5 thoughts on “Toys for Good Girls (Reindeer Games)”

  1. Not sure if you’re aware of this but iBooks through Apple iTunes has this book mis-linked this book! I was looking forward to my purchase and got “The Long Con” by Laurie Toland… Absolutely not your work. Sent them an email, but no one seems to be minding the store. Perhaps you might have better luck.

    1. Thanks for letting me know, Elizabeth. I’ve contacted the powers that be at Loose Id and they’re getting it fixed.
      Much appreciated!

  2. Love this book set, adore Tanty, Reindeer Games/Toys for Good Girls are actually my faves of yours, so far!
    I was just wondering if another in this bookverse is in the cards somewhere?

    1. Thanks, Ariel! I think I’ll probably do another story in this ‘verse at some point but with the way things are going I couldn’t say when. If nothing else, Rom deserves a story 🙂

      1. (Was hiding from this site in the hopes that I would forget about it and save some money… no such luck, lol.)

        Yes! Rom needs love!

        Nerdy love? /hopeful

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