EXCERPT – Leashed: Two For One Deal

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This title is no longer available as of June 2018.

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We were all silent with our thoughts. Michael sat up, gaze pointed toward my bookshelf but I doubted my paperback collection was his focus. Rudy sank back in my chair, brimming with expectation. I stayed very still and watched Michael. He was quite obviously the leader of the two and he knew way more about the situation than I could have hoped. I felt pretty confident that, with him on my side, I could stave off Roland.

Of course, with him at my side, I’d love to do a bunch of other things. Afternoon sunlight streamed through the sheers on the window behind the couch, touching off mahogany highlights in his hair. It my have been fancy, but I’m pretty sure that I could see the ghost of the rosettes that would decorate his hide when he changed to a jaguar.

Jaguar. Sleek, silent, deadly. Top of the food chain in the rainforests of South America, if I remembered my high school studies correctly. Studying his profile, I could almost see the beast in the rounded tip of his nose and the curve of his jaw. Certainly those striking eyes were the mark of a beast. My heart stuttered as I drank in the line of his neck, watched the thumping of his pulse. Dropping my gaze down to the wide expanse of his chest and the bunching of the muscles of his arms, I wondered what those muscles felt like. I wanted to squeeze them, to see if they were as hard as they looked.

Dropping my gaze to my lap, I indulged myself with a fantasy, imagining him in his other form. Was he a yellow jaguar, or black? Was he as thick and muscular in the other form? He would have the same green eyes, the one thing about a shifter that didn’t change even if the pupil shape altered. Would his fur be soft and smooth or glossy and thick? And what about Rudy? Tall and lanky, I’d bet he was one of those slim wolves All compact power ready to be released like a spring lock. Was his pelt the same sunny brown as his hair? I’d actually touched wolves before, shifters even. I’d felt the coarse outer layer of fur and burrowed my fingers in to discover the soft, down hair beneath.

They were mine! Unbelievable! Two dangerous predators, made even more so by human intellect, and they were there to protect me. It was a heady feeling. A rush of power. Not to mention the fact that either one of them could give me masturbation material for weeks on end, just wondering what it would be like to…

“Stop that,” Michael growled.

I snapped open my eyes, not having realized I’d closed them. ”Stop what?”

“You’re playing with my leash.” He glanced at Rudy. “With both of our leashes.”

I glanced at Rudy to see him sprawled back on my comfy chair, a hot grin on his lips and his eyes at half mast. Glancing down—I couldn’t help it—I saw a discernable bulge in his jeans.

Blushing, I focused on my hands in my lap. “Sorry. I didn’t know you could feel it too.”

“You really didn’t know?”

I glared at Michael. “I’ve never leashed anyone before.”

“But you’ve been around those who have.”

“And I think I told you that I’m a horrible student. I never thought that I’d cast the spell so I never really paid much attention.”

“Why wouldn’t you cast it?”

“I don’t like the idea of owning anyone.” I tried to convey the truth with my eyes, willing him to believe me. “I really wouldn’t have called you if I wasn’t desperate for help.”

Like the burgeoning dawn, a smile grew on his face, and it was devastating to my poor little heart. I think my breasts actually swelled and I know something inside my belly burst and leaked out between my thighs. He startled me by switching from the coffee table to the couch beside me. I couldn’t help the small cry that escaped my lips as I shrank back from him. He faced me, one knee folded before him and the other bent over the side. He leaned in, sliding his arm over the back of the couch to take a lock of my hair between his fingers. “What you were doing felt like a caress. Like you were running your hands through my fur, but more.” His voice had gone all low and husky and his eyes hooded even further. The combination did terrible things to my heart rate. “What did you feel?”

“It doesn’t matter. I’m sorry. I won’t do it again.”

I jumped, yelping slightly, when Rudy bounded from the chair and dropped to his knees before me. Boldly, he pressed his belly to my knees, leaning into me like a dog might. “Don’t say that. I liked it.” He batted his eyes ridiculously at me. “Do it again.” I giggled. Couldn’t help but laugh at the puppy at my feet. I sank my fingers into the waves at his temple and he leaned into the caress, closing his eyes and smiling. I gave in to the temptation to scratch and he hummed happily, letting his tongue loll a little to the side, I think to make me giggle. Which I did. When my giggle subsided, he opened his eyes. They’d gone all half-lidded and slumberous. His hands slid up the outside of my thighs. “Do it again.”

I took a deep breath. The cute wolf was fanning the flames that the sexy cat had started somewhere in my womb. I knew that shifters could smell sexual arousal, and mine was going to soak my couch soon if I didn’t stop this. I gently straightened the hair I’d mussed around his ear. “Listen, maybe you should go back to sit in your chair.”

“Awww.” Instead, he sank down in my lap, chest on my thighs, nose practically in my belly button. Abruptly, he switched his grip on my thighs so he could pull them apart. He inhaled deeply. “You don’t really want me way over there, do you?” I pushed his shoulders to stop him from pressing in between my legs. Didn’t work. “C’mon, Rudy. Time to stop.”

“Don’t wanna,” he muttered into my navel. My t-shirt didn’t seem to be a barrier for his nuzzling. I grabbed his hair with both hands to stop him from getting to my breasts.

He opened his eyes to meet my gaze. Big blue eyes touched off something deep in my chest. “I don’t know you,” I told him sternly.

“Don’t you?” I glanced at Michael, who was watching us with … interest? Was that what I saw in that hooded gaze? “You called to us.”

“I didn’t call to you directly. I called to…” I trailed off, at a loss to explain it.

“To something within us that attracts us to you.”


Michael smiled. So unfair! A girl couldn’t possibly defend herself from that.

To prove the point, Rudy somehow managed to escape my hold on his hair and his hot, wet mouth closed over my nipple. I gasped. Did I even have a t-shirt and bra on?

“Wait…” I breathed, but Rudy wasn’t listening. His arms circled my waist to pull me closer, his teeth and tongue busy making my nipple love him.

I should use the leash. I should stop this. I remember thinking that very clearly. I still wasn’t even sure if Rudy was legal! I think I even started to gather the magic. But then Michael slid between me and the back of the couch. And where had his t-shirt gone?!

Never had I had the pleasure of being sandwiched between two gorgeous male bodies. Never had I melted into a puddle of goo while one feasted on my breast and the other reached inside my shirt to undo my bra. Nearly perfectly synchronized, Michael drew my shirt and bra up to my chin and Rudy left then returned to my nipple, still humming.

“OK, guys, stop,” I moaned, my tone mismatched with my words. “You don’t have to do this.”

“Oh yes we do,” Michael murmured. He nudged my head to the side with his nose and drew back my hair, exposing my neck for a long, wet slide of his tongue. “That’s what good little pets do.”

I squirmed, hating his word choice. “I don’t… You’re not pets.”

Rudy actually whined. “Please,” he spoke against my breast. “I want to be your pet.”

I stared at him, then gasped when Michael bit my neck. “It’s part of the leashing.”

His hands slid up to fondle my breasts as Rudy leaned back to concentrate on removing my jeans.

“No, it’s not,” I protested, fighting feebly. Rudy batted my hands aside.

“But it is,” Michael purred. Literally purred. I’d heard that big cats don’t actually purr. Whether or not that’s true, shapeshifters do purr. His chest beneath my back actually vibrated. It was a yummy feeling, like a hard, sexy buzzy mat. “Your pain is our pain. Your pleasure is our pleasure.”


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