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  1. I have one question… will you be writing short extras for this series like you did with the Heaven Sent series? So can we expect Indigo Knights 1.5 in other words? Rabin and Izzy are just too sweet not to see again!!

    PS – I can’t wait for book 2 to come out and this to come into print. Book 1 was brilliant and I really want to know what happens next! ^_^

  2. Will they ever sell indigo knights 1 on barnes and noble and amazon kindle?:( because that’s the onlyway I can get it

    1. Thanks all!

      About the print: IK1 won’t go into print until I write IK2. It’s not long enough to send to print on its own. So, sorry, there will be a wait.

  3. Man, I just finished reading this one and can’t wait to read the next one. I’m so looking forward to seeing what will become of that band. The line-up so far sounds positively delicious.

    I adored your Heaven Sent-series and I have a definitive weakness for stories about bands and musicians so I’m so happy to see you’re working on another series about a band!

    Please keep up the good work!

  4. Hi Jet, Loved your new book. Can’t wait for the next one. Read it last night and really enjoyed it.
    Are any more of the Heaven Sent books in print yet. I have the first two doubles. Took them down for my daughter to read and she loved them. (She still has them)The sort of books you can read over and over. I love them
    Thanks heaps and keep them coming please.

  5. Three more days and counting!!! I LOVED your Heaven Sent series and can’t wait for your new book, Indigo Knights. I’ve been reading the few exerpts posted here and am about to blow a blood vessel from the excitement 😛

  6. I’m so excited for this to come out! 😀
    Will the other Indigo Knights titles follow a theme, the way the Heaven Sent ones did?

  7. i keep re reading heaven sent series while i am reading other books (i want it on kindle damn it! so i can carry it around with me!)…currently on my 7th read through soooo it will be nice to add another book to the rotation!!!

    absolutely love the spaghetti comment!!!! lololol

  8. Okay Jet. You teased us with a sneak peek of Izzy, now where’s the cover? *hands on hips, trying to look demanding, but can’t hold back smile*

  9. Yayyyyyyyy! The treatment rooms will cheer! Seriously, though, now that two of my daughters are trading spots in treatment (damn disease!), those who know us always ask for reading material and recommendations; you’ve taken us all the way through Heaven Sent and Leashed, along with all your other stuff (what can I say? I’m a complete fan), so IK will get all of us through what faces us. You’ve got sooo many fans among the wellspouses, wellparents and wellsiblings for taking us away from where we’d rather not be (but need to be, out of love); thanks so much for being so talented, Jet. You help far more than you’ll ever know.

    1. Wow, thank YOU Maggie for letting me know. I’m so honored to have entertained you in such an awful time. I hope your daughters get better and don’t have to spend time in the hospital anymore *wishes healing light*

  10. Just saw Indigo Knights: Squire on the Coming Soon page over at Loose ID!!!!!

    So inquiring minds (and fangirls) want to know…is there a release date, and will it be print or just e-book at this time???

  11. OMG!!!!! I can’t wait for Indigo Knights, I fell in love with the boys from Heaven Sent and Rabin. I know this will be an awesome read!!!!

  12. OMG!!!

    Can’t wipe the smirk of my face, my grin is from ear to ear !!!!! OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH!!!! I fell in love with the boys from Heaven, but can’t wait for Rabin’s story.
    YUM, YUM, YUM!!!!

  13. Finished Dark Elves and Heaven Sent. Now I need a fix, any quickies for either of the series while I wait inpatiently for Indigo Knights?

  14. doing the happy dance in suzhou…
    only question is how fast can you type???? LOL
    can’t wait!!!!!!!

  15. OMG! I cannot wait to read this I started a couple of months back with the series Heaven Sent and I fell in love with each of those boys, now to know that the other band is next, Oh! I cannot wait *jumps in excitement*

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