EXCERPT – Dark Elves III: Salvation

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Radin hovered back, allowing other men to vie for Irin’s attention. He watched, amused, as they would gain her attention and slowly step into the shield, only to be shoved back when another snagged her fancy. It was a well-known game, and most of those who took the first try knew they weren’t likely to win. But, by showing an interest, they made themselves known to Hyle, who would likely remember and put them on the list of Irin’s lovers. Also, they helped to fan the flames of Irin’s lust, which spread out to affect the audience.

The initial onslaught subsided in good-natured rivalry as the men jostled for attention. Only one fight broke out, and it was minor.

Gradually, the more serious contenders stepped in. These were older men in their prime, far more intent on actually accomplishing the goal of the virgin. Radin watched these carefully. These men were more vocal and far more seductive, calling to Irin and murmuring dark promises. Radin had to smile at the becoming blushes that heated Irin’s round cheeks. Likely she’d heard it all before, but never aimed at her.

Still Radin waited, watching closely. He could feel her growing arousal. The virgin spell let everyone in the vicinity feel it. Behind Radin on the viewing platforms, already dozens of couples — and more — were engaged with each other, no longer interested in the outcome of the virgin contest.

Three men remained. Each one of them had succeeded in getting her attention enough that, at different times, they’d stood on the platform.

Radin stepped forward. He was off to her left, so she didn’t immediately see him. She lay mostly on her back within the pillows, eyes fixed on Khavya as he stepped carefully onto the platform, murmuring sweetly. The man’s hands slid over his chest, drawing her gaze to his tight-fitting trousers.

With a casual gesture, Radin reached up and released his hair from its tie, making sure to let it fly. By shaking it out, he caught her attention. Khavya cursed and stumbled as the shri pushed him back to the border.

Irin’s big blue eyes fastened on Radin’s smiling face. Her pupils were wide, and her breath came in short pants. He wondered if she realized that her hips were squirming. Her hands pressed a little too hard in her lap. The scent of her was intoxicating.

He let his hair fall forward to obscure most of the left side of his face, peering at her through the long white fall he knew she adored. “Hello, kitten.”


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