The Sun God

©2001 Jet Mykles

Ever wonder what the gods do to pass the time on a rainy day?


It wasn’t every day a staircase of clouds appeared before you.

Donna stopped mid-stride and stared, positive the image would dissolve just as it had appeared. After a moment, when it didn’t, she approached to investigate.

It was a balmy, Southern summer day. The sky was thickly grey, threatening rain and the temperature was well into the nineties. Donna scrubbed at her sweaty neck, glad she’d worn the midriff tie-top and cut-off shorts for her walk.

Yup, they were stairs. About four feet wide, two deep and maybe a foot and a half high, every bit made of swirly clouds. Donna wasn’t quite sure why they looked solid, being made of a widely-known unsolid substance, but they did. She thought for a moment they might be a reflection of the clouds overhead, but no. The big clouds overhead were gray and ominous. These were little swirly white puffballs. Cute, really.

Donna looked up the staircase, astonished to see step after step rise into the sky. The first few were very clear, but they faded into near nothingness the higher they got. Way up high, they faded into the clouds above.

Curiosity got the better of her. She stepped gingerly onto the first step, shocked to find it quite stable. It felt almost like a normal stair, except it had a springy quality. Like stepping onto thick grass or onto an air mattress. She balanced her full weight on that foot, then tried the next step. Then the next. She laughed delightedly to find herself suspended on a cloudy stair about four feet off the ground! How wonderful!

One of the clouds above spat a gust of rain at her and she looked up, wondering if it was time to head back to Uncle Clint’s house.

A man lay… no, lounged at the top of the staircase, high above. He was little more than a distant figure, but she knew he was a man. He…glowed, was the word. A slight golden glow. Wisps of clouds twined about him.

He was naked.

She couldn’t make out details this far away, but she knew this was an incredible-looking man, in nude, golden splendor, atop a staircase of water vapor.

This was too much!

He stared even as she did, she knew he did. Confirmed when he raised a muscled arm to beckon.

Donna was up five more stairs before she quite realized what she was doing. Briefly, she glanced down at the ground, now about twelve feet below. This was silly! She should just go back down, return to Uncle Clint’s ranch house and take a nap because she was obviously off her rocker.

She returned her gaze to the ray of light which was the man. The gorgeous man.

OK, so if she was off her rocker, she should at least go whole hog! Emboldened by the unreality, Donna began to climb.

His eyes never left her as she climbed higher and she focused on him to ignore the ground rapidly falling away beneath her feet. She could make out his tan now, an almost real golden brown if it didn’t have that glow to it. His hair was pure sunlight, wafting in gorgeous light curves past his shoulder to about nipple-level. He lay propped on one elbow, mostly on his side. One leg was folded up, the other laying flat.

Gold. Gold glinted off the cuffs he wore on his wrists. Gold glinted off what must be a headband holding back his luxurious hair. A band of gold lay at the base of his neck, encircling it and partly covering the tops of his massive shoulders.

He waited.

Now she could make out the musculature, finely honed. She could begin to make out his face. She’d been right. He was gorgeous, beautiful more like a woman was beautiful than a man was handsome. Luscious lips were curved in an amused smile as she continued to approach. Clear, crystal blue eyes sparkled beneath brows of luminous yellow-white.

And now she could make out his penis, erect and proud as it lay on his thigh. It was as golden as the rest of him, but with a pinkish underglow. It pulsed, ever so slightly, and she imagined that would be his heart’s rhythm. It twitched as she watched.

She stopped.

What was she doing?

Seeing that she would come no further on her own, he stood, one, flud motion that made her catch her breath. She was perhaps ten steps below him now, able to see his full naked glory.

She’d never seen a man so captivating!

Of course, she’d never met a man who could lie in the clouds either.

The wind caressed her, its coolness welcome against the heat, even up this high. Somehow, as she stood on this staircase, the wind which beat a frenzy at the trees below, only touched her lightly, enough to lift her curly brown hair from her shoulders, enough to blow some in her face so that she had to reach up to secure it behind an ear.

One foot on the final stair, the other on the roiling grey of the cloud beyond, he held out his hand to her. He chuckled when she still hesitated. “You’ve come this far,” he pointed out gently, his voice that of a harp if it could enunciate.

“I…” involuntarily, she looked down.

The ground was so far away! The trees were tiny. Things seemed about as big as her nephew’s model train set.

She cried out, swaying.

Massive arms caught her in a firm embrace. She gasped at the feel of him, losing her vertigo instantly. He was warm summer heat to chilled skin. He was the breath of grass on the breeze. A balm. A hot summer night.

Her hands flew to his shoulders, small by comparison. Her breasts pressed just under his pectorals. The gleaming gold band about his throat was at eye level to her.

“Don’t look down,” he advised softly, one large hand reaching up to gently tuck her hair back behind her ear.

She nodded slowly, again mesmerized by him.

In one sweep, he reached down to haul her into his arms. Her heart began to pound as this golden giant carried her the last few steps onto his bed of water vapor.

Up here, she could see more of the sky than below. Not many clouds flew above them, so she saw the golden red sunset at its very beginning, the sun perhaps an hour away from it’s nightly departure.

It wasn’t cold. It was barely cool, up there in the clouds. The golden man knelt to lay her gently to sit on the top of the cloud which, like the stairs, felt the consistency of an air mattress, albeit a slightly damp one.

“Where am I?” she heard herself ask as she looked about in wonder.

“In the clouds.”

She gasped. His voice had been a murmur at her ear, his breath caressing the sensitive curve.

She opened her mouth with nothing to say. What could she say? It was so peaceful. The clouds. Water vapor misted about her, ever moving. Somewhere beneath, she felt a deep rumble as this thundercloud bespoke its authority over the sky.

Warm arms encircled her from behind. Fingers toyed with the knot of her shirt between her small breasts. She watched, wondering if she should protest, but then the lips caressed the back of her neck. Her protest melted into a sigh. The touch of his tongue to her sweaty skin poured warm, liquid gold directly into her veins, heating her bloodstream. The cool air was welcome on her breasts as he freed her of the tiny shirt. The fingers that rolled her nipples between them were firm.

“Don’t be afraid,” he coaxed just as she was wondering if she should track where her shirt had been tossed. One hand palmed her right breast, pulling her until her back was pressed to his chest. His cock slid up against her spine, the hotest flesh about him.

The free hand traced light patterns down her belly to the waistband of her cut-offs. He deftly unbuttoned them and slid long, golden-glowing fingers into them. She watched them disappear, then felt the fingers probe into her curls, into her wetness.

“Who are you?” she sighed, easing down from her initial jump when his fingers found her clit and began to rub.

“Who do you want me to be?”

Through half-lidded eyes, she focused on the glaring red ball that sank farther to the horizon.

“The Sun God?”

He chuckled against her shoulder. “I am that.” She couldn’t decide if he was confirming, declaring or deciding.


She groaned as he delved deeper, two fingers now thrust deep within her channel, finding that spot just within. She allowed her head to loll back against his chest, not caring anymore who he was.

Gently, he let her slide to her back on the surface of the cloud, fingers still deep within her. He used his free hand to tug her shorts down and off her. Positioned already between her legs, it was a simple matter for him to lean in.

“AH!” she cried, arching back as his tongue found that little button of pleasure which could force her body to writhe. Her fingers reached down and entwined in the yellow-white silk of his hair. His mouth was the same temperature as his cock, hot. He burned into her, her wetness all that seemed to keep her from catching fire. His tongue lapped at her in long, languorous strokes, circling each time as it ended at her clit. His fingers twisted within her, she thought the number was now three.

She spread her legs wider, groaning with abandon, as her golden lover devoured her. She glanced down and saw the angry red ball of the sun was directly behind him, a red-orange corona about his light gold head.

His mouth latched onto her, sending her head spinning as the climax approached. His teeth captured her bud and his tongue relentlessly flicked it as his fingers drove into her harder.

The cloud rumbled in time to her orgasm, a clap of thunder drowning out her cry of release. Lightning split across the sky above her.

Relentless, her golden lover did not let up. He released her clit and abandoned her pussy with his fingers, only to repleace fingers with tongue. Cupping her buttocks with his palms, he actually lifted her hips up to his mouth, drinking from it as he would a bowl. She shuddered, moaning as another climax chased the first. He shook his head rapidly and she shot off to the tune of another thunderclap and streak of lightning.

Again, and again, changing position slightly each time, her golden lover took her to climax. She had thought her blood was molten gold before, now she knew it was liquid fire as she continuously cried out in release after release.

It took her long moments to realize he’d stopped. He was braced above her, staring down with a gentle smile as her body continued to convulse even without his touch. The breath of wind ruffling through her pubic hair was sending her off!

At last she calmed enough to look up at him, to meet the steady gaze of those blue, blue eyes. He glowed even more golden now as the day was fading. He waited until her body was still, so long that she wondered if something was wrong.

Then he swooped. That long, massive, glowing golden cock slammed into her. Her body, still reeling from countless climaxes, proved up to the challenge. She took him inside, her inner walls clenching. At last he groaned as he sank to the hilt, his slim hips thudding into hers. Her arms threw about his torso, her hands splaying over the small of his back and his firm buttocks.

His hips moved. Jabbing. Rotating. Slamming. She groaned, experiencing one, long, rolling orgasm which beat in tune to his thrusts, grew more intense with each slide of his rod within her walls. She clawed at him, glorying the moment, demanding release, milking him for his own peak.

He braced above her, his head and shoulders thrown back. His glorious hair drifted in a corona about his head, the breeze making it a halo, the red-orange sun behind him coloring it bloody. His beautiful face was screwed into a grimace of pleasure as his lower half pounded into her.

She cried again, arching her own back, wrapping her legs about his waist. This time, he joined her in release, his cry upsetting the balance of the cloud beneath her. She felt it loosen, felt the rain fall even as he burst within her.

It was never ending. It was glorious. Donna rode the crest of pleasure even as her body wracked in convulsions, squeezing everything she could out of this sun lover.

And the ran fell.

When Donna came to herself, she was lying on a springy patch of grass. Warm rain fell on her, soaking her to the skin even through her tie shirt and cut-off shorts.

Eyes glazed in disbelief, she sat up, groaning. Her body knew what had happened. She felt the after-effects of lovemaking.

But her lover was nowhere to be seen. The thinning rainclouds above shut out the remaining twilight. The sun was gone.

Donna stared at the remaining orange-pink corona on the horizon. Had that really happened?

Instinctively, her hand raised to her throat. There, encircling her throat at its base, was a thin band of gold, smaller than, but otherwise exactly matching, the one he’d worn.

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  1. That was really something, every time I read something of yours I get more and more impressed by your creativeness. I love everything you write. The ending was great with her getting the neck band matching his, nice touch! The story was really HOT!!!

  2. it could be a book. If I could figure out what the heck he really is. that’s the nice thing about shorts. I don’t have to explain everything 😉

    Thanks, Susan!!

  3. That was awesome!!! I hope that there is a sequel being planned, or somewhere…..but if not thats ok cause this one was really good anyway!!!! 😛

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