Wanna Watch

This story was the first posted at Pink Chair Diaries.The rules for the stories was just that they needed to feature a bright pink blow up plastic chair with a dildo fastened in the middle of the seat.

PCD is down as I write this and while I’m sure they’ll get back up and running, in the meantime, here’s Ryan and Jason.



©2004 (2007?) Jet Mykles, all rights reserved

Jason froze just inside of the doorway. What the hell?

The door clicked shut behind him.

Ahead of him, Ryan entered the narrow room and tossed his backpack onto the bed against the wall on the right. He spun to sit heavily next to it, immediately turning to open the mini-refrigerator that doubled as a nightstand. He took out a Coke. “You want one? Hey, what’s wrong?”

Jason blinked at him, then blinked back at… it. “What’s that?”

Ryan glanced at the thing sitting between the bed and the desk, then grinned. “A chair.”

“It’s pink.”

Ryan opened the can. “Yeah.”

“It’s got a…” Jason swallowed. “Is that what I think it is?”

“You mean the dildo? Yeah.” He took a drink.

Jason’s mouth fell open. He was right?! He turned his attention back to the chair in question. It was a blow up thing, transparent, like a pool toy. The seat stood about two feet high and was smooth and round, the back stood up on one side kind of looking like four fingers together. The whole thing was a God-awful neon pink. He’d had a chair like it when he was a kid. But this was so very different. The difference that he was still trying to get his head around was the dildo sticking up out of the seat. Not a huge one, probably five or six inches long, maybe an inch and a half thick. But there it was, sticking straight up. Looked to be made of something substantial, not blow up like the rest of the chair. It was solid with a dull shine. The thing actually had veins molded into it. It was a joke, right? It wasn’t meant to be used.

Not by Ryan?

Jason’s mouth went dry.

“You like it?”


Ryan chuckled, setting his drink on top of the fridge before he bent down to pull off his sneakers. “You like my chair?”

He couldn’t take his eyes off it. “Where’d you get it?”

“I ordered it online.”


“I thought it was hysterical.”

So it was a joke. A little of the tension leaked from Jason’s shoulders. “What’s it doing here?”

“It’s my chair.”

“Yeah, but…”

“But what?”

Jason transferred his attention to Ryan, but that sight was just about as disturbing as the chair. Ryan was, in a word, hot. To use two words, he was adorable hot. The two words shouldn’t go together, but Ryan made it work. He looked younger than his twenty two years despite the fact that he was as tall as Jason’s five foot eleven. He had a sleek, surfer bleached blond look without looking washed out. His platinum hair waved slightly almost to his shoulders and his green eyes laughed at you over his wide, always smiling mouth. The adorable part was the freckles. He had them all over. If you were far enough away from him you couldn’t tell, but when you got close you could see them dotting his skin. It was fascinating.

Not that Jason was gay or anything. No, that was a gut reaction. Jason didn’t really know. He’d briefly dated a few girls in high school but nothing ever happened. He’d noticed guys but naturally didn’t do anything about it for fear of being lynched by his homophobic high-school friends. Two years of college still hadn’t quite convinced him which way he swung and the fact that he hadn’t slept with anyone of either sex didn’t help make up his mind.

Jason had known Ryan for nearly a year now, having shared some classes. Ryan definitely moved him but so far nothing more than simple friendship had been offered. He didn’t even know which way Ryan swung. The bulk of their conversations thus far had been around school topics. This wasn’t the first time they’d studied together but, Jason now realized, this was the first time they’d come to Ryan’s studio apartment right off campus to do it. Had to be the first time. Because he would have remembered the chair.

Ryan stared at him, his grin growing into a highly amused smile. “You’re wondering if I use it.”

Didn’t that just start a whole hell of a lot of vivid images in Jason’s brain! Start with Ryan naked. That he’d almost seen, at least from the waist up. There was a fountain on campus and they’d been sitting there on a really hot day and Ryan had taken off his t-shirt. Toned and tanned and the freckles were all over him. Wasn’t a stretch to wonder if the freckles covered other areas of his body. Were his pubes gold too or were they dark almost-brown like his eyebrows? Was his cock like the dildo? Oh yeah, the dildo. No effort whatsoever to picture Ryan straddling that low seat, easing himself down on that greased pink cock.

He slipped his backpack off his shoulder and held it in front of his crotch to hide the start of a boner. Hopefully, Ryan didn’t notice.

Jason shook his head, trembling. “Nah. I just…” he glanced at the chair, swallowing. “What have you got it out for?”

Ryan laughed. “It’s a great conversation piece.”

Jason looked at him. Saw the smile. Saw the joke. Laughed. “You fucker.”

“Well, it is. Hey, you coming in or not? We have a test tomorrow, remember?”

“Yeah.” He walked to the small, hard brown couch that sat parallel to Ryan’s bed. “I remember.”

Ryan stood just as Jason sat. The move put Ryan’s jean clad crotch within reaching distance and just about eye level. Shit! Jason dropped his attention to taking his books out of his bag. What the hell was he noticing Ryan’s crotch for?

Ryan went to turn on the stereo, which stood on a desk right beside the chair. Why was it next to his desk? Why was it next to his bed? Did he really use it? No way. That would be awkward as hell to…

Quit it!

Ryan came back to sit on the bed. They opened their books and started in on physics. Jason couldn’t quite get the chair out of his mind. He kept glancing at it. But he managed to focus most of his attention on the subject. He needed the help, after all. Ryan was really good at all that math stuff and Jason just wasn’t. Ryan was being a real friend to do this for Jason since he probably didn’t need to study at all.

“Here, I’ll show you.” Ryan switched from the bed to the couch, leaning into Jason’s shoulder as he pointed to the numbers in the text book.

The light scent Ryan’s cologne, faded this late in the day, drifted around Jason. He was pretty good at ignoring it. Took comfort in it, really. It was a familiar thing when they were studying. So it was frustration with the topic and not Ryan’s nearness that made him sigh and cast his gaze around the room for something to look at besides numbers.

He saw the chair. Equations fizzled from his brain at the vivid images of Ryan spread over that seat, the pink dildo wet and shining, appearing and disappearing as Ryan rose up and dropped down. Up and down. Would it fit inside him?


Jason jumped, textbook clattering to the dingy gray rug. He sprang to his feet lest Ryan see the boner the book had been covering. “Gotta visit the john,” he muttered, heading for the door beside the couch.

He considered jerking off, but didn’t dare. Ryan might hear, even with the door closed and the stereo on. Plus, if he jerked off, he wasn’t sure he could picture anything except Ryan on that chair. Did he have the chair to tease girls? Or did he really use it himself? Was Ryan gay?

None of these thoughts were making the boner go away. Jason settled for taking off his sweatshirt and tying it around his waist. The dangling arms covered his crotch okay. He should probably leave soon anyway.

When he went back, Ryan was laying belly-down on the bed, propped on his elbows over his textbook. He glanced up. “You okay?”

“Yeah.” He caught himself glancing at the chair. The thing was like a fucking magnet for his eyes! He dropped onto couch, bending to pick up his bag. “I think I should go. My brain’s overloaded.”

He heard shifting and looked up to see Ryan roll over onto his side. God he was pretty! Like pretty pretty. Like a girl pretty. Especially when his long bangs fell over his eye like that. It made you notice the other eye more. Also made you notice that pert little nose with those freckles. Fucking freckles!

Ryan smiled slowly. “We could take a break.”

Shit! Was I staring? “Nah. I should go.”



“You wanna watch?”

Jason frowned at the papers and books stuffed in his backpack. He looked up. “Huh?”

Ryan glanced toward the end of the bed—toward the pink chair—then back at Jason, his smile taking on a wicked tilt. “You’ve been looked at the chair ever since you came in.”

Jason sat up straight, fist gripping the strap of his pack. “I haven’t…”

“You wanna watch me use it?”

Jason’s jaw fell.

Ryan’s hand drifted to the space where his t-shirt had come untucked from his jeans, exposing a stripe of skin. Smooth skin with freckles you didn’t really notice too much until you were looking hard.

Looking hard…

Shit, really?! “No! I… I can’t.”

In one smooth move, Ryan sat up, bent his legs over the edge of the bed, and whipped off his t-shirt. “It’s okay. I don’t mind.”


“You’re dying to know if it’s possible. Admit it,” Ryan said, blithely tossing the t-shirt aside.


“No worries. It’s like watching another guy jack off in the shower, right?” He reached down under the bed and pulled up a bottle of lube. Half empty.

Where’d the other half go?

“Ryan, you don’t have to.”

He passed by Jason without a look, heading for the chair. “It’s okay. You’ve got me thinking about it now.” Watching him from behind, Jason could tell he was unbuttoning his jeans. Unzipping.

Stop him!

But he couldn’t. He just… couldn’t. Now that the offer was out there, he was transfixed. He couldn’t move, couldn’t say a word, could hardly breathe.

Ryan set the lube on the desk near the chair then put both hands to the waistband of his jeans to pull them off. Evidently, he pulled off whatever underwear he might have been wearing too, because when he bent over, all Jason saw was tight little naked ass. Tight. Two perfect handfuls. The skin was lighter than his back or legs, but still kind of gold. He almost groaned when he saw the freckles. A lighter scattering of them here, which made them more noticeable. He turned and Jason tried to swallow in a dry throat when he saw the boner. It stood out straight from his body, a lot redder than the rest of him.

Ryan chuckled, wrapping fingers around it. “Sorry. I get hard thinking about the chair.”

Gaping, Jason forced his gaze to Ryan’s smiling face. “Y-you do?”

“Oh yeah. It feels so good.”

“No way.”

“Oh yeah.”

He stopped caressing his dick and reached back for the lube. With it in hand, he knelt in front of the chair.

Jason crawled to the side of the couch to get a better view. The couch wasn’t as long as the bed, when he knelt up and braced his thighs against the arm, he was at just the right angle to watch Ryan pour a handful of lube then transfer that handful to the pink protrusion on the seat of the chair.

How the hell is that hot? Jason wondered. He was caressing a pink dildo on a blow up pink chair, for God’s sakes. That shouldn’t’ be hot! Maybe it was the way Ryan caressed the thing. He didn’t just wet it, he was loving it. Like he might caress a real dick.

Jason’s dick pushed at his fly, wanting to see.

Ryan, apparently satisfied, poured a little more lube on his fingers then put the bottle back on the desk. He stood and turned his back to the chair, reaching behind him.

Jason flinched when he realized Ryan was fingering himself. “Doesn’t that hurt?” he heard himself ask.

Ryan chuckled, eyes closed, showing no sign of discomfort or pain. “Not when you’re used to it.”

Oh man, yeah. He was used to it. He sure seemed to enjoy it, whatever he was doing. Oh man. He backed up. His dry hand braced on the edge of the desk and he lowered himself until his wet hand could take hold of the dildo. Hold it. Guide it. Jason watched, wide eyed. Part of him wanted to get up and go over there, see it from behind, see the head of that pink thing prod what was probably a pink hole and force it open.

Oh man.

Slowly, inch by inch, Ryan squatted lower. Lower. His face with it’s closed eyes and that lower lip trapped by his teeth, showed no sign of discomfort, only pleasure. He kept going, steadily lower, until… He did it! He was sitting on the fucking chair!


Ryan smiled, peeking up at Jason from beneath long gold bangs. If Jason didn’t know better, he’d think Ryan was just sitting on the chair normally. Sitting on the chair, naked, with a big fucking hard on.

Jason should probably be embarrassed, but he couldn’t find room for anything except awe. And lust. That was too fucking hot.

Ryan braced his lubed hand on the inflated seat behind him, forcing his chest to arch out. His cock curled up toward his belly. Drops of precum shone on the tip. Using both hands for balance, Ryan drew his hips up. The dildo reappeared slowly, all slicked up. It was probably warm, heated from being inside Ryan’s body. It must be tight. His ass couldn’t be anything but tight on something like that.


A sigh of pure pleasure floated out of Ryan’s mouth. His head fell back, hair dangling. His nipples were hard, pink pebbles on flat disks surrounded by a very fine layer of shining golden chest hair. Ryan started to work it slowly, raising and lowering on the dildo. His head rolled, he moaned softly. The skin of his chest and neck started to get redder.

Abso-fucking-lutely beautiful.

“Do it.”

Eyes locked on Ryan’s bobbing cock as Ryan again eased down to the seat, Jason didn’t immediately know what he was talking about. He looked up to see Ryan’s eyes on his crotch. Lowering his gaze, Jason saw his hand splayed over his imprisoned dick, pressing.

“Take it out.”

Jason closed his eyes, feeling his cock jump at the sound of the rasp in Ryan’s voice. Before he could give it much thought, he ripped open his button fly, pulled down his briefs and released his aching cock into his palm. That feels good, he moaned, squeezing.

Ryan was watching him through half-closed eyes, the muscles of his arms and legs bunching and releasing as he fucked himself a little faster on the chair. What would it feel like? To be the chair? To be that part of the chair? To stick his dick into what had to be a greased, tight hole? The arm of the couch bit into his thighs as he pushed forward into his hand.

“Ah, Jason.” Ryan really worked it now, the chair bouncing beneath him. It had to have something weighting it down underneath because the way he was moving it should have skidded out from underneath him. “Jason—“ Ryan had to stop saying his name like that because it was too hot! “—bring it here. I want to suck you.”

Whoa! No! Yes!! Only a portion of his brain paid any attention to the “no” and it wasn’t the part in charge. He was off the couch and across the room before he could think about it.

Ryan sat hard on the pink chair and stilled, reaching forward to yank Jason’s pants and briefs down to almost his knees. His hands came back up to grip Jason’s ass, bringing him closer to his open mouth. Green eyes turned up to look at him as Ryan’s mouth opened and his tongue pressed against the head of Jason’s cock.

Oh shit! That was hot. Jason watched helplessly as Ryan closed his lips and suckled the head, his tongue doing some amazing shit within his mouth. “Oh man,” he groaned, hands going to Ryan’s head, fingers in his silky soft hair. He didn’t push, exactly, but he kind of did. Hoping.

His eyes crossed, closed, as Ryan’s sweet fucking mouth slid down his shaft, that tongue working the underside. He pulled back and pressed down, moaning like he had the best ever treat in his mouth. Jason was too into what he was doing with his tongue to think about that too much. He stared, mesmerized as Ryan’s red, wet lips slid up and down his shaft, leaving behind shining saliva. He popped the head out of his mouth, making Jason grunt, then ducked his head to lick Jason like a fucking lollipop from base to tip. And again. He peeked up and smiled big before taking the head between his teeth, holding it so his wicked tongue could probe the tip.

“Oh shit, Ryan!” Jason moaned, too far gone to worry that it was a guy who was sucking him. A naked, pretty man sitting on a pink blow up chair with a dildo up his ass.

Up his ass.

Groaning, Jason leaned forward, bracing a hand on the wall behind Ryan. The angle didn’t let him see the dildo. God, he wanted to see!

Lips popped off the tip of his cock and a wet hand pumped his shaft. The tip of him slapped Ryan’s tongue a few times before Ryan slurped him in again.

Jason clawed the wall, paint chipping underneath his fingernails. His knees were trembling and his hips were bucking all on their own. “God, you’re good at that.”

“Fuck me.”

Jason blinked at the ceiling. The hand pumping his cock was distracting. Did he hear what he thought he heard?

“Jason, please, Jason, fuck me, please.”

He looked down. Ryan’s lips were around his cock again, his cheeks hollowed as he sucked hard enough to make Jason’s vision go blurry. With a pop, his lips came off.  Fuck me with this,” Ryan said, rubbing his cheek against Jason’s cock, cradling it like it was a favorite pet. “So hard, so beautiful.” Green eyes locked on Jason’s face. “I want it inside me.”

“I… I’ve never…” He shook his head.

“It’s okay. I’ll do all the work. Just lie down and let me ride you.”

“Ride… me…” Like he rode he damn chair! Jason moaned. His knees went out. Ryan released him as he melted to the floor.

Ryan followed him, pushing him hard. He fell mostly on his side on the carpet between the couch and the bed. Ryan pushed his shoulder, arranging him on his back.

“Be right back.” Ryan jumped up and rummaged quickly in the desk. Then Ryan was back on top of him, straddling his thighs.

Shit, this is happening? “Ryan, wait…”

“Please Jason,” Ryan whimpered. Fucking whimpered. Like he had to have it. He tossed aside something Jason vaguely realized was a condom wrapper, then his hands were rolling the thing on Jason’s cock. “I need this,” he muttered, squeezing with both hands when he got to the base.

Jason groaned, falling back onto the floor, throwing an arm over his eyes. He wasn’t going to last through this. He felt the orgasm building already.

Ryan was moving again. Jason knew what he was doing and didn’t want to watch. But he had to watch. He moved his arm in time to see Ryan rear up above him, just like he had for the chair. One hand was braced on Jason’s chest and the other was behind him, gripping Jason’s sheathed cock. There was pressure and a warm, unheard pop. Jason moaned. Ryan closed his eyes, bit his swollen lip. It was in. Jason shook. That felt good!

“Don’t come,” Ryan crooned, sinking down slowly. “Oh please, don’t come. Hold it. Not yet. Let me… God, you’re big!”

Jason tried to hold it. He wanted to hold it. Feeling all that pressure closing around his dick was fucking fantastic! Better than anything he’d ever managed with his hand. Oh God, he was inside Ryan. Ryan’s ass was clutching his dick. That freckled, fucking adorable body was arched over him. “Ryan,” he moaned.

“Oh yeah, baby,” Ryan moaned, leaning back, bracing his hands on Jason’s thighs. His back arched, his head fell back. Ryan pulled up and pushed back down. “Oh, fuck you feel good. Hold it for me, baby, don’t come yet. Let me… Ah! Your dick is amazing.”

Jason was pretty sure he was going to die. His hands shot down to clutch Ryan’s hips and that brought his attention to Ryan’s cock and the way it bobbed above Jason’s belly, spilling pre-cum onto his t-shirt. He did two things. One, he pulled his shirt farther up his chest. Then, he wrapped his hand around Ryan’s dick.

“Oh shit, Jason, don’t…” But it wasn’t a real “don’t”. Even in his inexperience, Jason could tell that. Ryan froze, ass spasoming around Jason’s cock.

“Jay-son bay-bee,” Ryan sang, rocking his hips in time to his words.

Jason spat on his palm then returned it to Ryan’s cock. If he focused on Ryan’s dick, he could hold off the explosion waiting to go off in his groin.

“Oh yeah, work it, baby. Work my dick.”

Jason tried, but Ryan kept messing him up, riding him now like he was a fucking bucking bronco. Or the God-damned chair. Jesus, he was so deep in Ryan’s heat.

Something boiled deep in Jason’s belly. “Ryan, I can’t…” His grip faltered.

“Come for me, baby.”

It might have been the words, it might have been the speed, it might have been an extra squeeze. Jason couldn’t tell. But something or everything went boom in his gut. He yelled, arching, hands back on Ryan’s hips to slam him down as he came.

“Oh yeah,” Ryan moaned, replacing Jason’s lost grip on his cock with his own. He pumped furiously, hips jerking a little with his movements, his ass squeezed Jason’s imprisoned cock as it shot its load.

Actual fucking tears broke out in Jason’s eyes at the painful pleasure that extended his orgasm. He was going to break apart if this lasted much longer.

“Oh bay-bee!” Ryan wailed. Warm spurts splattered on Jason’s belly.

Jason lay there, eyes closed, trying to breathe. He was afraid to move, afraid that anything would bring back that terrifying pleasure and make him come again. Above him, Ryan didn’t move for a few moments except for where his ass caressed Jason’s gradually wilting boner.

Finally, Ryan moved. Jason’s eyes opened as Ryan fell forward onto his arms, hands to either side of Jason’s head. Gold hair a little damp with sweat fell to either side of Ryan’s face as he smiled. His eyes, however, were serious as he searched Jason’s face. “You okay?”

Jason swallowed. “I’m not sure.”

“That was—“ Ryan shook his head, showing a certain degree of awe akin to what Jason experienced, “—incredible.”

Jason nodded.

Ryan shifted his weight to one arm, lifting the other hand to brush Jason’s cheek. “You freaked?”

“A little.”

“Just a little?”

“A lot.”

“Should I be sorry?”

“Are you?”


“Then it’s kind of stupid to be sorry.”

Ryan smiled, a little sadly. “I am sorry if this means you’re going to avoid me now.”

Jason stared up at that pretty face, trying to decide if he wanted to kiss Ryan or punch him.

Ryan bit his lip, not helping matters any by looking so flushed and sexy. “I’ve tried to hide that I wanted you because I really do like being friends with you but… God, Jason, you’re so beautiful.” His fingers traced Jason’s lips. “When I got the chance, I just had to…” His smile faded to a look of worry. “Don’t hate me. We don’t have to do it again. I know it was your first time with a guy…”



“That was my first time. Period.”

Ryan’s eyes went wide. “Oh shit! I thought you meant you’d never done it with a guy. I didn’t know…”

“It’s okay.”

“Jason, if I’d known…”

Jason laughed. “You probably still would have done it.”

Ryan wanted to look shocked, Jason could tell, but he couldn’t manage it. He smiled sheepishly. “Yeah.”

“It’s okay.”

“Is it? I wasn’t even sure if you were into guys or not.”

Jason laughed. “Neither was I really.”

Ryan blinked, hand stilling on Jason’s cheek. “Are you?” He glanced down to where his now quiet cock lay against Jason’s spunked-up belly. “Now?”

“I don’t know.” Jason slid his hands up Ryan’s thighs. Gripping Ryan’s waist, he pulled up to sit, forcing Ryan up as well.

Ryan watched him warily, moving with him and never taking his eyes off Jason’s face.

When he could, he slid his arms around Ryan’s waist, keeping the other man straddling his lap. “But I’m into you.”

Ryan opened his mouth then closed it, grimacing. “Ha-ha.”

Jason smiled. “Kiss me.”

“You sure?”

“No. But we’ve already fucked. Kissing is the least of it.”

Soberly, Ryan shook his head. “No. A lot of times a guy will fuck you but won’t kiss you. Kissing means you’re making love. Not kissing is just sex.”

It was Jason’s turn to blink. Just how many guys had Ryan fucked to learn this? And why was he getting all jealous at the thought?


“Okay,” he said slowly, sliding one hand up to slide into the hair at Ryan’s nape. So soft. “Kiss me.”

Only because they were so close did Jason feel the tremor that took Ryan’s body. Green eyes dropped to Jason’s lips and the hand was back on his cheek. “God, Jason,” Ryan breathed, sliding his arms around Jason’s neck and leaning to seal their lips.

Kissing Jason had done. With girls. But this was different. This was… more. He opened his mouth and slid his tongue between Ryan’s lips, finding Ryan’s tongue in a wet caress. Ryan tasted sweet and dark. Jason held him close and drank his fill. There was no hurry. His sated body was content to rub against Ryan’s smooth skin, melt in the man’s embrace.

But his knees weren’t happy. They were still imprisoned in his jeans and sticking straight out behind Ryan. Jason pulled out of the kiss.

Ryan whimpered softly, transferring little bites to Jason’s chin.



“Can we move this to the bed?”

“We can do anything you want, baby,” Ryan crooned happily.

He scrambled back, took the condom off Jason, and stood. He turned with the condom toward the wastebasket as Jason stood. He grunted as his legs wobbled. His thighs had that marching ant sensation of having gone to sleep.

“You okay?” Ryan asked.

“Yeah.” He reached for his jeans. About to pull them up, he glanced at Ryan, who was watching from the door of the bathroom. Smiling, he shoved his pants off.

That made Ryan smile. He disappeared in the other room.

Smiling himself, Jason turned toward the bed.

And saw the chair.

Unable to help himself, he reached out to finger the dildo. Still wet but nowhere near as warm as it probably had been. He knew what it felt like now to be deep inside Ryan.

He chuckled. “Ryan?”


He glanced over his shoulder as Ryan appeared, towels in hand. He pointed at the chair. “Promise you’ll let me see you do the chair again?” He grinned big. “I wanna watch.”

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  1. Well, that was nice! {snicker} I love it that there was real caring from Ryan. Wicked caring, but still a sweetness to let me sigh at the end of all that hotness. Thanks, Jet!

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