Kiss Him – Part 1

This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series Kiss Him

I meant this to be a cute little short. I didn’t mean for it to have two parts. But in a completely non-surprising move, my characters disagreed with me.

Haven’t written part 2 yet but I think I know what it is. So maybe next week?

No sex. Yet.

And no one’s read this except me so any editing or inconsistency errors are all mine.


“Kiss him!”

Brady jumped out of his skin at the outburst. Shocked, he sat back in his chair and turned around. Two overly excited co-eds were leaning on the edge of the heavy table, watching him and Chris with hungry eyes and anxiously parted lips. Around them, individuals at other tables looked up from their textbooks and hissed but neither of his classmates seemed to notice.


Scattering open textbooks and lined papers covered in notes, Tina practically lay on the table as she reached for his hand to squeeze it. “Please!” she implored, making heavy with the puppy dog eyes. Behind her, Zenobia folded her hands up under her chin and grinned at him.

Confused, he looked from her to the friend who sat at his side. “What’s she talking about?”

Chris was looking at the girls with a big, amused grin. “I think they thought you were going to kiss me.” Continue reading Kiss Him – Part 1

Kiss Him – Part 2

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series Kiss Him

NOT WORKSAFE. Gay sex ahead.

Yes, I realize that Brady settles into this way too easily. I get that something like this requires a lot more thought. But this is my short little fluffy story and I say that Brady doesn’t have a lot of hang-ups 🙂

Again, no betas on this one so any errors you see are all mine. In fact, as of this moment, I’ve only re-read it once. My haste is due to the fact that I’ve got another project to get on with and I can’t have this hanging over my head. So, please enjoy and please excuse any little bits that are off.


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To say Brady was distracted that night was an understatement. He managed to make himself sit down and open his textbook but he didn’t retain much. Lying in his bed, he couldn’t focus on running dates and names through his head. Instead, he thanked his luck that his roommate had a girlfriend to spend the night with, leaving him alone so he could jerk off in peace. Thinking of Chris.

Weird. Too weird. Panic about what he was thinking kept him from concentrating as he walked to class. Was he gay? Really? Did he really want a guy? He glanced at other guys on his way and none of them did anything for him. But, then again, he’d never really liked any girls on sight either. He’d never asked anyone out until he’d known her for awhile. He liked spending time with friends.

He did his best to push everything aside once he sat down at his desk, but it was pretty much impossible. He did the best he could and completely wrote off whatever grade he got, knowing there’d been no chance. He left the hall then rushed back to the dorm, blowing off the friends who tried to stop him to talk. There was only one person he wanted to see. He took a shower, wanting to feel his best. He wondered if he should bring something with him to see Chris, then laughed at himself when he imagined giving his friend flowers.

In the end, it was just him in shorts and a t-shirt knocking on Chris’s door. Continue reading Kiss Him – Part 2