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I have been accused, on occasion, of writing characters who are over the top. I don’t, by the way, at all mind this accusation. I just think it’s noteworthy. I like over the top characters. In moderation, of course. Too many or too much can be overwhelming, but if you’ve got the right outlandish character in the mix, then they tend to keep things interesting.

Take Justin from Just For You. He’s nearly a queen. Not quite, but he wouldn’t have far to go if he so chose. I could, for instance, see him cross dressing without batting an eye about it. I know he wears clothing that some would consider OTT. But I think Justin was a rather balanced character, actually. His OTT glossed over a very thoughtful man who’d been hurt in the past and chose not to dwell on it and move on.

And Johnnie from Heaven Sent. OMG, isn’t he OTT? But he should be. A lead singer in a rock band has to forge ahead and thump people over the head with how very special he and his band are. But, again, the OTT was a gloss. It’s his job and he loves it, plays it to the hild 24/7. But once Tyler figured all that out, he found the warm, mushy center underneath and that’s what’s special about Johnnie. Strange to realize that he’s so very loyal but he’s really a puppy dog underneath all the glitz. Hmm, let’s not tell him I said that, shall we?

Mustn’t forget Hell from Heaven Sent either. I figure Hell’s been small and cute all his life so he decided early on to work it rather than regret it.  But that doesn’t mean that’s all he is. The imp rather likes throwing people off and scaring those who think he’s a Kewpie doll without a brain. Don’t let the lavender hair fool you.

There’s also Ki from Tech Support. Again, here’s a guy with a forceful personality who takes life by the horns and charges ahead. He sees no particular reason to deny himself or to let what he wants slip through his fingers. Is he an ass about about? Well, yes, sometimes.

And then there’s my favorite elf, Radin. Not sure you can get much more over the top and arrogant than he, but he’s got the stuff to back it up. He just is that powerful and that charming. I know, I created him LOL

Shows a certain amount of strength to be over the top. Can be annoying, sure and can make your teeth itch, but they get the job done. I think my OTT characters are my alternative to the overpowering alpha males many authors write. Now, let me say with conviction that there is nothing wrong with alpha males. I’ve read many a story with alpha males and enjoyed them. But, to use one of my favorite phrases, they make my teeth itch. Many times, I can’t decide if I want to fuck them or shoot them. It’s the nature of the beast. I’m just not great at writing that kind of character. Closest I’ve gotten are a few elves — Salin and Krael come to mind — Michael from Leashed and Drake from Fox and Dragon. But I don’t think even they really fit the bill.

So, over the top? Sure. That’s my thing and proud of it.

10 thoughts on “Over The Top”

  1. I keep meaning to ask you — do you like Adam Lambert, the glam rocker who was on american Idol? Because i think you wrote him! : )

  2. Jet – OTT? Really? We all love your guys!

    I love how your writing style allows us readers to vividly picture the characters. Not every writer can do that – or maybe they’re afraid to because the reader may not like what they see? And because of this, we become emotionally invested in them – which is why you are constantly hounded to do the sequel thing.

    Thanks for your work – they’re so much fun to read!

  3. Those guys are perfect with their OTT, plus they are written so well that it doesnt even matter. Ki is bloody awesome and I dont see him as OTT but just a very strong indvidual who knows what the heck he wants. Johnnie and Hell are just themselves,so is Justin who I love. In that case no matter the clothes or personality in the end they are all very male, which is just sexy as hell.

    P.S I bet justin will look good in drag hes a bloody beauty.

  4. Over the Top??
    Who cares!
    Your stories are the best out there. You write about passionate, caring, dimensional characters.
    I wouldn’t change a thing!
    PS – Johnny’s my all time favorite. 🙂

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