The following are full or in-progress stories — mostly shorts — available for enjoyment.

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      1. Are you planning to put your books on audio? I have requested from audible several times but have never gotten a response from them.

  1. Dear Jet,
    You are a very inventive author. Any time I read your books I feel as though I am reading them again for the first time. I just wanted to know if you plan on writing any more leashed books?

    1. Thanks, Sandi.

      No news on the Leashed front at the moment. I’ll post here on the site when there’s news.

  2. Hi Jet
    Was wondering where we will be able to buy your books and Ebooks when Fictionwise closes.
    Do you think you will ever do a follow up to the Heaven Sent books.My favourites of all time I think.I have them in paperback as well as Ebooks plus most of your others.
    Please keep writing. Am also waiting for the 3rd book in the Indigo Knights series.
    Thanks for such great stories

  3. I have read all of your freebies, and they are AWESOME!! They are all wonderfully written and tastey. I read them all in 2 days and wish for more. thank you for writing them for your enjoyment!!!

  4. Hey thanks for the reply. I can certainly relate to being busy. I always look froward to reading your work and am looking forward to your upcoming books 🙂

  5. Hi Jet-
    I absolutely love your work. I just re-read Heaven Sent and Tech Support and couldn’t get past how truly enjoyable they were to read. I noticed you didn;t post anything for halloween and wondered if you were still doing holiday freebies. I’m just curios, while it would be great if you had nothing better to do than post things for us to read, I get that you do have a life. Looking forward to your christmas elf story. Thanks! 🙂

    1. Hi nix,
      Unfortunately, time got away with me this year and I didn’t get to write any holiday shorts. I’ve been concentrating on a few stories for publication. I can only say I’m sorry and hope that I’ve got more free time next year.
      Thanks 🙂

    2. I was just wondering where you found tech support and were able to read it!? I can’t seem to find it anywhere, help much appreciated, thank you.

  6. I have read you first three dark elves take, mastered, and salvation. they were great reading got me with the first few lines which I just couldn’t put down was actually my first erotic read. very great!!!! I will continue to read as I can thank you for your books they really were awesome.

    sincerly yours

  7. Ms Mykles:

    Ive just read leashed again! Would you please write a sequel? Id buy that one too – such good stories!

  8. How about nakedness and more nakedness with a whole lot of smexy. Plus being on the run makes it all the better and all the guys together again would be awesome cus I love the playful banter between them.

  9. So I have to second what Darien said- I just read the WK stuff and immediately read it two more times. Im more for Aya and Yuhji than Ken and Omi, but…whoa!! Great stuff!

  10. So I just read your WeiB Kruez stories and I am in love. Ken and Omi, I pretty much lost my pants to those two.
    I just started to read your work and I love it, awesome stuff. Whats a lone girl to do, read some Jet Mykles.:)

  11. Had to say I just love Finn and Jeff so much. They are a breath of fresh air and Finn is just too adorable for words – I hope Jeff adored him a lot more for our reading pleasure.

    Thank you for two such lovely – and hot – characters.

  12. Hei Jet
    I liked Dark Elves serie. Alle of them 5 I have and I was happy to see 6 is on the way. Greit .
    Doina from Norway

  13. Dear Jet,

    I am very upset with the way nothing really good happened in Baseball Dad…I was wondering if there is going to be a sequel or something more between them. The whole premise of the story was wonderful but I felt very disappointed when there wasn’t any super hot male on male action.

  14. I just reread Baseball Dad and you’ve gotta keep going with that one!!! Please Jet!!!! It’s such a great beginning!! Hands folded and ready to beg…

  15. Hi Jet!!
    I’d love to learn how to do computer graphic images like you, but don’t know where to start. Any suggestions of sites, tutorials… ANYTHING LOL to get me started on the right path? I’d really appreciate it.
    On the book side, love your Dark Elves series.
    Take care and have fun at RWA in DC.

  16. Hey Jet,

    Any new Images featuring the Heaven sent crew. I would love to see some. They are so sexy…

  17. I was wondering if all the books that u have writen r out on print? i currently only own Howl and Leashed but i would love to own the rest of the books u have out i very much enjoyed the stories and i know that i will enjoy the rest so i wanted to thanks

    1. Not all of my books are available in print, no. Many of them are. Best bet is to check my name at Amazon or check the Books & Stories link here on my site. If any of them are in print, I do put the link to Amazon on the page. At this point, there are 3 Dark Elves books in print covering DE 1-5, 2 Heaven Sent books covering HS 1-4 and a few anthologies.

  18. I just read Skirt and Family Issues and I have to let you know just how much I enjoyed them. I could definitly read more on these two.

  19. I read “Wanna Watch”, and (after recovering from my much needed private moment)I was wondering were you going to do anything more with Ryan and Jason. I really loved the story.

    1. Thanks, Lady S 🙂
      Not sure about Ryan and Jason. I rather like them but no ideas have come up for something further with them. But I don’t discount the possibility

  20. I have read the first 4 Heaven Sent stories in print and would like to read the other 5. I hope in the near future the rest will be coming out in print. Please let me know if there are any plans to release these stories in print. Thank you very much.

  21. Thanks so much, Sly!
    Unfortunately, I don’t have much say as to when books get on FW. I’m told more will be going up in the near future but it seems to be a year or two before they typically get there.
    I hope you like them if/when you get them

  22. Hey Jet, I love your stuff. Must have read Tech Support at least ten times. However, I usually get your stuff from Fictionwise and I would like to know when the second half of Heaven Sent and Snagged will be available. I bought the first two HS stories over the weekend and I’ve read them twice already. Please pull some strings with the people at Fictionwise so I can satisfy my fix. I’ve already written to them.

  23. WK! WK! WK! we want more WK! lol I think I have all your books story’s and love your pics lol. I will wait (not holding breath though) till you can do some more ….. but I just wanted to let you know that you are one of my top 5 favorite writers !!!!! YOU ROCK !!!!!!!!

  24. Thanks, Amelia! I’m trying to get back to that fanfic, I really am. Trouble is that it’s gotten to the point of the action that I hate. I haven’t quite figured out all the details of their situation–still!–so it’s hard to get back into it. I will try and finish it this year though!

  25. *sigh* I adore your Weiss Kreuz fanfic. I am waiting with baited breath (not sure what this saying means although now that I think of it, it doesn’t sound too good) for part 8 of ‘On the Run’. More Omi and Ken please? *doing best doe-eyed impersonation of Omichan*

  26. hi Marcia,

    I’m not done with Nera, I’m just a bit stalled on where to take her. Also, in the time between that post and now, I haven’t had much time to devote to the story. I hope to get back to it and the WK fanfic in the next few months *crosses fingers*
    Glad you liked the elves! There’s another one coming up in the next few months

  27. I started reading your Nera and the Prince series and noted that you have’t updated in a while. Are you done with that series. I noticed that you may not have liked the series much. I could not not help but to read your dark elves series. Great reading by the way. I saw the story when I visited your website and enjoyed it, not the rape, but the discovery of feelings. Thank you for the good reading.

    thank you,


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