Hell: Heaven Sent Extended Remix 3

Available February 2020

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Includes the short story Feisty Little Firecracker.

This time, get into Hell’s head too.


Heaven Sent gets a hell of new keyboardist with a name to match. Heller Witting is an amazing musician and proves to be key to a sound that the band was missing. With lavender hair and big violet eyes, he captivates Brent Rose from the start, and not just with his music.

Brent knows better than to get involved with a member of the band. That just invites trouble and the last thing he wants is trouble for Heaven Sent. So he’ll just keep the attraction to himself. Doesn’t matter anyway. Hell couldn’t possibly want him. After all, Brent’s not gorgeous and flashy like the other members of the band.

When Hell makes his interest in Brent all too obvious, Brent is unprepared and unable to stay away.

Fine, if they just keep it at sex, everything will be all right.

Cover by PL Nunn

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  • Just Erotic Romance Reviews – 4 Stars
    • “Both Brent and Hell were deeply drawn, vivid, and believable characters.”
    • Reviewed by Roxy Blue
  • Sensual eCataRomance – 5 stars
    • “This is a five star must have book”
    • Reviewed by Kimberley Spinney
  • The Romance Studio– 4.5 stars
    • “The chemistry is unbelievable from the very beginning between the characters of Hell and Brent… Through it all the emotions continue to grow and readers will be able to watch as they share their hearts as well as their bodies.”
    • Reviewed by Anita
  • Literary Nymphs Reviews– 5 nymphs
    • “Ms. Mykles adds a delicious new member to the band and takes readers on a sizzling ride full of emotion and new love.”
    • Reviewed by Water Nymph
  • Fallen Angels Reviews – 5 angels Recommended Read”Hell and Brent are perfect foils for each other, but in their differences, they fulfill each others needs. The conflict between them is so realistically drawn that the reader can feel their feelings and the pain that they experience.”
    • Reviewed by Teresa
  • Joyfully Reviews – Recommended Read”You will take turns between anticipating the next encounter between Hell and Brent and wanting to smack Brent for not seeing what’s in front of him. Throughout all the action you will just want to take Hell out of the story and make him your own.”
    • Reviewed by Sabella
  • Two Lips Reviews– 5 lips
    • “Hell is by far my favorite book in the Heaven Sent series by Jet Mykles… The sex in Hell is breathtaking and yet Hell is a deeply emotional book. This book is an example of why I will always pick up any book by Jet Mykles.”
    • Reviewed by Tara Renee
  • Rainbow Reviews– 4 stars
    • “Brent and Hell are fabulous characters who will charm their way early into your heart and leave you rooting for their so richly deserved happy ever after.”
    • Reviewed by Kassa

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