afraid. I’ve found that giving out hints too soon often gets me in trouble because then I can’t change the story as I’m writing it lol

  7. I know its a WIP, but wondered if you have enough to give us a small blurb? You know you love to tease, get us all excited for the next rocker book then make us wait for release 😀

  8. O! ….. I am thrilled, anticipating, and practicly jumping up and down to know there’s another lovely rocker story on the way!

  9. My my I can`t wait 🙂
    Dear Jet, your books ware the first m/m romance i`ve read and thanks to you i`m now officially addicted!
    My most favorite books are always those with rock stars if you can believe it (angel) :O
    Thank you very much, i will be waiting for a fantastic story 🙂

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