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  1. RE reading both whole series. Champion right now who just kissed Cash after Luc and Reese’s wedding weekend.. As always just checking when next story will be out.

  2. We all are waiting for the Indigo Knights Series and I understand you want to make it wroth our wait . So here’s an suggestion why not combined some of the characters from Reverb to continue this series , because after read The Heaven series your fans are hungry
    for more . Its just a thought. Hope to be reading soon.

  3. I loved this book. I adored Rabin and Izzy.. Do you know who’s story you’re gonna write next??

  4. Loved this! A friend–a very GOOD friend–just gave me a Kindle, which enabled me to get and read this while sitting in the waiting room while my daughter had her pre-op visit, and as I laughed and smiled my way through what I read, the Room Knitter, a lovely 70ish lady, asked what I was reading; I told her, and it transpired that she was a shifter fan who knew your work and was thrilled to hear about this. Then the office staff, who were avidly eavesdropping, asked ten million questions, and the two of us enthused until our respective patients re-appeared.

    Can’t wait to get more of you on Kindle, as it will be unbelievably helpful in the weeks and months to come to both my daughters and me.

    many hugs,

  5. I Love this Book!!! I can’t wait for book 2! Jet do u have a some what time when its coming out? I am about to read this again! (^_^)

  6. Cool! Another series! Just in case you’re wondering, I’m a series junkie. I like continuations of the sort. Maybe I’ll wait until it’s completely finished before I purchase them all? No, probably not. I’m getting this one right now.

    BTW: I almost jumped up and clicked my heels together when I saw that you’d made references to a Kewpie dolls! Makes me feel good that someone besides me and my family members make references to them.

  7. Loved Heaven Sent series, just finished IK: Squire and really loved it! Haven’t read any ‘gay for you’ stories before, but they resonated with me. I’ve only ever had m/f relationships myself, but being biracial I have gone through or can truly identify with what your characters have dealt with and lived through. You’re very talented and have kept me entertained and always rooting for the HEA!

  8. Indigo Knights starting off with a great story. On second reading see that now we have have a Champion. And possibly a Lance and Noble!
    Do hope it will notbe a whole year between books!
    PS Just bought a scented candle Indigo (K)Nights!
    Couldn’t resist.

  9. Hey Jet,
    Just wanted to let u know I love ur books!!! I think u r a wonderful writer. Also wanting to know when is the new Indigo Knights book going to be out? Can’t wait to read them!!!!

    One Of Ur Biggest Fans

  10. Just finished reading – Squire and OMG!!! I LOVED IT!!! This Indigo Knights Series is going to be just as AWESOME as the Heaven Sent Series. Jet, you have another runaway series on your hands and I cant wait for the next book. Love these guys!!!

  11. Love, LOve, LOVE Heaven Sent, Dark Elves, Tech Support – read them all and am hungry for more. Now a new series to add to the love fest! Rabin and Izzy are so beautiful and so sweet – can’t wait for the next one (Danny??).

  12. Now I’ve read the first Indigo Knights-Squire which I loved! When is the next one coming out? Soon right? Pleeaaaseee?

  13. Readers from Poland greetings you!!! We love HS and we cant wait for more, for IK 🙂
    Kochamy Cie ( we love you ) 🙂

  14. Sending many happy-smutty-encouraging-inspiring thoughts your way, so make this another great one and blow all our socks off!

  15. OMG i cant wait for this series to start i have now introduced so many friends to this series and everyone of them loves it. Waiting with baited breath!

  16. I don’t think I listen to much rock music – if any. I’ve had a wander round but can’t see the hint. Care to point me in the right direction or give me a bigger hint? Pretty please with sprinkles on top!

    I think I am going to have to give in and go read Tech Support again – another one of my favourites of yours – actually next to Hell probably my second favourite. That one is just so ROMANTIC it melts me.

    I really must go do a search and find out what a Kewpie doll is too. I am so ignorant – but getting more educated… snigger

  17. This certainly sounds promising. Well, mention Hell and Brent and I am in there salavating.
    Hell was the alst of the Heaven Sent books I read as the cover and blurb put me off a little and – typical me – who has no judgement – I love it the most. I adored Hell – what a cutie, a very very hot cutie and he is so good for Brent.
    Can I ask if when you think of how Heaven Sent sound have you an groups in partucular in mind you compare them too?

    1. Hell’s just that kind of guy. At first glance, you may not think he’s your cup of tea, but once you get to know him you can’t help but love him. At least, that’s what he assures Brent is the truth.


      TBH, I try not to influence what people think Heaven Sent sounds like. Yes, I have a favorite band who served as the spark for Heaven Sent. And, if you look around my site, there’s probably a mention of them somewhere. But I’d much rather Heaven Sent sounded like YOUR favorite band rather than possibly being put off because we have different taste in music. It’s the advantage to having a fictional band. They can sound like anyone.

  18. I definitely vote for this one! I love your rock stars. Was so sad to think that the Heaven Sent boys were all settled and therefore unlikely to be seen again!

  19. I loved the Heaven Sent series, so I can’t wait for this one! Thank you for all these great stories 🙂

  20. i am wait for the next heaven sent and i cann’t wait for indigo knights. i already like the character. some of these guys are a little pushed, ut you love them by the end.

  21. Yummmy, more fabulous m/m action served the best way!! Reallllly HOTTTT!! 🙂 I don’t wait well, I think that I have told you this before Jet 🙁 You’re a tease, not nice. But we love you anyway! Don’t want to wait, but if I must, I must……Do I?

  22. YEAH!!!! I can’t wait until you start this series! I am so excited to read what the Knights men will be up too, and to find out how our men from Heaven Sent are!!!

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