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Nera and the Prince – 1

This entry is part 1 of 7 in the series Nera and the Prince

The following is an experiment. It was posted here the same day that it was written, with no beta readers to proof it. I provide this freebie read mainly because I’m pretty sure that I couldn’t sell this story. It involves non-con, you see. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s rape. Nera does not in any way, shape or form consent to what’s happening to her.

This loosely goes with a series of images that I started a few years ago and have lately been playing with again. They can be seen here.

Fair warning I have no end in mind for this. Really. I’m just kind of writing. There’s no special climax I’m working for nor a set goal I’ve got for “ending” the story. This is just kind of going along. I don’t really know how far I’m going to take this. It could go far or it could stop after a few installments. Might depend on if people like it or not *g*

I hope you like.

WARNING: non-consensual sex in future chapters. Stop now if that squicks you.


Nera stumbled forward and fell to her knees on the smooth, hard tiles of the bathing chamber floor. Frightened, she scrambled to the side, anxious to avoid the man behind her.

He stood just inside the doorway, the thick rough blue silk of his robe settling about his tall frame. He pointed to the sunken bath. “Wash yourself.”

She stared at him, eyes wide. “Please, tell me what…”

He raised a hand, back of the palm to her, poised to deal another blow.

She cringed back against the bench carved into the wall.

“Do not question. Obey and you will be treated well. Disobey and you will not. Do you understand?” Continue reading Nera and the Prince – 1

EXCERPT – Dark Elves III: Salvation

This entry is part 3 of 7 in the series Dark Elves excerpts

This title is in transition.

©2006 Jet Mykles, all rights reserved

Radin hovered back, allowing other men to vie for Irin’s attention. He watched, amused, as they would gain her attention and slowly step into the shield, only to be shoved back when another snagged her fancy. It was a well-known game, and most of those who took the first try knew they weren’t likely to win. But, by showing an interest, they made themselves known to Hyle, who would likely remember and put them on the list of Irin’s lovers. Also, they helped to fan the flames of Irin’s lust, which spread out to affect the audience.

The initial onslaught subsided in good-natured rivalry as the men jostled for attention. Only one fight broke out, and it was minor. Continue reading EXCERPT – Dark Elves III: Salvation

EXCERPT – Leashed: Two For One Deal

This entry is part 1 of 5 in the series Leashed excerpts

This title is no longer available as of June 2018.

©2005 Jet Mykles, all rights reserved

We were all silent with our thoughts. Michael sat up, gaze pointed toward my bookshelf but I doubted my paperback collection was his focus. Rudy sank back in my chair, brimming with expectation. I stayed very still and watched Michael. He was quite obviously the leader of the two and he knew way more about the situation than I could have hoped. I felt pretty confident that, with him on my side, I could stave off Roland.

Of course, with him at my side, I’d love to do a bunch of other things. Afternoon sunlight streamed through the sheers on the window behind the couch, touching off mahogany highlights in his hair. It my have been fancy, but I’m pretty sure that I could see the ghost of the rosettes that would decorate his hide when he changed to a jaguar. Continue reading EXCERPT – Leashed: Two For One Deal

EXCERPT – Dark Elves II: Mastered

This entry is part 2 of 7 in the series Dark Elves excerpts

This title is in transition.

©2005 Jet Mykles, all rights reserved

Suzana ran. Shadowy branches reached out to grab her and rocks burst forth from the ground to trip her. She fell often, but picked herself up and continued.

Stupid! She railed at herself, even as she continued. She had only the scant clothes on her back, no food and no survival skills. She did not have the key to the belt around her waist. Nor was her body fit for such exercise. She fully expected a huge, wild animal to come crashing down on her at any moment and end her life. Continue reading EXCERPT – Dark Elves II: Mastered

EXCERPT – Dark Elves I: Taken

This entry is part 1 of 7 in the series Dark Elves excerpts

This title is in transition.

©2005 Jet Mykles, all rights reserved

“It’s warm,” Gala realized.

Diana took a moment to judge, idly rubbing a hand against her chest. “It’s got to be the trees,” she stated. “No breeze.”

Gala nodded, but continued to look about. Why was she flushed? Of a sudden, her tunic was either far too tight or her breasts had swelled. The saddle between her legs grew increasingly uncomfortable as she realized she felt … aroused? Continue reading EXCERPT – Dark Elves I: Taken

Rain and Sand

©2002 Jet Mykles

While on vacation, Tina sees an opportunity that’s just too good to pass up. What would you do if you saw a hunk standing all alone out in the tropical rain?


She watched him from the door of the coffee shop. He leaned carelessly against the pier rail overlooking the beach, seemingly unconcerned that Mother Nature was unleashing a torrent of rain on his head.

Not that the rain mattered much in the humidity. That was one of the wonderful things about being in the tropics. You could stand out in the rain wearing nothing but a white tank top, trunks and sandals.

She cocked her head to the side as she continued to sip her coffee. At least she thought the shirt was white. It was hard to tell as it was currently plastered as a translucent second skin on rock-hard tan skin. Continue reading Rain and Sand

His Boss

©2002 Jet Mykles

Paul can’t believe it when his gorgeous female boss tells him that she’s leaving the company. Nor can he believe what she wants to do before she goes!


He walked to her office, hardly knowing what to expect. What had he done now? His clients were happy. He didn’t know of any complaints. He thought he got along well with everyone else. What could she possibly want to speak to him alone about?

Truth be known, Paul was scared of his boss. She was one of those incredibly well-put-together ladies, inside and out. Elegant and refined as well as incredibly voluptuous, she wore expensive tailored suits over curves to make Venus envious. There wasn’t a man in the office who didn’t watch her pass the walkway through the cubicles and he suspected more than one had vivid fantasies about what could be done with her within the thick, solid walls of her corner office.

God knows he did! His particular favorite involved her bent over her desk, papers sprawled everywhere, while he rammed her from behind. Continue reading His Boss

Feline Encounter

©2001 Jet Mykles

Our heroine is not too sure that the resident tom cat isn’t her sexy new neighbor.

The tom cat nuzzled my neck, tickling the soft indent right under my ear as his paws gently kneaded the top of my breast. Never too much, he’d only hurt me a few times in the past before he’d learned what I’d allow. What, to my shame, gave me a distinct thrill. Was this wrong? I’d never done anything truly disgusting like seeing if the amorous tom would go down on me. Never more than the slight kneading and an occasional lick at the top of my bathing suit. It couldn’t be wrong, but I felt the guilt anyway.

It was his purr, caressing the artery which supplied life to my brain. He put vibrations in that blood, heating up my mind directly at the sex center, which of course, links directly with my nipples and the over-sensitive knob between my legs. Continue reading Feline Encounter

The Sun God

©2001 Jet Mykles

Ever wonder what the gods do to pass the time on a rainy day?


It wasn’t every day a staircase of clouds appeared before you.

Donna stopped mid-stride and stared, positive the image would dissolve just as it had appeared. After a moment, when it didn’t, she approached to investigate. Continue reading The Sun God

No Names

©1996 Jet Mykles

Pairing: m/f


A casual encounter via an elevator.


Just watching him move, you can tell he’s an incredible lay. Those hips. Couldn’t they just pound into your groin until you couldn’t walk for days? Thighs, powerful and muscular, able to put some power behind those thrusts. And they have to be strong, because they’re carrying a heavy load in front. Jeans are a marvelous invention. You can see it all.

I followed him just to watch his butt, wondering what it’d be like to fill my hands with each cheek and pull him inside. My cunt goes juicy just fantasizing that his dick is hard and inside me, those hips and thighs behind it, driving, pounding, ripping me apart.

Yum! Continue reading No Names