Dark Elves: Taken – print 1

Dark Elves: TakenDark Elves I: Taken and Dark Elves II: Mastered 

This print volume is no longer available.

Fabulous cover by Anne Cain.



13 thoughts on “Dark Elves: Taken – print 1”

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  2. Wow, I just finished the first of your Dark Elves series, Taken. I do not agree totally with trooperoftomorrows comment of your books, but I do think that the first book could have used a bit more world building. I love the erotic books and it must be hard as an author to write these stories with out loosing the story line to just sex. Because I do not believe that erotic books are just about the sex at all. There are so many other things going on. Especially in BDSM. And your books touched on alot of those things and kept me reading. As for SnowW’s comment, to call it pathetic smut is just strange. What are you doing reading “smut” in the first place if it is not something you enjoy? There is such a thing as constructive criticism guys. I think you had a very good idea going in with these stories. And this first book would have been one I would have recommended had the plot been just a bit more involved and not so much sex drowning out everything else. I do not think in any way it is like an 80’s porn, though I never watched porn in the 80’s…lol! It really sounds like trooperoftomorrow has a personal problem with the author and nothing constructive coming fourth out of the rant. And while S. Meyers books may have sucked balls, they still made her a hell of alot of money and shot her into the stratosphere. And trooperoftomorrow, you do know to PIRATE an EBOOK is ILLEGAL..right?…. Even if you did think her book sucked, you should have given something constructive since you got it ILLEGALLY. You may not have liked it but it was something that came from her, and for you to STEAL it is just wrong, no matter if you liked it or not. I will read the rest of your books J. Mykles, and make a better comment for you later. Thank you!

  3. On Dark Elves:

    The premise is laughable at best. What goddess would forget to create females? How long has she been around? How many elves died before she went “Oh hey, I’m outta here, but I won’t give you chicks, no, just some magic to turn human females into your kind!”… Is this the best you could come up with, for a background story? Obviously, the whole series is nothing but a masturbatory aid—a failed one, I
    might add—so, who cares about such a faulty background story anyway? I shouldn’t look for something more indepth. My bad.

    Your writing reminds of cheesy porn flicks from the 80s, and some metaphors of yours are downright ridiculous. You’re a woman. Where the everloving hell did the “drooling womb” come from? Don’t you know your own anatomy?

    To summarise:

    Yet another fanficcer who thought they could pull off the real author thing. Between you and Cassie Claire, it’s hard to decide whose work is worse. I’m stunned people are willing to pay for this.
    Then again, these days, just about everyone can have their pathetic writing printed and released.

    The perfect example would be S. Meyer, and her ridiculous Twilight series.

    I’m just glad I didn’t have to pay for “Dark Elves”. What a waste of paper. It saddens me that trees had to die for this.

    1. On the contrary. I have the filter turned on for spam, not for negative comments.

      I’m sorry the premise of Dark Elves isn’t to your liking. I’d explain the story but I don’t think it’s necessary either for me or for you. I hope you can find books that are more along the lines of what you enjoy.

  4. I just fell absolutely in love with the book,I must have read it over like a million times. <3 Krael hope he shows up alot lol I am holding my breath for the others to come to print!

  5. No, thank you Jet! I’ve become addicted to Anne’s art because of these covers. My husband and I love both you guys’ art sites. We have them bookmarked. He’s always asking if you’ve done new ones.

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