Baseball Dad

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Sure, he’d said, I can take Baxter home. No problem.

Jess swallowed, trying not to grip the steering wheel too hard. Beside him, the eight year old chattered on about the baseball game his dad was taking him to the next night, listing all the players he was going to see, their stats as well as his personal opinions about them. Jess listened with half an ear, enough to keep up with the conversation, but not enough to silence his inner panic.

He still remembered the feel of Loren Pointer’s hand when he shook Jess’s the other night to thank him for the offer. Jess and his roommate and another buddy from college coached Baxter’s Little League team. Loren had to work late all that week and had asked if there were any arrangements that could be made, since his ex-wife worked late afternoons. Jess had readily made the offer to provide transportation for one of his best players. See? Perfectly innocent. It had nothing to do with the fact that Jess wanted to fall to his knees whenever he saw Loren and beg to suck his cock. The fact that his ass clenched in longing whenever the man talked did not influence his offer at all. The rumors that Loren was gay — thus the reason for his divorce — didn’t pique Jess’s mostly-in-the-closet curiosity at all.


Hearing the rumor about the sexy single dad of one of his kids last week had thrown his life out of whack. He wasn’t taking summer classes this year, and his part time job at the elementary school didn’t fill enough of his time so he’d decided to coach Little League. It had turned out to be much more fun than he’d suspected. He’d always loved baseball and he liked working with kids. He’d never expected to fall headlong into a huge crush on one of the parents, though. His wet dreams about Loren’s smiling mouth and sultry brown eyes had been bad enough. When he’d heard the rumor that Loren’s sexual preferences might have been the reason for the divorce, his libido had kicked into overdrive. He now couldn’t spend a night without jerking off, thinking of Loren. He fingered himself, wishing like hell that the older man were in his bed, topping him. Jess had never had sex — too scared of coming out — but was pretty sure Loren would be worth it.

“That’s my house.” Baxter pointing snapped Jess back to the present.

He pulled into the drive of the one story tract house that was the same design as the house five doors down from it but mirrored. It was nice to see that Loren had made some effort to make it different with some trees and bushes. Jess knew from his snooping that Loren had bought the place after the divorce, not wanting to be too far away from Baxter’s mother’s place or from Baxter’s school. Jess pulled in behind Loren’s sleek silvery Lexus that in the carport by the side of the house.

The boy barely waited for Jess to brake before ripping off his seatbelt and climbing out. Jess popped the trunk and got out. Bax was their catcher and, therefore, had a lot of gear, plus his school bags. Jess gathered up the big duffel with the sports equipment in it while Bax grabbed the smaller bag and his school backpack.

Just as Jess shut the trunk, the front door opened. He was glad Baxter ran ahead of him to greet his dad. It gave Jess a moment to collect himself. Not at all easy to do when Loren Pointer was beyond delicious. Six foot two if he was an inch with broad shoulders that strained his college t-shirt. Glossy black hair tumbled about his face, untamed from the sleek do he wore when he picked Baxter up straight from school. Jess admired the businessman but he couldn’t get enough of the weekend dad. Worn jeans hugged long legs and even his bare feet were sexy. This may be a man who worked in an office, but he spent plenty of time outdoors. Jess knew from overhearing Baxter that Loren had a woodworking shop in the garage and built and renovated furniture as a hobby.

“Hey, Dad! We won!”

“Awesome.” Loren grinned as he hugged his son and Jess’s heart stopped when the grin raised to include him. He wondered again just how old Loren could be. He might have reached thirty but Jess doubted it.

Loren started down the short front walk, extending his hand to Jess as Baxter ducked into the house. “Thanks for bringing him home, Jess. I really appreciate it.”
Jess handed him the duffel after they shook, needing to occupy his hands while his palm recovered from the man’s touch. “Not a problem. If he needs a ride again, even just from school, let me know. I only live over past Grand.”

“Really? That’s good to know.” One of those twinkling brown eyes winked at him. “I may need to hit you up to babysit sometime.”

Anything you want, handsome, Jess thought. He ducked his head to hide his thoughts. “Anytime.”

“Pizza!” Baxter cried from inside. “Awesome!”

Loren chuckled, easily hefting the equipment bag on one meaty shoulder. “I guess he’s found dinner. Hey, you want to come in and have some? I’ve got plenty.”

“I wouldn’t want to impose.”

“Consider it repayment for bringing him home.” Loren made so bold as to grab his forearm to propel him up the walk. “Come on in. I hope you like sausage.”

The image of sucking Loren’s sausage kept Jess from saying anything as Loren ushered him into an unkempt but not unclean living room. It was rather apparant that this was a bachelor pad with a kid’s influence. Toys for both junior and senior occupied the main room, from a nerf basketball hoop affixed over the bay window to the controllers for no less than three game systems scattered on the coffee table. They found Baxter in the kitchen, stuffing a dripping slice of pizza into his mouth right over the open box.

“Hey!” Loren scolded, snatching up a paper plate from the counter. “We’ve got a guest.”

“Wha’?” Baxter swallowed. “It’s only Jess.”

Loren shoved the plate at his son while moving him from the box. “Here. At least pretend you’ve got some manners.”

Baxter’s eyes lit up. “You staying, Jess?”

“I offered him some pizza, yeah.” He handed a plate to Jess, still talking to his son. “Did you wash your hands?”

The look on Baxter’s face said no.

“Yeah, right. Put that down and go get at least a layer of dust off you.” He shook his head, grumbling as the boy scampered off. “Gotta do some mothering, right?” he grumbled good-naturedly in Jess’s general direction. He pointed to the two large pizza boxes open on the otherwise spotless counter. The spicy hot aroma of pepperoni, sausage and cheese filled the air, smells Jess recognized well from a local pizzeria. “Help yourself.”

Jess chuckled, holding up his hands. “Maybe I should wash up too.” When Loren looked surprised, Jess laughed. “My mother taught me to be a good boy.”

What did that look mean? For a second, Jess felt like a rabbit in a wolf’s stare. Then it was gone when Loren laughed. “Kitchen sink works.”

A little nervous, Jess circled around the taller man and managed not to gasp at the electricty that shot through his arm when it brushed Loren’s. He was here, alone with Loren in Loren’s own kitchen. If there wasn’t an impressionable boy due back in the room any moment, Jess wasn’t sure he could have avoided accosting the man.

As it was, he managed to have a pleasant time with Baxter and his father and he didn’t think his crush on the latter showed too much. They ate in the room with the television with tonight’s baseball pre-game murmuring in the background. Baxter, a total baseball nut, risked getting pizza on his prized baseball card collection by bringing it out to show to Jess. Who was suitably impressed. When he remarked on some of the valuable cards, Loren admitted they’d been his as a kid. Jess was jealous. His own dad was okay but he’d never been much of a baseball nut. Not like Loren.

They finished eating about the time the game started. Jess demurred from staying. He wanted to — oh how he wanted to! — but he didn’t think his control would last much longer. Loren sat right next to him on the couch and the pizza and conversation were not distraction enough for Jess’s lascivious thoughts. “I’ve got homework to do,” he said in response to Baxter’s whine.

“That’s it.” Loren stood, stretching. “Quit bugging him, Bax. You know how important homework is.”

Jess missed Baxter’s grumbled response, too busy trying to reset the synapses in his brain that had fired on seeing the strip of skin underneath Loren’s t-shirt when he stretched. Darkly tanned with a strip of jet black hair disappearing into his jeans. Have mercy.

He took his and Baxter’s paper plates into the kitchen, following Loren. On instruction, he tossed the trash into a waiting plastic can in the corner by the side door.
He startled when he turned around, finding Loren directly behind him, a serious look in those dark eyes.

“Sorry. Didn’t mean to scare you.” He glanced over his shoulder, giving Jess a gorgeous view of his slightly stubbled jaw and neck before he turned back. “I just…” He ran a hand through his hair and kept his voice low. “I wanted to think you, for looking out for Bax?”

“Hey, it’s no problem.” He kept his voice as low as Loren’s. “He’s a great kid.”

Loren nodded, looking unhappy. “He is. He doesn’t deserve…” He sighed, backing up a step. Arms crossed, he leaned his trim little butt against the closest kitchen counter. “I’m sure you’ve heard the rumors about me by now.”

Jess leaned back into the pantry door, needing its support. He dropped his gaze to the tips of his ragged Nikes. “Yeah.”

“I don’t know how it got out. I tried to keep it quiet. I didn’t want Baxter to have to go through this crap.”

I tried to keep it quiet, which meant it was probably true. Jess’s heart leaped. “Has it been bad?”

“Not that I’ve heard, thank God.” His eyes were on the door to the kitchen. There was no way Bax could hear them over the blare of the game since he’d turned up the sound. “I’ve been watching him and he seems okay.”

“So he… knows?”

“He knows. He says he’s okay. But… Well, would you tell me if something goes wrong with the team?”

Loren’s parental concern should not be such a turn on, but it was. Jess worked with kids, had always enjoyed kids himself, so seeing a man so concerned with his son just got to him. He cleared his throat and yanked at the long tails of his game jersey, thankful they’d cover the rising bulge in his pants. “Sure thing. But I don’t think you have to worry. I don’t think any of the kids really care.”

“Yeah, but the parents might.”

Jess grimaced. Here’s your chance! His heart thudded loudly in his ears and he hoped to God that his voice remained casual. “I know what you mean.” He managed to raise his gaze to Loren’s shoulder, able to see that gorgeous face through peripheral vision. “That’s why I’ve kept my own preferences secret.”

Time stopped. He was positive he could see the dust motes in the air between them. Loren’s jaw dropped just a little, his eyes wide. Jess held his breath.

Loren’s voice was a mere hush. “You?”

Jess nodded, staring at the frayed collar of Loren’s t-shirt. He tried a smile, thought it might have succeeded. “Don’t tell anyone, ‘k?”

“Of course not. How long have you…? How have you kept it a secret?”


“Sorry, not my business. You don’t have to answer that.” He pushed from the counter, prepared to step away.

“No.” Jess grabbed his arm. He made himself meet Loren’s gaze. “It’s okay. I…” All thought left him in a rush. He stood and felt completely naked to those understanding eyes. His attention dropped to Loren’s slightly parted lips. “I…”

Loren licked his lips and it proved to be an undeniable lure for Jess. He’d pushed into the kiss before rational thought could stop him. His palms found either side of Loren’s strong neck, his fingers brushing soft hair, his thumbs prickly stubble as his mouth opened. He’d only ever kissed a few boys and two girls before, all of the former rushed and all of the latter sweet but not exciting. This was new. this was… one sided.

He started to pull back, then gasped when Loren’s fingers dug into his hair and clutched, tilting his head farther so the slightly taller man could deepen the kiss. Jess whimpered softly as Loren’s tongue dove into his mouth, swift and sure. He dropped the arms that were now barriers between them, wrapping them instead around Loren’s chest to press the older man closer. Yes! This was heaven.

But a very short heaven. Mere heartbeats after he took over the kiss, Loren pulled from it, using Jess’s head to hold him back. Dark eyes gone slumberous under hooded eyelids bore into Jess, searching. “We…”

Jess was staring at his lips, entranced by the gleam of saliva on the soft, dark pink. His fingers dug into Loren’s sides. He wanted more.

Loren groaned softly, leaning forward to kiss Jess once more. Briefly. “We can’t do this with Baxter in the next room,” he breathed.

Baxter. Jess jerked back and dropped his arms. “Right,” he rasped, closing his eyes and nodding his head as best he could with Loren’s fingers still tangled in his hair.

“But” — another yank brought Jess’s attention back to Loren’s face. That sleepy, predatory look was still there. — “we should find a time to talk.”

Eagerly, Jess nodded.

Loren searched his face briefly, then brushed his lips one last time before stepping away.

Jess fell forward a step, his body blindly seeking the other man’s heat.

Loren took a few more steps back, never taking his gaze from Jess. Slowly, he raked Jess up and down, his attention centering on Jess’s crotch longer than anywhere else. He couldn’t see the hard-on but Jess wouldn’t be surprised if his cock was sending distress signals to the older man.

Baxter shrieked from the other room. “Dad! You gotta come see this!”

Loren closed his eyes and took a deep breath, lust visibly draining from his outward appearance.

Jess didn’t think he could work that particular magic. “I should go.”

Loren opened his eyes, calm everywhere except in the eyes that snapped back to meet Jess’s. “Probably should, yeah.”

Jess nodded, dropped his gaze, and side-stepped his way out of the kitchen. “See ya, Bax,” he called as he hurried for the front door.

“You’re really leaving?”

He glanced into the living room. Baxter was leaning over the back of the couch, remote in hand.

He managed a smile. “Yeah. Gotta go. Have a good time at the game.”

Baxter grinned and waved.

Jess waved back, faltering a little when Loren brushed by him to open the front door.

“Thanks for coming by, Jess,” he said, voice almost normal but just a tad low.

God, Jess wanted to kiss him. He was pretty sure Loren wanted to kiss him too. At least, the fire in those eyes seemed to say that. He realized that they hadn’t set up a time to “talk” but those eyes promised him it was soon. He nodded at Loren then slipped by into the crisp spring air.

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