What I Learned about Writing from Jet by Tara Lain

Those who follow my site know that I don’t often have posts from other people. But I’ve heard from Tara Lain before and she’s got a her first book out today so I’ll happily make an exception. I remember all the authors who helped me when I was just starting out and I’m happy to return the favor for an author who seems to share a lot of my same sensibilities toward writing. Good Luck, Tara!!


For years, people told me I should write a book, but I couldn’t imagine what I wanted to write about. Then I started reading Jet Mykles, and less than two years later, I’m a published author with my first book, Genetic Attraction, coming out from Loose Id this week and a second book under contract. Reading Jet’s books was better than all the fiction-writing classes (although I did those too), because through Jet I discovered my passion for passion. For the first time, I found something so fun and exciting it would write itself. (Jet can now put “muse” on her resume.)

Here’s what Jet taught me:

    It’s impossible for heroes to be too beautiful – Don’t tell me my hero, Roan Black, couldn’t exist in real life. Erotic romance fiction isn’t real life. The likes of Johnny in Heaven and Shasertai in Sursein Judgement are compelling to me and lots of other readers.
    Characters benefit from being a little (or a lot) over the top – Many writers concentrate on “real people”, but I find I best remember the ones that stand out from the crowd. Have you ever met anyone quite like Hell?
    It’s possible to write great conflict without unspeakable angst – When conflict gets too intense in books, I often feel like closing the cover and walking away. (I avoid the Russian authors and love Jane Austen) Jet makes her readers wonder how the characters will ever get out of their mess – while being totally confident that it will happen.
    Relationships between people are diverse, wondrous and mysterious — Jet’s books avoid labels and categories. She has straight men falling in love with other men , gay men falling in love with women, all  with a minimum of chest-pounding. Is this real life? Who cares? It’s great fiction.
    Once your characters grab a hold of you, they don’t let go – Jet’s book are almost always part of series. I never intended it, but I’ve written four books and three  are all in the same series. My people demanded that I tell their stories.

The bottom line is — thank you, Jet. You have always been generous with your help, and, above all, a huge inspiration to many writers like me. I’ve learned great lessons from your fiction and, hopefully, have put it to work in my books. Oh yes, I forgot to mention. We both love  Adam Lambert.

What have you learned from reading Jet’s books? Share.   :  )


Buy Link for the bookhttp://www.loose-id.com/Genetic-Attraction.aspx

Tara’s contact info:

At a conservative Long Island University, renowned researcher, Dr. Emmaline Silvay, has two great loves — her life-saving work, and her younger research partner, Jake Martin. The romantic love is impossible. She’s his boss and he lives with his girlfriend. But his “girlfriend” is actually a boyfriend; the beautiful and infamous supermodel, Roan Black.

Resigned to a platonic relationship, Em accepts a weekend invitation to their home, but the men have a ménage on their minds. She can’t resist, doesn’t even want to. But their intentions go far beyond passion. They want her to “be a part of them.” Their three-way love defies propriety and the standards of the University that funds their work. The supermodel’s fame makes secrecy impossible. Their ménage threatens to crumble all she’s worked for. What will give way to make room for genetic attraction?

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  1. Ooooh, Ariel, i LOVE my pressies. That’s okay, blade. I will share some candy. Swift fingers are good for many things LOL. And thank you both for checking out my fangirl post. : )

  2. Ja? Oooh Tara! Looks like you got Ariel all worked up….Hell-style. At least that’s something ALL of us get from Jet.
    *peeks at pressies*
    *skips back over to the NON-WRITERS’ corner*

  3. Happy first book day, Tara! (And, I’m aware that isn’t a holiday, but, I’m making it one, ok? lol) ::gives big box with a huge bow, full of Muse Caffine and Swift Finger candy:: What every proffessional author needs, ja?

  4. First of all, congrats again on the new book! May you have many happy sales!

    Second, thank you so much for your kind words. It means the world to me to know that I’ve inspired someone else to fill the world with love. And, if you share my ideas about pretty boys and over the top angst, all the better 🙂

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