Heaven Sent 4: Faith

Heaven Sent 4: FaithThe Heaven Sent series availability is in transition.

Cover by PL Nunn of Bishonenworks




  • Literary Nymphs– 5 nymphs
    • “Full of passionate emotion and scorching love scenes, readers will enthusiastically devour this sexy read.”
    • Reviewed by Water Nymph
  • eCataRomance– 5 stars
    • ” This is another must read from Jet Mykles.”
    • Reviewed by Kimberley Spinney
  • Romance Junkies– 5 ribbons
    • “When the exceptional love scenes are added to the mix, FAITH exemplifies why Mykles is considered one of the top writers in the erotic genre.”
    • Reviewed by Robin Snodgrass
  •  Joyfully Reviewed– Recommended Read
    • “Jet Mykles outdid herself with Faith … if you haven’t met the Heaven Sent boys you should run over and buy yourself the entire series – you won’t regret it.”
    • Reviewed by Sabella
  •  Two Lips Reviews– Recommended Read
    • “I can only hope this is not the end of a series that has brought me much joy and entertainment.”
    • Reviewed by Tara Renee
  • Fallen Angel Reviews– Recommended Read
    • “Ms. Mykles has added another book to her Heaven Sent series that will be a keeper in my bookshelf to be read and reread for the animated characters, heartwarming, funny, and beautiful members of the greater than life Heaven Sent rock group.”
    • Reviewed by Teresa
  • Night Owl Romance Books– 4/5
    • “…as a book which will lift your spirits and give you an interlude of uncomplicated enjoyment, this is perfect.”
    • Reviewed by Alex Fitzroy
  • Just Erotic Romance Reviews (JERR) – 5 stars, O heat level
    • “I squirmed the entire way through the novel and never once did I feel the sex was unnecessary. The scenes were fabulously written and provided insight into the characters personalities.”
    • Reviewed by Suni Farrar
  • My Book Cravings – 5 flowers
    • “Both Darien and Chris are well rounded and their details so vivid I had no difficulty imagining the world in which they lived, worked and loved in.”
    • Reviewed by Pam
  • Enchanting Reviews – 5 enchantments
    • “This read has it all, none less hot, sexy MEN with real depth of character and emotions that just bring you to love them and to feel what they are going though.”
    • Reviewed by Barbara Weghorn
  • The Romance Studio– 5 Hearts
    • “Ms. Mykles writing, dialogue and style make this gold in my estimation.”
    • Reviewed by Dee Dailey
  • Rainbow Reviews– 4 stars
    • “From the tight, solid writing to attractive characters and swift moving plot, this is a delightful and fun read for new and old fans alike.”
    • Reviewed by Kassa

33 thoughts on “Heaven Sent 4: Faith”

  1. Ok, can I just say I love the way you write!!! I love the characters. I love the stories. I love the romance. I love it all and I’m trying to come to terms with the fact the series is really over. Being ok with this loss will require a lot of therapy. No worries. But about the book, without giving stuff away I especially loved the Luc and Reese portion and the way you tied together the final chapters near the end. (I hope that wasn’t giving anything away). I hope you really do seriously consider writing about some of the other new characters in the book. There’s at least one I would be very interested in reading more about. OH!!! If I wasn’t clear… Genesis is a FAN-FRICKEN-TABULOUS book!!! And you have made my list of “I-Don’t-Care-What-The-Book-Is-About-I-Gotta-Have-It” authors. Congratulations on making my coveted “kick-ass” author list and on another great book. Really looking forward to the next one!

  2. Dawn and Susilien, thanks so much! I hope you find Genesis to be a fitting “ending” for this arch.
    In Genesis, I introduce a few new characters with definite possibilities for continuing the world. Not sure I want to mess with the HS boys and their HEAs anymore, but I won’t rule out the possibility 😀

  3. JetMykles,

    I just finished reading Faith. I enjoyed it greatly. I loved that they were both caring indivuals that both had real life problems that they needed to deal with together. This is the first book I have read in this series, but I am looking forward to being able to read the rest of the Heaven Sent series. (When I can afford it.) I am also looking forward to when Sly Spectral Trick comes out. My B-day is 10/29 so I will look at as buying myself a present. I have started reading some of your free stories in anticipation of buying more books. They are very enjoyable, but still not the same as reading a book/e-book.
    Please keep writing.
    Susie AKA Susilien

  4. Jet, I absolutely loved it. I want to say it’s my favorite, but actually I love them all equally! I read it once and have already gone back to re-read my favorite bits. I’m hoping there’s a secret band member that we don’t know about. Maybe a tambourine or gazoo player in the background? (He He He) I’m sure you can work your magic and make even a gazoo player sexy. I hate that this is the end of the series, but I’m totally looking forward to the short stories. Faith was well worth the wait. Still lovin’ your books!!!

  5. Jet,

    It was wonderful. Downloaded it this morning and read it straight thru. Cant wait until you do one with all of them.


  6. This is one of the sweetest stories i’ve read in a long time. Heaven Scent rocks. Almost wish there were more boys in the band. Please say you have plans for the guys beyond this. My addiction needs feeding!!!

  7. I just happened across Heaven Sent on Loose ID, I bought it cause the story sounded good. I was less than half finished when i went back and bought every other story in the series. I’m very much looking forward to the next installment of the story. Thanks much for the exceptional writing and riveting stories.

  8. I am actually intrigued that Darien got married and Chris is his divorce lawyer. I wonder how much time has passed since Brent & Hell got together.

  9. Isn’t Chris awesome?! I’m dying over the pinkie ring. I mean, I asked for it, but to actually see it and the glasses… too cool!

  10. During June Bash I won a gift certificate! Yay me:) Guess what I’m saving it for???? Any guesses??? (lol)

  11. Hey, that must have just gone up 😀
    OK, how about this month? Barring any unforseen obstacles, Faith should be out this month.
    Now, I haven’t posted the excerpt and there’s no cover. Both of those would be signs that it’s closer 🙂

  12. I just saw the little synopsis on loose-id. Please send me a line on when it is coming out. I have been watching every tuesday, hoping that is the day.
    An exerpt would be lovely too.

  13. Awww, y’all are gonna make me cry! 🙂
    Soon, buttercups, real soon. I’m hoping to have a cover any moment now and I’ll post an excerpt as soon as I do.

    Happy b-day, Suzy!

  14. I was heartbroken for my birthday 🙁 Sure, my mom gave me a diamond and ruby ring with two types of gold, but all I really wanted was an excerpt (tears streaming down cheeks) from one of my favorite writers. (giggle)

  15. Jet, this is my first message to you and I’m dying here!!!!! I love the Heaven Sent series and was abnormally excited when I heard about he fourth book on Loose ID. I’ve been visiting both Loose ID and your site daily waiting for an excerpt, but nothing yet :o( Please help!!! Can I also have an excerpt for Suzy’s birthday too (he he he). I’ll even settle for a book cover image. I’m desperate. I just wanted to make you aware that the wait is causing fans physical pain. But if I must, I will suffer in agony until you put me out my misery. LOVE YOUR BOOKS!!!!!

  16. A couple friends of mine turned me on to your books and I am so glad they did. The Heaven Sent series is definitely going into my keepers file. I just finished reading Hell and was desperately looking for Darien’s story. I’m happy to see he wasn’t forgotten. So ummmmmm when can I get my greedy lil hands on Faith?

    :=) Great stories truly!! Off to start reading Elves.

  17. Suzy, aren’t you sweet! Never fear, we’ll get you some Faith pretty soon. Maybe not soon soon, but not too terribly long.
    *is vague and knows it*

  18. I really can’t wait to read even an excerpt of Darien’s story (staring longingly at author with pleading puppy-dog eyes). My computer is getting sick of opening the other stories, it just might boycott ( or is that computercott) if I don’t let it open a different folder. 🙂

  19. Thanks guys! Warms my heart to know that you’re anxiously awaiting Faith.

    All of the guys, including Brent and Hell, do show up. No worries *g*

  20. Your new site is most welcome as is the knowledge that Darien’s book is coming soon! The Heaven Sent Series is awesome, and I have read all the stories multiple times which told me yesterday that we have already met Darien’s guy! Can’t wait to read it!

  21. Can’t wait for the new site and I’m really hoping for more on Brent and Hell…I absolutely love them!

    I meant, I can’t wait for the new story:)

  22. New site is awesome.

    Can’t wait for the new site and I’m really hoping for more on Brent and Hell…I absolutely love them!

    Oh, hell…I absolute LOVE the entire Heaven Sent series!!

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