Dark Elves I: Taken

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  • Cupid’s Library Review– Cupid Plot Factor: 4.5. Cupid Pleasure Factor: 5.0
    • “I was hot and bothered by the first chapter!… This one is a keeper!”
    • Reviewed by Luisa
  • Just Erotic Romance Reviews (JERR)– 4/5 stars
    • “I was surprised that Ms. Mykles could turn what I thought would be a pure sex-fest into a touching romance. And damned if I didn’t love that!”
    • Reviewed by Dani Jacquel
  • Enchanted In Romance (link no longer available) – Four 1/2 Unicorns
    • “Take one hot onyx colored elf who has your every pleasure in mind, a feisty passionate woman who has to accept the passions available to her and you have an exciting erotica offering sure to please the most discerning fan…”
    • Reviewed by Rachelle
  • eCataRomance (link no longer available) – Four 1/2 Unicorns
    • “….Ms. Mykles was able to fuel my imagination and leave me gasping for more.”
    • Reviewed by Sheryl
  • Romance Junkies– Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5
    • “….grips you with the first page and keeps you riveted to the very end.”
    • Reviewed by Claudia McRay
  • Fallen Angel Reviews– 4 angels
    • “….a delightfully wicked romp through the darker side of sex.”
    • Reviewed by Joletta
  • A Romance Review– 4 roses
    • “Mykles is not afraid to push the envelope in order to create a story that captivates the reader.”
    • Reviewed by Rho
  • The Road to Romance
    • “…will require something cool to be on hand when reading it.”
    • Reviewed by Claudia
  • Coffee Time Romance– 5 cups
    • “Once readers get over the shocking plot, they will love how the story progresses.”
    • Reviewed by Anya Khan
  • Love Romances (link no longer available) – 4 hearts
    • “….full of erotically charged scenes full of passion and sensual delight.”
    • Reviewed by Dawn
  • Scarlet Scribe (link no longer available) – 4 Wickedly Hot Licks, a Recommended Read
    • “The author has a seductive voice throughout the book.”
    • Reviewed by Jade Rivers
  • Joyfully Reviewed (link no longer available)
    • “Ms.Mykles has created an erotic blend of dominance and submission and sensuality that had me turning the pages wanting more.”
    • Reviewed by Dee Valentine
  • Enchanted Ramblings– 6 magical wands
    • “Taken is a story filled with compelling characters and a world crafted so well you feel as if you are there…”
    • Reviewed by Astraea
  • Literary Nymphs Reviews– 5 nymphs
    • “Jet Mykles has a wonderful writing style. Those who enjoy the genre will be glad they picked up a copy of Taken.”
    • Reviewed by Scandalous Minx

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