See my Scrivener

Teddy Pig has done a cool thing and rounded up various authors who use Scrivener and asked them to send a screenshot of their workspace.

Here’s mine

It’s neat to see how other people use the same app.

5 thoughts on “See my Scrivener”

  1. thanks i am downloading the free trial and if it is half as help as you have said i will be ordering it! cause i hate digging back through to figure out all the tiny details that can get lost.

    oh by the way: you have me running around the internet in search of any and all boy band romances…none compare to heaven sent but there are some good ones out there. every time i put on my tshirts or see the cover art of johnny or brent or hell i am compelled to reread the series again lolol. can’t wait for reverb

  2. What is it? What does it do? Where can I get it? How much will it cost me? lol, I totally need something like that before I go totally insane.

    1. Laura: I find Scrivener not only helpful but NECESSARY. No joke. It allows me to write my story in pieces but keep them organized. When I was writing my ms in one long document, it was a pain in the ass to have to go back and search to find what I’d called something or how I’d phrased something. And forget character details. I had to create a completely different document that I had to keep open with my ms so I could keep referring to it, and it had the same problem that to look at different characters, I had to scroll/search up and down. With Scrivener, I don’t have to do that so much. I can keep each chapter or each scene as it’s own “document” but it’s all part of the whole. There’s an outline-like thing to the left that shows me all my documents and I can get to them easily. I’ve got docs for scenes in chapters, a doc for each character, in the case of Heaven Sent or the Indigo Knights, i’ve got a doc just listing the songs/albums I’ve mentioned so i can keep track of them. it’s an organizational godsend.

      Ariel: these days, it’s $45 for the Mac version. I’m not sure how much the Windows version is but I’m sure it’s comparable. There’s also a free trial period. All the info should be at the link above somewhere. Might have to go into the blog to get a link for the Windows version.

  3. Do you find Scrivener helpful? (Since you use it probably a dumb question…but being blonde I ask those) May be a better question is why do you find Scrivener helpful? What does it do that writing on a blank page doesn’t do?
    Glad the boys are back up on your banner…I miss them when they are gone!
    Have a great day

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