* Out of Print *

The stories linked here are no longer available from the listed publishers. I may re-release them, in which case they’ll get a new page and a new cover.

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  1. Hello, thanks for your answer and I am sorry I didn’t mean to be rude and that’s how it looks like when I read my message once again *sheepish*. I am not complaining because that’s thanks to ebooks I have discovered your stories. well I guess you got my point but what I also meant is that because of so many ebooks, real books are less and less on the market. At least real books can be possessed and kept preciously whereas ebooks can so easily erased or crashed. In France, we are lucky we still have this love for real books and that explains that ebooks are so rarely read. Now I DO have all your books fortunately and the reason I am whining is because like Wings, I wish I could have ALL of them *crossing fingers*

    1. It’s all right, Graziella. There are pros and cons to both physical books and ebooks and it’s just something we authors have to accept these days.

      Thank you

  2. I totally agree. ebooks suck, I feel like bying wind when I do. real books are the best and I would love to get more of them in my personal library.

    1. I’m sorry you don’t like ebooks. Unfortunately, that’s my main market at the moment. Most of my main series books are available in print now, however. I hope that helps

  3. Dear Jet,

    I have a confession. I am a book addict. I have to “own” books that I purchace. Right now I have over 2000 books in my library.

    I don’t own or care for ebooks. They don’t give me my fix.

    Not to sound whiney…but I want to “own” more of your work. I have everything you’ve put out in print…I want more. (No Pressure)

    Just please think of me, one of your biggest fans, that I cannot enjoy your work the way others get to because they’re not in print. I’ve read howl and Leashed 2, but now your planning Leashed 4 and I haven’t even read 3!

    And please know that I don’t own my own computer…yet and I can’t afford those reading devices like kindle.

    I just feel left out. (Cue violins)
    I love you (well not personally…I don’t know you) I love your work, your art and I hope you can some way give me a chance to enjoy more of it.

    I am sure I’m not the only fan in this predicament so just try to remember us.

    Don’t think I’m trying to make you feel guilty. That’s not my intention. And I know you are very busy, I don’t expect you to drop everything for me…but please give it some thought.

    Thank You and Sincerely

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