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The Flawed Hero

Valentine’s Day is coming up. It’s also my anniversary with the man in my life. 22 years. Doesn’t seem possible. I love you, honey!

But, even though I’ve got my own hero, I write romance so I’ve naturally considered, analyzed and fantasized about many different heroes. Through 30+ published stories, I’ve shared a number with my readers.

And I’ve come to the conclusion that I like my heroes flawed. Continue reading The Flawed Hero

Historical writing is hard!

So here’s the deal. It didn’t decide to write the Rose Family Chronicles on a whim. To be honest, I didn’t particularly want to write it. While I’ve read them, historicals aren’t my favorite. Too many rules. Too many things that have to happen to match up to reality. Those of you who’ve read my books might have gotten the hint that I’m not all that fond of reality. I’m big on escapism. Continue reading Historical writing is hard!

Writing update

Yes, indeed, I have been writing. Surprise surprise!

First, I’ve turned in Indigo Knights 4: Noble. It’s actually due out in September from Loose Id. It’s even got a page in the Coming Soon already. So that’s cool. Updates on that should be coming in soon.

I’m currently writing book three in the Reindeer Games series. Because now that there’ll be three books, it’s a series.

So I am working, dear readers. I wholeheartedly apologize for the long wait between books lately. Real Life is a bitch. I will try and beat it down some more in the future.

My Favorite Tools

Cue Julie Andrews singing ‘Raindrops on rose and whiskers on kittens…’

OK, it’s not all like that, but it’s similar. Every writer has tools, whether they think of them as such or not. I’ve definitely developed a software toolkit that I use faithfully, so I thought I’d share.

First and foremost, there’s Scrivener. Discovery of this gorgeous, affordable little writing program got me to buy my first MacBook. Honest. Continue reading My Favorite Tools

Discussion with my Muses

me: That was so much fun!

Luc: (strolls up, clapping) Brava.

me: (hugs him, excited) I haven’t had a day of writing like that for a long time. I miss world building.

Luc: It is what you seem to like best.

me: True. Contemporaries are so… confining. I get to make up all the rules in a fantasy world.

Luc: (chuckles) Whatever you say.

me: What are you wearing?

Luc: I’m not sure? Is this Victorian or western?

He’s wearing a blousey white shirt with long buttoned cuffs, a fitted, cream waistcoat (i.e. vest) and snug denim jeans that disappear into knee high black boots. The auburn hair is a little longer than normal, pulled back in a queue that dangles a third of the way down his back with plenty of lovely tendrils that have escaped to frame his face. At least one knife is visible, a nasty one in a sheath strapped to his right thigh.

Reese: (seated with legs crossed on a table nearby) Whatever it is, you look good. Continue reading Discussion with my Muses