Snagged – original release

SnaggedReleased December 20, 2005

NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Snagged has been re-released from Loose Id. Click here for more information.

Pairing: m/m

Snagged is my first adventure into yaoi and my first adventure into pure m/m. Seth and Kyle just kind of took me along for a ride.


Kyle needs to steal some important papers from his gang boss to be free. But someone steals them first! And wouldn’t that someone just have to be tall, blonde beautiful Seth, the only man Kyle has ever found remotely attractive and the only person in the world who can put Kyle off his game. Seth’s awfully nice about the papers though, and offers to give them to Kyle, if Kyle will come home with him. Kyle does, only to find out that Seth has other interests in him.

Cover by Eiris Key of Altiz Studio


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