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  1. Hello! I just want to tell you that you have a big fan waiting for the next book in Cancun!! I really hope you to finish to publish the Leashed saga. I loved it!!!!

    1. Thanks, Sophia! I’d like to continue the series. In fact, I’d really like to rewrite it. But I haven’t quite gotten there yet. I’ll post to the site with updates.

      1. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for that. πŸ™‚ Especially since I have Kindle now. I still have the old stuff saved to my drive so I can still enjoy it.

      2. If you ever get these republish, I hope you also get to take it past Leashed 4 – I’m just dying to see if Michael and Rudy manage to seduce Logan to the wicked side. *lol* I’m pretty sure Meg would love such a pretty sight. πŸ™‚ Hm, that and I wonder if Gwen will ever get to have her friend back. I don’t think I’ve ever asked, but has anyone who’s been turned into a shifter ever come out prehistoric like a cave lion or smilodon or Dire Wolf? Hehe, wouldn’t that be hilarious?

  2. I was just wondering if there was an update on Leashed 5? Or 6, 7, 8, 9 ,10 πŸ™‚ Really love this series!


  3. I love your Leashed series and can’t wait to read the next. Will Rudy be in college? What does Gwen think of Logan? What are the sleeping arrangements like now there are 4 of them? Will be see Meg’s infamous mom? Does Logan get to share I Love Yous with the trio?

  4. Loved the four Leashed books. Please please can we have Leashed 5. Where I can find the answers to questions in my mind such as – How does Logan fit into the new dynamic?Do Michael, Rudy and Meg seem set for a long and secure go at doing the grand-dame thing?
    Michael and Rudy have been through so much – I just want them to have a proper HEA with Meg with all ends tied up – with a bow!

        1. Hi Anita,
          No updates at the moment. I had a rough time with IK3 so the Leashed book hasn’t gotten much attention.
          I’ll post here on the site when there’s news.

  5. Hi Jet! I have to admit that it has been a while since I have checked in. I am still desperately waiting for a Leashed 4. I love Meg and her 2 men. How about this year?

  6. After I read your Dark Elves series I was hooked and decided to read the Leashed books as well. I gotta say – I am totally in love with your characters! I can’t wait to see what’s in store for Meg and what role Logan will play in the next book πŸ™‚ Here’s hoping you get it finished in time to put it on my Christmas list!

  7. God!!!! Somebody get a sponge and bucket and wipe me up. I just finished Leashed 3 and I AM A MESS! Need you to move L4 a little closer to the front of the line. Pretty Please?!!!


  8. Hi Jet,

    I’ve read all in the leashed series. I love Meg, Michael n Rudy…I couldn’t wait for 4th installment=)

    Hope I can get it soon.

    1. depends on what you mean by “soon” because I haven’t written it yet. And there are at least 3 or 4 books in my queue before I can do so. But it’s coming, really.


  9. Oh a book 4, that is wonderful news! Thank you so much i just LOVE this series and am glad you gave us some hints to tie us over until it’s out. I also have to say that i cannot believe what you did at the end of book 3, i would really like to be Meg and have all those yummy men to myself.

  10. First off, I love your work. Your stories are some of my most frequently re-read e-books. I’m excitedly awaiting the 4th insallment.

    I was just wondering, do you have any plans for Gwen?

  11. Your complaint has been noted and his appreciated πŸ˜€

    I’m trying to figure out the specifics of Leashed 4. I think I’ve almost got it ready to write up the synopsis!

  12. I want to complain. If these books weren’t some of the best I’ve read I wouldn’t want to keep reading them. Seriously, though, I can’t wait gor next one. Thank you.

  13. Hello,

    Thank you for such wonderful stories. I LOVE the Leashed Series. Just finished reading Leashed 3 – it rocked! I hope to see another installment in this series.

  14. Thanks, Judie! One of the things that drives me crazy about some other series books are that they tend to be the same. Because of that, I try really, really hard to make each book its own and each character unique. Glad to hear that it’s paying off πŸ˜€

  15. Hey Jet,

    I just read Noelle’s story and I just wanted you to know that YOU ROCK! The reason I say that is sometimes when other people write stories to a series they tend to read the same and I loose interest but with book I did’nt. Please keep up the good work and I hope we get stories on all the sisters.

    P.S. I like that the sisters are different colors! T

  16. Hi Jet! I can’t wait for Leashed three, but i was wondering if this was the last one or if this was going to be a long running series?

  17. now now, Judie, you know I shouldn’t give away information like that! You wouldn’t want to know if it was going to happen, would you? Suffice to say that I’ve got plans for Meg and her boys that involve more than just bad guys stalking her

  18. Hi Jet,

    I wanted to ask if there is a baby in the works for Meg or will this series continue to always have the bad guys coming to steal her powers and I know that Michael said that he could’nt tell Meg that he loves her but , I think he really loves her just like Rudy!

  19. Hi Jet,
    I just read Howl and unleashed, and all I can say is I love you and please write more with them and I will continue to read! They are great stories and they hit home for every situation thatr they faced. Keep up the great work! Judie

  20. Hi, Jet
    I love the Leashed Series! and I was just wondering when the third one would be released? I realize that you are currently working on it I was just wondering if you knew when it would be available to us?
    Thanks for your time,

  21. Please write more in this series. I have been waiting for more additions every time I go online. I simply love Meg and Noelle stories and you have given them so many avenues to explore and grow closer to their mates. I look forward to L3 – Any word on release date ?

  22. Sooooo Hot and Steamy with just the right amount of kink and twist….
    I Love the plot so far and can’t wait to see where you take Meg, Michael and Rudy next. This has become one of my favorite ebook series and you are now one of my favorite Authors whose websites I check frequently for new books.

  23. Hi,
    I had my copy of _MTAB_ in the mail yesterday and can read it over the weekend. I’m totally wowed! Great story, awesome writing. This has fast become one of my fave series and I’ll be ordering _Spiritual Noelle_, if possible. And there’ll be a 3rd book!? Even better! Great news!

    I just had to come back here and get -again!- the visuals for the story… πŸ˜‰


  24. Well, Noelle’s story really isn’t Leashed 3. It’s a sideline story in the same universe. Although Noelle and the boys might show up in a future book πŸ™‚
    As for when Spiritual Noelle comes out in print, it might be Christmas. They were supposed to be out in time for print last year but the timing got a little screwy.
    I don’t know. I’ll post as soon as I do, though

  25. Loved the first leashed, am ordering the second and wanted to know when the third will be in print. Noelle’s story.. The first book was so hot!

  26. Soon, Desdemona, soon. I’ve contracted the third book about Meg, Michael and Rudy already. Don’t know a title yet. It’ll be my project after Faith, Dark Elves 4 and the Heaven Sent Christmas (which may be New Years now)
    Thanks for asking!!!

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