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NOTE ON PRINT BOOKS: On the pages for the books available in print, I’ve included the ISBN numbers. If you can’t find the books at your local bookseller, they should be able to special order it with these number.

I write about sex. Plain and simple. I like writing about sex, so it’s a major part of each one of my stories. I’ve written straight sex, homosexual sex and menage a trois and plan to keep writing all of the above.

I also write romance. Sex is all well and good, but it’s even better if there’s feeling behind it. I like to write about two–or more–people who have deep and overwhelming feelings for each other and see what happens to them. Whether this happens in a straight contemporary setting or in a fantasy world of my own making depends on the story. I’ll admit that I tend toward fantasy, but there are certain aspects of contemporary that I’ve come to enjoy as well.

I adore characters so all of my stories are character driven. Each one of my heros and heroines are people whom I’ve spent time with. I’ve bitched and moaned at many of them and I can’t say I was always happy with them, but they’re all a part of me and I love them dearly.

That said, I hope you enjoy my worlds.

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