Bye, Bye Skyler (revised and expanded)

Bye, Bye, SkylerReleased August 13, 2010 from Aspen Mountain Press

<<<<<<<<<< No Longer Available >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Pairing: m/f

This is a heavily revised and expanded version of an out of print story of the same name. Same characters, same situation but I’ve tweaked it mightily and it’ll be longer.

Skyler has the dubious honor of being my only true heterosexual main hero to date. I like him anyway.


Ann has safely put Skyler and her juvenile feelings for him behind her. She’d been mad about him in high school but they’d never been more than friends. Then he left early graduation and never looked back.

Eleven years later, Skyler shows up and proves that she’s never gotten out of her system, no matter how much she’s tried. He’s only in town for a short time, but he makes it plain that he’d like to see her during that time.

Can Ann take advantage of the opportunity and experience what she missed in high school without losing her heart to a man who has no intention of sticking around?

Cover art by Valiere Tibbs

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