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His Boss

©2002 Jet Mykles

Paul can’t believe it when his gorgeous female boss tells him that she’s leaving the company. Nor can he believe what she wants to do before she goes!


He walked to her office, hardly knowing what to expect. What had he done now? His clients were happy. He didn’t know of any complaints. He thought he got along well with everyone else. What could she possibly want to speak to him alone about?

Truth be known, Paul was scared of his boss. She was one of those incredibly well-put-together ladies, inside and out. Elegant and refined as well as incredibly voluptuous, she wore expensive tailored suits over curves to make Venus envious. There wasn’t a man in the office who didn’t watch her pass the walkway through the cubicles and he suspected more than one had vivid fantasies about what could be done with her within the thick, solid walls of her corner office.

God knows he did! His particular favorite involved her bent over her desk, papers sprawled everywhere, while he rammed her from behind. Continue reading His Boss