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Life Stresses

Stress is an amazing thing. You — or, at least, I, since I don’t really know what anyone else feels — don’t always feel it. Then sometimes it’s all you feel. It works its way into everything you do and affects things that you might not think it would or should. It becomes your outlook and it’s hard to see past it.

For those of you who think I might be going a bit slow on the writing lately — like the past four or so years — blame it on stress. Continue reading Life Stresses

The Next Big Thing Blog Hop

I got trapped… uh, tagged in a blog hop by the great and powerful Popess of Angst Ally Blue last week. You really should check it out to read about her new sci-fi story Hell’s EndI’ve read it. Very cool.

Here’s how it works. Each author answers ten questions about their book — either a work in progress or an upcoming release — and tags five other authors who talk about their own books the next week, link back to the author who tagged them and tag five new authors. And so on, and so on, and so on.

So, me? Here’s some info on my work in progress, Indigo Knights 3: Lance. Yes. I am working on it.

1: What is the working title of your book?

As stated above, Indigo Knights 3: Lance.

2: Where did the idea come from for the book?
Easy. The previous 2 books in this series and the 10 in the Heaven Sent series. Lance is the bass player in my second band and he’s very quiet and reserved. Which, incidentally, makes him a frickin’ PITA to write! His significant other is Gordon, the manager of the Knights. They’ve got a history that pre-dates Lance joining the band, so the first half of the book actually goes back in time a few years.

3: What genre does your book fall under?
Contemporary. I still call them yaoi since I like to think both series owe a lot to the genre.

4: Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?
Oh good God! I wouldn’t.

Ok, if pressed… *thinks hard, smoke streaming from ears*

For Lance, a young James Spader with long hair. Quiet, thoughtful, always watching. I know he wasn’t always like that but he did it well when he was.

For Gordon, Ben Affleck. That handsome, sure-of-himself presence. The guy who smiles a lot and who can talk to anyone.

Neither of those choices are anywhere near perfect, btw. I’ve yet to see any man who met my ideal for any of the Heaven Sent or Indigo Knights boys.

5: What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book?
Lance screwed up his relationship with Gordon in the past, can he convince Gordon to take him back?

6: Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency?
IK3 will be available through Loose Id, like the rest. At least, I assume so. I haven’t signed a contract yet but they know the book’s coming.

7: How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?
*Groan* I’m still going. I started this one right after I finished Champion middle of last year. Seriously started going around GRL in October. But this one is kicking my ass and I’m still maybe halfway through. Many rewrites have already ensued. I may not have any hair left after this one.

8: What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?
I think this one will compare with the rest of the books in the two series. I’ve tried to remain faithful to the feel of it.

9: Who or What inspired you to write this book?
Other than the previous books? I started the Heaven Sent series as a nod to my love of being a fan. I won’t say that Heaven Sent is patterned after my favorite band, because they’re not really. But the love and obsession that I fawned all over my band inspired me to make up the perfection that is Heaven Sent.

10: What else about your book might pique the reader’s interest?
I’m not sure what to say. It’s kind of hard when you’re twelve books into a series. I think Lance is different. Closest comparison might be Hell. Lance and Brent share certain similarities in that they’re more quiet than their band mates.

So there you have it. A little about Lance and Gordon. I damn well hope to be done with the book in the next few months. Wish me luck!

Now, my tags. I don’t have five. I’m just not that social. Sorry.

The absolutely unconditional Cherie Noel.

The delightfully zany Z.A. Maxfield.

Romantic adventurer Cynnara Tregarth.

Pretty boy appreciator Z Allora.

A Journey for a Book

I went on an interesting journey last night.

It started because of my father. He just got a Kindle and is having way too much fun with it. He said he was looking for some books from the past and was interested to hear which authors and books I remembered reading when I was in high school — my prime reading time — so he could look at getting them.

Well, it sent me back. Back to a time when I would hardly look at a book if it wasn’t fantasy and was less than 300 pages in paperback. This was my time of Lord of the Rings and Dune, Anne McCaffrey’s Pern books and David Eddings’ Belgariad) and Malloreon series. Piers Anthony and Mercedes Lackey took me into the worlds of Xanth and Valdemar and I was loathe for any book to end because that meant I had to leave such fantastic, marvelous worlds. Melanie Rawn blew my mind with the Dragon Prince series and I have never been the same since.

So, as I’m strolling down memory lane, I remember this one book. Continue reading A Journey for a Book

Contrary to popular belief…

I don’t think the next Indigo Knights story is Danny’s.

“But Jet, he has to be!” I hear you say. “If you follow the pattern from Heaven Sent, then the guy who gets the next book is the secondary character that was prominently featured in the previous book.”

“Yes,” I say, “this is true.”

But, to be honest, I screwed up. I really should have brought Lance and Noble into the mix sooner. That’s what I get for being a pantser with a loose idea of what my stories actually are as I’m writing them.

BTW, Gordon and Danny aren’t a couple. That one I’m sure of. Because I do know who Gordon’s man is 😉


I went to 7-11 just now because we were out of Coca-Cola (my main vice other than writing about sex). I pulled into a parking space and on the post in that protects the side of the building, was a sock on the post. Now, the post was waist high and bright yellow. The sock was a tube sock (luckily, I suppose) and clearly used. No holes but there were worn spots. The sock was stretched down over the pole like a cover.


It made me laugh. Made me wonder why anyone would do that. Where was the other sock? Stuck down someone’s pants, perhaps? I couldn’t think of why someone would do such a thing. Me being me, I started to think if perhaps it was a sign of a secret society (kind of like Ally’s Sinister Starfish). If so, what could the sign mean? Is someone arranging an assignation? Is it a clue to an identity or a place? Or is it a gang/group marking their territory?

I love random stuff like that. It’s harmless, hurts no one and nothing, but it sparks the imagination, even if only for a few minutes. That, to me, is a beautiful thing.

Over The Top

I have been accused, on occasion, of writing characters who are over the top. I don’t, by the way, at all mind this accusation. I just think it’s noteworthy. I like over the top characters. In moderation, of course. Too many or too much can be overwhelming, but if you’ve got the right outlandish character in the mix, then they tend to keep things interesting.

Take Justin from Just For You. He’s nearly a queen. Not quite, but he wouldn’t have far to go if he so chose. I could, for instance, see him cross dressing without batting an eye about it. I know he wears clothing that some would consider OTT. But I think Justin was a rather balanced character, actually. His OTT glossed over a very thoughtful man who’d been hurt in the past and chose not to dwell on it and move on.

And Johnnie from Heaven Sent. OMG, isn’t he OTT? But he should be. A lead singer in a rock band has to forge ahead and thump people over the head with how very special he and his band are. But, again, the OTT was a gloss. It’s his job and he loves it, plays it to the hild 24/7. But once Tyler figured all that out, he found the warm, mushy center underneath and that’s what’s special about Johnnie. Strange to realize that he’s so very loyal but he’s really a puppy dog underneath all the glitz. Hmm, let’s not tell him I said that, shall we?

Mustn’t forget Hell from Heaven Sent either. I figure Hell’s been small and cute all his life so he decided early on to work it rather than regret it.  But that doesn’t mean that’s all he is. The imp rather likes throwing people off and scaring those who think he’s a Kewpie doll without a brain. Don’t let the lavender hair fool you.

There’s also Ki from Tech Support. Again, here’s a guy with a forceful personality who takes life by the horns and charges ahead. He sees no particular reason to deny himself or to let what he wants slip through his fingers. Is he an ass about about? Well, yes, sometimes.

And then there’s my favorite elf, Radin. Not sure you can get much more over the top and arrogant than he, but he’s got the stuff to back it up. He just is that powerful and that charming. I know, I created him LOL

Shows a certain amount of strength to be over the top. Can be annoying, sure and can make your teeth itch, but they get the job done. I think my OTT characters are my alternative to the overpowering alpha males many authors write. Now, let me say with conviction that there is nothing wrong with alpha males. I’ve read many a story with alpha males and enjoyed them. But, to use one of my favorite phrases, they make my teeth itch. Many times, I can’t decide if I want to fuck them or shoot them. It’s the nature of the beast. I’m just not great at writing that kind of character. Closest I’ve gotten are a few elves — Salin and Krael come to mind — Michael from Leashed and Drake from Fox and Dragon. But I don’t think even they really fit the bill.

So, over the top? Sure. That’s my thing and proud of it.

Conference is over

And I think it went well. I, personally, wasn’t terribly productive but I’m pretty sure others were.

Jade Buchanan kicked ass as the Rainbow Romance Writer president. She met everyone — or so it seemed to me — and made sure she touched base with all the members she could. Looks like RRW weathered its first RWA pretty well. And Jade made lots of contacts for herself, of course, which is all good.

Ally Blue met the owner of Lambda Rising at a restaurant down the street from the hotel, so that was pretty cool.

I finally met Anne Cain. That was cool! I finally have a face to put with the excellent artwork. Talked to Treva Harte and a bunch of cool Loose Id authors at a delicious Lebanese restaurant. Met LB Gregg aka Lisabea and we had some good laughs. I met a lot of other great people and (if you’re reading) I’m so sorry I don’t remember all the names. I must admit to being a tad spacy during much of this weekend. Must be the bright purple hair *sage nod*

All in all, good fun even if I didn’t do the networking I was supposed to. Ally and I discovered that DC — at least the part we were in — is crawling with gorgeous men! OMG, there were too many of them to properly process the hottness. Eye candy all over the place and, I’ve been assured by someone who lives here, probably most of them are gay *dies*

Not sure if I’ll go to Nashville next year but who knows? I wasn’t going to go to this one either. We’ll have to see what happens between now and then.