Contrary to popular belief…

I don’t think the next Indigo Knights story is Danny’s.

“But Jet, he has to be!” I hear you say. “If you follow the pattern from Heaven Sent, then the guy who gets the next book is the secondary character that was prominently featured in the previous book.”

“Yes,” I say, “this is true.”

But, to be honest, I screwed up. I really should have brought Lance and Noble into the mix sooner. That’s what I get for being a pantser with a loose idea of what my stories actually are as I’m writing them.

BTW, Gordon and Danny aren’t a couple. That one I’m sure of. Because I do know who Gordon’s man is 😉

9 thoughts on “Contrary to popular belief…”

  1. Are there going to be short “erotic interludes” with the Indigo Knights couples like there were for Heaven Sent? (Pretty Red Ribbon, Sexy Spring Surprise, etc.) *crosses fingers*

  2. eh: thank you!

    blade: you crack me up 🙂

    I’m working on 2 other m/m WIPs at the moment (see the far sidebar at the top “what I’m working on”. Then I think I need to get Leashed 4 under my belt. Then we’ll see about Lance’s story (IK2).
    Sorry for the delay.

  3. Okay, okay….Sheesh….I’m quite certain no animals will be harmed in the writing of this series. (But is it okay to ask you to hurry it along a bit? I’m a total sucker for Knights in Shining Armour.)

  4. 0_0… Uhhh … ok. Can we just have another hot story? Hot guy on guy? Please? By the way, you’re my favorite ebook author.

  5. As a hopeful/wannabe writer, it makes total sense that as you’re writing, you’ve got it all planned out, and then you’re done (yay!) and then… and then… the characters take out Muse Mallets and hit you in the brain until you have to write them to get them out. So, especially if it helps keep you sane, write in any order you’d like. We’ll support you through the process, and buy whatever you put out there. =D

    Happy Writing,

  6. Dammit Jet, I was already pining for Danny and Oliver! But bring on Noble and Lance. Frankly, I wouldn’t mind if one of them hooked up with a pink “My Little Pony” (okay…I’d mind…a little). BUT JUST KEEP WRITING! WE LOVE YOU! Can you give us a wee bit of a tease though? *bats eyes, smiling innocently* I promise I won’t tell anyone….except for the 65-gazillion people I’ve turned on to your work, that is.

  7. dont care who u write about as long as u r writing =) but who are u writing about next? and have u started writing it yet?

  8. Jet,
    I will be so bold as to speak for most of your fans…we don’t care what the hell you write as long as you write (fast and steamy).
    As much as I want to see Danny’s HEA, we can wait. String us along a bit we won’t complain (much).
    Love your work…can’t wait for more!
    Laura your number #1 fan in China

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