Love in Appy Valley 1

This entry is part 1 of 4 in the series Appy Valley

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If anyone out there has played The Sims 3, you probably know how addictive it is. I have learned this for a fact in the last two months. Shortly before Christmas, I finally gave in a bought the game I’d been avoiding for years. Avoiding because I knew it would suck me in. I was right. I’m obsessed. I have all the expansion and stuff packs and I’m eagerly looking forward to Showtime in March.

It’s no particular surprise that I got obsessed with one of my couples. No particular surprise that it was my first gay couple. They so frickin’ adorable! I didn’t take pics, but I should. I’ve gone on to other Sims, but these two are still my favorite.

Anyway, here’s an unedited piece that I wrote about the “first” meeting. In quotes because you’ll see in the story that they’ve known each other forever, but they’ve just rediscovered each other. There’s a part 2 to this too, but I’ll save that for another day.

For those who’ve played, this takes place in Appaloosa Valley and involves the Fox family. Dakota starts off a new game as a toddler and Eriyk is the son of the couple that I started the game with. I very carefully manipulated Eriyk and Dakota together and have now played a few different versions of them. One lasted through two adopted kids all the way to both of their tragic deaths. I was quite sad when that happened, tbh.

The text might be a bit off. Not much editing and I may have taken some knowledge for granted. But I hope it’s legible and fun.

Welcome to my obsession.


Holy shit!

All thought flew from Eriyk’s head at the sight. No, all thought but one. He’s so fucking gorgeous. There was no other way to describe the man walking up the steps onto his parent’s front porch. His hair, which used to be a sumptuous brown, glowed chestnut in the autumn sun. Clearly, it’d been dyed but it was a damn good job. And it showed off the white tips of his hair perfectly. The white tips that Eriyk never could decide — and had never been told — if they were a genetic freak of nature or from a bottle. Didn’t matter, the entire effect was breathtaking, especially since he’d cut his hair so that those tips just barely reached his chin. Eriyk had always liked Dakota’s hair long, but the short was better than he expected. It framed that gorgeous face, with it’s straight black brows, deep sable eyes and straight, patrician nose. And those lips. Eriyk could wax philosophic until world’s end about those perfect, dark pink lips, always drawn into a slight smirk. Continue reading Love in Appy Valley 1

Love in Appy Valley 2

This entry is part 2 of 4 in the series Appy Valley

Continuation of my story about 2 of my Sims 3 characters.

Warning: some kissing


©2012 Jet Mykles, all rights reserved

Not going to work. Eriyk stared into the glimmering depths of the pool and tried not to sulk. I need to get out of this.

For two months, Eriyk had tried the friend thing. He couldn’t say he didn’t have fun with Dakota. In fact, they had lots of fun both when they were with others and when they were alone. Their likes were similar enough to be compatible but different enough to keep things lively. They teased, argued and laughed a lot. The end result, however, was that Eriyk was more helplessly in love with Dakota now than he had been before.

Gotta tell him. Even if it ruined everything, Eriyk had to confess. It was a good time too. If things went sour, there was an opening at a paper in Riverview that he could probably get if he applied.

A shadow passed over him then Dakota was sitting on the pool’s ledge beside him. Gorgeously muscled shins dunked in the water and a lean, hard shoulder bumped Eriyk’s. “Deep thoughts.”

Eriyk didn’t look at him. Couldn’t. Dakota just wore shorts and the rest of his glorious skin was on display. The blistering summer sun that pounded on his back was nothing next to the heat in Eriyk’s groin when he let himself take in the sight that was his obession.

Tell him. “Yeah.”

“Care to share?”

“Don’t know if I should.”

“Uh-oh. Sounds ominous.”

Eriyk said nothing. Do it. Continue reading Love in Appy Valley 2

Love in Appy Valley 3

This entry is part 3 of 4 in the series Appy Valley

More on my Sims 3 characters. This one isn’t much about the romance, mostly filler for Eriyk’s life. I guess it’s my own indulgence. The four kids mentioned here are the kids of my original couple. I kept personal details minimal because I was kind of hurrying. But I’m going to post this anyway.

No warnings


©2012 Jet Mykles, all rights reserved

Eriyk grinned when he saw the caller ID on his cell phone. He punched it on and raised it to his ear. “Hey you.”

“So where are you taking me?”

A bubble of joy in his chest burst from his lips as a laugh. Lying on his bed across their room, Jassen looked up at Eriyk in question. He’d deal with his brother later. “Wherever you want.”

“Hmph. Better be good. Expensive. You can afford it.”

“That I can. Steak? Seafood?”

“There’s a new seafood place in Riverside. Romy’s or something. We might be able to get in there.”

“Should I look it up?”

“I’ll do it. 7:00 good?”

Eriyk glanced at the spaceship clock between the room’s two windows. Damn, we need to redecorate. It was 1:00 now. “That’s perfect.”

“You’re driving.”

“Of course.”

“I think it’s semi-casual dress. I’ll text you the info.”

“Okay. I can’t wait.”

“Hmm.” Then a warm chuckle. “Neither can I. See you then.” Continue reading Love in Appy Valley 3

Love in Appy Valley 4

This entry is part 4 of 4 in the series Appy Valley

OK, here, finally, is the sex.

This isn’t edited, it’s straight from my draft. So there may be errors and I am solely to blame for them. Hopefully, there aren’t so many as to intrude on the story.



©2012 Jet Mykles, all rights reserved

It rained. Hard. Eriyk and Dakota huddled in Eriyk’s little sportscar and hoped the torrent didn’t rip open the fabric top. When they got to the restaurant, it was to find a crowd in the waiting area. They just heard the last of the hostess telling the crowd that a leak in one of the dining rooms meant that some reservations were going to have to be postponed.

“Well, shit.” Dakota stood beside Eriyk, listening although he couldn’t see the hostess over the people in front of him. He smoothed wet fringe from his face and looked up at Eriyk. “You want to bail?”

God, he looks good. Even soaking wet — maybe especially soaking wet — Dakota was a beacon of warmth, the chestnut and black of the hair plastered to his head resembling a banked fire. Heart sinking, Eriyk shrugged. “It’s up to you.”

Dakota glanced out the open doors at the sheet of water pounding the pavement. He huddled a little in his raincoat. The freak late-spring storm wasn’t especially cold, but it was ferocious. “Eh, it’s not worth it. Let’s find someplace else.”

“You sure? I’m supposed to wine and dine you here.”

Dakota grinned as he led the through the people who’d come in behind them. “There’s wine and food in other places and this one’s too crowded. Let’s get out of here.”

The short trek back to the car re-drenched them since neither of them had deigned to bring an umbrella. Eriyk had only grabbed a coat at the last minute to protect his silk shirt and at least part of his dress slacks. He was pretty sure it was the same for Dakota. Late-spring storms weren’t uncommon in Appaloosa Valley but he still hadn’t expected it. He started the car and turned on the engine to heat up. Rain pounded on the canvas top of his convertible. “Where to?”

Dakota stared at him from the passenger seat. “Gotta do something first.”


Without another word, Dakota reached over to hook a hand around the back of Eriyk’s neck. He pulled, Eriyk leaned and their lips met somewhere over the stickshift. Eriyk moaned, opening his lips in response to Dakota’s probe and they played tongue-wrestle for who knew how many minutes. They hadn’t kissed when Eriyk picked Dakota up and they’d mostly laughed about the weather on the way over. Eriyk’s heart soared that it was Dakota who’d taken the initiative. Continue reading Love in Appy Valley 4