Finished Reverb Rough Draft

I don’t usually post about these things, but this particular story has been kicking my ass so I’m going to hoot about it.

Just finished the first rough draft for Reverb. WOOOT!

This is my longest to date. At present, it’s just over 80,000 words. I believe it’s my longest story to date.

My work’s not done, of course. Now I’ve got to go back and polish it up. This one’s going to take a lot of polish, I know, because it took me most of the book to really figure out what was happening. Ah, the joys of writing by the seat of my pants. But I know the story now so that’s a relief. Now I need to make all the nit-picky details go with it.

Not sure when it’ll be out. Not sure when it can fit into the MLR Press release schedule. My own fault for that, not them. I was scared to commit until I had the story down. But it should be out sometime this year.

I’ll try and get at least a blurb on the site sometime in March. Until then, I can tell you the guys on the cover are Marlowe — taller one — and Nick.

6 thoughts on “Finished Reverb Rough Draft”

  1. omg 80k words thats the most amazing thing i have heard sooo excited cant wait until this comes out eeeepppp

  2. Woot! Woot! I am laughing because I just starting re reading Heaven Sent yesterday! LOLOL…
    Can’t wait for Reverb! I love the rocker worlds you create!!!! You have me completely trolling for boy band stories LOLOL really has become an addiction!
    Hugs from China and Congrads!!!

    1. Thanks!

      The boys in Reverb are a lot different from the boys in Heaven Sent. Or, rather, their world is. More serious issues they deal with. Hopefully HS fans will approve *crosses fingers*

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