Heaven Sent 5: Genesis

Heaven Sent 5: Genesis

The Heaven Sent series availability is in transition.


Cover by PL Nunn of Bishonenworks



  • eCataRomance– 5 stars
    • “Jet Mykles never disappoints and this chapter in the lives of the Heaven Sent group is just as fabulous as the rest of the series”
    • reviewed by Kimberley Spinney
  • Fallen Angel Reviews– 5 Angels – Recommended Read!
    • “Thanks go to Ms. Mykles wfor another phenomenal addition to the Heaven Sent series.”
    • Reviewed by Teresa
  • Two Lips Reviews – 4 lips
    • “Picking up Heaven Sent: Genesis is like knocking on the door to visit old friends.”
    • Reviewed by Katya
  • Just Erotic Romance Reviews– 4 stars
    • “Giving four relationships equal time in a book is difficult, but Ms. Mykles does it effortlessly.”
    • Reviewed by Ann Barber
  • Two Lips Reviews– 5 lips
    • “Jet Mykles demonstrates her talent as a writer as she takes these men and nudges them along into the next stage of their lives in a completely plausible manner that will only leave you wanting more and anxiously waiting to see if there will be another installment in this incredible series.”
    • Reviewed by Bella
  • My Book Cravings– 4 flowers
    • “There is nothing about this story that disappoints and Ms. Mykles great descriptions and vivid details only pulls the reader deeper into the story.”
    • Reviewed by Pam
  • The Romance Studio– 5 hearts
    • “This is a great novel full of warmth, caring and some really hot eroticism.”
    • Reviewed by Dee Dailey
  • Joyfully Reviewed
    • “Genesis brought growth to Johnny, Tyler, Luc, Reese, Brent, Hell, Darien and Chris that only made me love them even more.”
    • Reviewed by Jo
  • Rainbow Reviews
    • “Even if none of these characters ever make a repeat performance, the author has left them all riding into the fictional sunset with their happy ending sure to satisfy even the most ardent fan.”
    • Reviewed by Kassa

10 thoughts on “Heaven Sent 5: Genesis”

  1. OK I loved this installment of the wonderful Heaven Sent Series. It’s sweet,funny and so hot you have tern on a fan. I loved how you changed from the P.O.V. of Tyler, Reese, Brent and Darien. There are so many things I loved about this book.
    I do have one complaint… you basically told us that Tyler, Reese and Darien wold be the mommy’s while Johnnie, Luc and Chris would be the daddy’s if they were to have kids. But you never said one word about Hell and Brent, and as hard as I try to decide who should have what role I just can’t make up my mined.
    I do get this one really funny/cute image of Brent coming home to find that Hell has died there 8 or 9 year old daughter or son’s hair some bright unnatural color similar to Hell’s. I thin hear Brent saying something like, “You both look like Easter eggs.”

  2. It was listed in Loose ID’s coming soon page with Jet’s. Lost star, looks to be great, I have read the heavily hidden excerpt on Morgan’s website and I hoped she would be able to publish it.

  3. Hi,
    When I read HS:G was coming soon, I was, like, yeeaah, yeeaah,
    ´couse I love Jet´s books. But I also was excitet to read about Morgan Hawkes book. How do you know about it, and where can I get it?
    Thanks, Jules

  4. OMG!!! to quote anne cain *squeeeee!!!!* I found out that not only are you putting out another Heaven sent (jumping up and down like a giddy girl), you’re nominated for an Eppie (totally should get it!!!), but Morgan Hawke is putting out the prequel to Victorious star!!! This next year is going to start off great *smiles*

  5. OMG this is wonderful i was hoping you would do a combined book
    i cant wait, do we have a due date??? we dont really have to wait until the new year do we *looks at you with soulful puppy dog eyes*

  6. I can’t wait for the new book-awesome! I just love your m/m stories, and you got me interested in checking out other m/m romance writers. You, however, are the standard by which the other authors are measured. Thank you so much for this series, and I hope you continue after “Genesis.” Please do!

  7. New years story ? I will never make it that long I must admit to being addictes to this group of stories! I admit this was the first M/M romance I ever read now I tell all my friend they have to try them ! Please keep up the great work

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