Dark Elves VI: Awakening

The Dark Elves books are currently in transition.

Best Paranormal Book 2009:

Runner Up: Dark Elves 6: Awakening (Jet Mykles-Loose Id)

Best Erotic Book 2009:
Runner Up: Dark Elves 6: Awakening (Jet Mykles-Loose Id)



  • Literary Nymphs– 4 nymphs
    • “….wonderful mixture of action, suspense, and erotic encounters that will make you do a double take.”
    • Reviewed by Scandalous Minx
  • Love Romances and More– 4 hearts
    • “I highly recommend this series for those who enjoy sinfully sexy elves and a storyline that continues to keep you enthralled.”
    • Reviewed by Dawn
  • Just Erotic Romance Reviews– 5 stars
    • “Readers who enjoy complex, well-fleshed out characters with both good and bad qualities amid an excellent plot should pick up Awakening.”
    • Reviewed by Laura Scott
  • Night Owl Reviews – 4.5 of 5 hearts / reviewers top pick”This is a spectacular finish to this story arc.”
    • Reviewed by Vallerianna

43 thoughts on “Dark Elves VI: Awakening”

  1. Hi Jet.
    I’m impressed but slightly horrified that you somehow manage to keep the books from the free-download pages. Good job.
    Love your books btw (even though I cant get them for free ^^)

  2. Hi Jet,

    I absolutly love your Dark Elf books, I know that you are a LOTR fan, however was the idea for a dark elf also inspired by Drizzt Do’Urden from Salvatore? I have always liked reading about dark elves, but the sex was always missing! And with your dark elf books I can finally get a visual of what it could be like with one,.


  3. Hey, Jet.

    You say ask Loose Id about print books and I have. I asked if and when they planed to put Leashed 3 in print and they wouldn’t give me a straight answer. They basically said that they were not in charge of what books go to print…supply and demand or some such crap. I don’t know. I’m just pissy about it. I love Loose Id. I love other ebook authors: Ally Blue, Willa Okati, and Chris Owen to name a few. (Hopefully I don’t offend if you don’t get along with any of those authors) I would have never even known you existed if not for Howl. I don’t have one of those ebook readers and I have limited access to computers, but I’ve become a huge fan of yours and I’ve gotten everything I can get my paws on in print. I’m not trying to sound bitchy, I’m just trying to convey the importance of books in print. Sorry for venting. Love your work. You’re a gem, Jet.

  4. I just finished reading all by Awakenings (omg I want it please!) and I was addicted to all of the books. I could not put them down and find them amazing. I hope you continue writing this series, each character is locked in my brain and I fall in love with them. Thank you for these amazing books!

  5. Hy,

    i love these series,thank you for your fantasy and to write it to us! And now i am going to read DE6. 🙂

    I hope, it will not end with DE6 ?

    You must know, i am from Vienna/Austria and began books to read in english a year before, because the good books are most in english and not in german. So i began after 21 yeas not english speaking and reading to do it again. Now i need not oft the translator. 😉

    Best wishes

  6. I just finished Dark Elves VI.

    ********************* SPOILER ALERT ****************************

    You made Radin Infertile!!!. How could you? We need mini Radins in the dark elf universe. It will probably take me a long time to get over that. Apart from that it was a great read, hot and spicey. Keep up the good work and I can’t wait for the next book in the series

  7. I just finished DE5 and wow! I love this series! It has great sex and a really good story. I can’t wait to see what happens next!

  8. yippee! I usually buy from fictionwise but I guess I’ll be going straight to publisher this time. can’t wait!

  9. I happened to come across the series from fellow romance readers’ book lists on Amazon.com who praised the books. Girl, let me just say… you are the queen of romantic erotica. I go through your books in a day. I read when I wake up, on the train (Discovery cover received a ton of ogling stares), at work, and before I go to bed. Granted that it’s erotica and the sex is through the roof, I enjoy the lives of the characters even more. Great development over the course of the books and #VI is already on my wishlist. I would however like to suggest/request a scene where a couple do have sex up against the wall like in V but a lot more intense. Maybe Diana and Salin because they are the only couple that I can see actually getting animalistic in their mating. Love Krael but Suzanna is too submissive. But, there is always Radin’s mate… (PLEASE GIVE HIM A TRUEMATE [if not me ;)]). Anyway, you have earned a permanent spot in my series collection and a place in my next tattoo. Many symbols to chose from. Much love and best wishes!

  10. WOW! A writer friend recommended your work to me and I am so happy! I have not been able to put them down! I just finished Dark Elves 5 and am chomping at the bit for 6! Do you have a release date yet? Please, please tell me that it is about Radin! He is *pant pant* the best!

    Thank you for such an amazing series – I look forward to reading 6 and your other series. Which do you recommend I start first Heaven Sent or Leashed?

  11. I just happened to luck up on coming across the D/E series. I was reviewing books on a web site and came across the covers. I open up some dialog and was taken with the story line. More over I was intrigued with how you intergrated so much information. Every character and their individualized story I had grown to love. Radin, Savous and Salin were truly my favorites. Radin must have a place in this last story line. He brings everything together and I am more than sure that he holds some keys to the perservation of the D/E clan. I was thinking about the conversation Irin had with the goddess before going into the chamber that held Radin and Savous with her saying she could tell them so much but there was never enough time. I wonder if she inbeded that information and more in Radin when he returned. However I have one questions, those white and blood red marks on Radin I wonder what they mean and what happen to the bad ELF who had the female elf in the last book when he was pulled into the vortex. Is he dead or is he merged with Radin. I wonder were you will go with this edition.

  12. ******************** Dark Elves 5 spoiler alert ****************************

    Just have to say love the Dark Elves series and am hoping that book 6 will find Radin awakened from his coma. I also want to say that I really enjoyed Fox and Dragon as well, It was one of my most favorites and wonder if you plan to write other books along those lines. As far as DE, I could not put them down I read all 5 books within 2 days. I must say congratulations on such a wonderful erotic series and hope that you continue as i will read all that you write. Thanks for the fantasies.

    1. Sorry I had to edit your comment for spoiler, Maria, but don’t want to mess it up for anyone who might not have read the stories.

      That said, thank you and I hope you like #6 when I get done with it!

  13. Oops thanks for the edit. I’m so bad at that. Although if you people haven’t read it yet. Stop what you are doing right now, and go buy it right away. (:

  14. *************** DE5 SPOILER ALERT ********************

    I am so glad I discoverd the dark elves series thank you jet for writing it I am absolutely hooked. I’m hopping that this next dark elves book will involve radin more. Especialy since it is titled awakening and he is in a coma and what not. oooo I’m so excited. I wonder if Naildlye will be his truemate or someone else. Since Naildlye can get pregnant by anyone She could be very helpful to the dark elves. Maybe she will pop out some girl elves too, Although I think her story needs a happy ending not just having her be a breeding machine. Especially since al’tone killed all her other babies. Oooh I can’t wait to read this last story. Hurry jet Hurry. (:

    1. Thanks, Stacy B

      I had to edit your comment to mark the spoiler alert. Wouldn’t want anyone who hadn’t read DE5 to read it by mistake.

      As for Awakening… we shall see 😀

  15. Okay, I recommended these books to a friend of mine (who is now also a big fan) and he asked me to pass on his questions (he has limited internet access).

    So what he suggested/asked is now that the Dark Elves are trading with the humans why they are not buying any and all female slaves that traders can get their hands on? Suza started out on her way to a slave market and I think it was mentioned that other slave caravans had been through. He also said that based on reading the books he thought after Kinig had spent so much time speading the word about the Elves that there would many women who were perhaps discontent with “their lot in life” that they would be willing to attempt a new life with the Dark Elves. My friend did say that these options would not necessarily bring a great number of females to the Elves but he was surprised these avenues had not been explored.

    We had a great discussion on this and I thought you might be interested in what he had to say after reading the books.

    1. Those suggestions are completely valid and, in fact, I think they’re true. They just haven’t shown up in the stories I’ve written. Remember, Discovery is the only book I’ve written where the humans know about the elves and I was pretty much concentrated on Kinig. Believe me, lots of other stuff went on. Lots of stuff that didn’t fit in the story. There’s even more that probably won’t make it into Awakening. I’ve got this fine balancing act now of trying to stay true to the current story while satisfying the curiosity of the readers who are fans of the entire series.

      I do think there are women who are dissatisfied or curious who’ve come to the elves of their own will. I do think the elves have seriously cut down on the slave trade through the forest, but they can’t be seen as too much of a customer of the slavers. That, after all, would give the slavers reasons to go out and capture women and that’s not fair, is it? Savous is smarter than to encourage something like that.

      Unfortunately, the world–even just the elves’ piece of it–is far too big for me to encompass in just a few stories. I can only hope that I’ve given enough detail to satisfy most curiosity. And, although Awakenings is the last book I plan, I kind of doubt it’ll be the last book in that world. I’ve spent WAY too much time there to just abandon it completely.

      Good questions! Very cool for me that you and your friend are that interested 🙂

  16. I’m really excited about another Dark Elves book! And I’m so excited there will be more m/m. Have to admit I’d be less excited if it was just f/m. Since book 5 came out, I’ve been pondering all the same questions mentioned in the post, and am glad to know answers will be forecoming! I hate unresovled issues :S

  17. New fan
    Love ur DE books also glad that radins back please give him someone who really deserve him {like me}
    keep up the exellent work glad i discoverd u.{well actually ur books} .

    be reading you.

    p.s after ur break would love see how the DE fair in the modern world.hmmm something to think about in the future ofcourse after ur break.

    happy writing

  18. Hi Jet,
    I’m a new fan and I just wanted to drop a quick line to let you know how much I’m enjoying your work. I’m in Dark Elf Heaven right now 🙂 Salin’s yummy ! Also your art work is wonderfully fresh & creative. Looking forward to more. Rochelle



  20. Jet,

    Let me first start by saying that i LUV the Dark Elves series and am upset to hear that u won’t be writing anymore on them. Its been wonderful to see how all of the characters have developed and how the Elves have started to come out of hiding….it would be great to see how they fare in the next ‘few centuries’, but i guess u would know best when to retire them.

    On the other hand, I also thoroughly enjoyed the Leashed series and was wondering if you were going to continue writing and expanding on the characters in that series?

    Whatever it is u end up doing, I’m sure i’ll enjoy whatever books u produce.

    Have a very Merry Christmas and New Year!!!!!


    1. Thanks Teresa!

      It’s not that I say I won’t ever write another book in the Dark Elves universe, I just don’t have any planned after book 6. And I need a bit of a break. The elves have been good to me but they took a lot out of me! lol

      As for Leashed, you bet. More are coming up. I’m hoping to get Leashed 4 written in the first half of next year sometime.

      Happy holidays to you too!

  21. Jet,

    I love this series, I’m looking forward to the next installment. I have a request. When Radin was released from the vortex, his tatoos were red and he was missing some. Could you do up a picture of him as he is now? I’d dearly love to see his new look.

    Thanks, A devoted fan.


  22. This is the last of the Dark Elves books that I plan to write. To be honest, I need a break 🙂

    By combo, I assume you’re asking about the print books? I actually don’t know what the plan is, to be honest, nor the timing. All I know is that I plan to have the manuscript for the 6th book ready early 2009 for the ebook release. After that, it’s kind of up to Loose Id.

    Threesomes? Well, I would, of course, recommend my Leashed series 🙂 I’d also highly recommend Morgan Hawke’s Interstellar series. They’re the only ones that really jump to mind this AM

    Thank you!

  23. Hey Jet,

    Is this to be tha last of the Dark Elves, or do you are you thinking of doing more? Also do you think the next combo of DE5 & DE6 will be out soon or not till next summer? I just love this books, but you made me very sad with Radin at the end of DE3, can’t wait to read the next ones!!!


    Do you recommend any other books with these great threesomes? YUM!!! Hope all is finding you well. 😉

  24. Hi,
    I’ve read the print versions in the summer. Love that series! BTW, I can’t BELIEVE you killed off Radin…
    I hope that ## 5 + 6 will come out in print as well. Looking forward to it all.


  25. *sighs* Dang it Jet…you definitly like to tease the heck out of us with all the litle hints here. LOL

    Looking forward to more Dark Elves..my favorite Series from you! 🙂


  26. Okay, I might have to much time on my hands when I start trying to figure out the plight of the dark elves. In Discovery it was implied that Garn and his trumate died because of her not being changed and being pregnant.(by the way that broke my heart) With Naildlye as a new type of female elf especially one that can get pregnant (by any animal, no less) is she the answer to the raedjours problem of the lack of females that can have females? Then the question is will the children have red satin or black satin skin? or maybe a dark plum? Just speculating. Either way I love the story as well as the yummy sex.

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