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#MusicMonday #bandslash blog tour – interview with Piper Vaughn & Mj O’shea

And now, for the #bandslash tour, I’m hosting Piper Vaughn & MJ O’Shea who’re talking about book 3 in the Lucky Moon series, Moonstruck.

(NOTE: I’ve included links to the YouTube videos in case the embedding doesn’t work).


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Five about the authors

1. Who are you, and where do you come from?

Piper Vaughn. I grew up in Chicago, IL and live in a suburb about 30 minutes outside of the city right now. My co-author, MJ O’Shea, is from Washington State.


2. What inspires you?

Everything. It sounds like a generic answer, but it’s true. Everything in my day to day life inspires my writing—music, movies, the news, other books, seeing something at the grocery store, overhearing a conversation. The list goes on and on. 🙂


3. Describe your writing style in three words:

Sexy. Sweet. Romantic. Continue reading #MusicMonday #bandslash blog tour – interview with Piper Vaughn & Mj O’shea

Finished Reverb Rough Draft

I don’t usually post about these things, but this particular story has been kicking my ass so I’m going to hoot about it.

Just finished the first rough draft for Reverb. WOOOT!

This is my longest to date. At present, it’s just over 80,000 words. I believe it’s my longest story to date.

My work’s not done, of course. Now I’ve got to go back and polish it up. This one’s going to take a lot of polish, I know, because it took me most of the book to really figure out what was happening. Ah, the joys of writing by the seat of my pants. But I know the story now so that’s a relief. Now I need to make all the nit-picky details go with it.

Not sure when it’ll be out. Not sure when it can fit into the MLR Press release schedule. My own fault for that, not them. I was scared to commit until I had the story down. But it should be out sometime this year.

I’ll try and get at least a blurb on the site sometime in March. Until then, I can tell you the guys on the cover are Marlowe — taller one — and Nick.

RWA National conference

I guess since I mentioned Romance Divas not going to the conference, I should mention that I AM going  to the RWA conference in Washington DC from the 15th to the 18th.

I wasn’t goint to go initially but then decided I wanted to be there for the Rainbow Romance Writers‘ first official conference. Plus a lot of my buddies are going to be there and it looks like it’ll be the only event that I attend this year.

The Not Going To Conference Conference at Romance Divas

The Not Going To Conference Conference/Romance Divas

July 15 through 18th, Romance Divas is having a Not Going to the Conference Conference at their site’s forums. I’ll be there along with a few other authors, but I’ll be there less. Initially, it was supposed to be authors who aren’t going to the RWA conference. Well, I decided to go at kind of the last minute. So I’ll be checking in from the conference.

I should have a link for the actual posts in the forums closer to the actual time.

Memorial Weekend Chat at Literary Nymphs

(I’m awful and didn’t post this before. Sorry, Pam!)

Thinking that Memorial Day weekend is going to be a drag, with nothing to do?  Have we got a treat for you!!  Literary Nymphs is hosting a 3 day M/M chat!!  Yep, that’s correct – I didn’t type it wrong!  3 fun-filled days with some of your favorite M/M authors, starting Saturday, May 23!!  Is your favorite author on our list?

Just a sampling of the authors on tap:  Kayelle Allen, Maura Anderson, Mickie B. Ashling, Victor J. Banis, Jeanne Barrack, Laura Baumbach, Alex Beecroft, Lee Benoit, Mychael Black, Ally Blue, TC Blue, Pat Brown, James Buchanan, J.M. Colail, Jason Edding, Erastes, Catt Ford, Christine France, Kimberly Gardner, Cassandra Gold , Amber Green, Andrew Grey, Kate Hill , Jan Irving, Winnie Jerome, Ali Katz, K.C. Kendricks, Sean Kennedy, Shayla Kersten, Marguerite Labbe, Lynn Lorenz, Viki Lyn, JB McDonald, Rowan McBride, Syd McGinley, Z.A. Maxfield, Chrissy Munder, Jet Mykles, Deirdre O’Dare, Elle Parker, Zathryn Priest, Luisa Prieto, Qwillia Rain, Isabelle Rowan, Lee Rowan, Cassidy Ryan, John Simpson, Jenna Hilary Sinclair, Joely Skye, K.Z. Snow, Jaxx Steele, Kate Steele, Katrina Strauss, Ariel Tachna , Julia Talbot, Carolina Valdez , Jaye Valentine & Reno MacLeod, Stevie Woods, Amanda Young and who knows who else will show up!!!

When?  Saturday May 23 through Monday May 25, 2009


M/M Romance discussion (blog)

“Join us this Sunday and Monday (February 22nd and 23rd) for a round table discussion with authors Ally Blue, Jamie Craig, LB Gregg, JL Langley, Josh Lanyon, K.A. Mitchell, Jet Mykles and Chris Owen.  These authors of M/M romance engage in an honest and provocative discussion of what they’re writing and why they write it. The discussion will be presented in 6 different blogs and we’ll be posting 3 new blogs on Sunday and 3 on Monday. Join the discussion about M/M romance. And of course, we’ll have book excerpts and book give aways both days.”

Should be fun, guys. I’ve seen the others’ answers to the questions and a lot of it is really interesting.