Love in Appy Valley 4

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OK, here, finally, is the sex.

This isn’t edited, it’s straight from my draft. So there may be errors and I am solely to blame for them. Hopefully, there aren’t so many as to intrude on the story.



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It rained. Hard. Eriyk and Dakota huddled in Eriyk’s little sportscar and hoped the torrent didn’t rip open the fabric top. When they got to the restaurant, it was to find a crowd in the waiting area. They just heard the last of the hostess telling the crowd that a leak in one of the dining rooms meant that some reservations were going to have to be postponed.

“Well, shit.” Dakota stood beside Eriyk, listening although he couldn’t see the hostess over the people in front of him. He smoothed wet fringe from his face and looked up at Eriyk. “You want to bail?”

God, he looks good. Even soaking wet — maybe especially soaking wet — Dakota was a beacon of warmth, the chestnut and black of the hair plastered to his head resembling a banked fire. Heart sinking, Eriyk shrugged. “It’s up to you.”

Dakota glanced out the open doors at the sheet of water pounding the pavement. He huddled a little in his raincoat. The freak late-spring storm wasn’t especially cold, but it was ferocious. “Eh, it’s not worth it. Let’s find someplace else.”

“You sure? I’m supposed to wine and dine you here.”

Dakota grinned as he led the through the people who’d come in behind them. “There’s wine and food in other places and this one’s too crowded. Let’s get out of here.”

The short trek back to the car re-drenched them since neither of them had deigned to bring an umbrella. Eriyk had only grabbed a coat at the last minute to protect his silk shirt and at least part of his dress slacks. He was pretty sure it was the same for Dakota. Late-spring storms weren’t uncommon in Appaloosa Valley but he still hadn’t expected it. He started the car and turned on the engine to heat up. Rain pounded on the canvas top of his convertible. “Where to?”

Dakota stared at him from the passenger seat. “Gotta do something first.”


Without another word, Dakota reached over to hook a hand around the back of Eriyk’s neck. He pulled, Eriyk leaned and their lips met somewhere over the stickshift. Eriyk moaned, opening his lips in response to Dakota’s probe and they played tongue-wrestle for who knew how many minutes. They hadn’t kissed when Eriyk picked Dakota up and they’d mostly laughed about the weather on the way over. Eriyk’s heart soared that it was Dakota who’d taken the initiative.

Dakota pulled away, marginally, and licked his lips as he opened dark eyes to focus on Eriyk. “How set are you to the date idea?”

He smells so good. Even wet, he smelled like summer warmth. “What did you have in mind?”

“Well… I appreciate your idea of doing this right…” His lips quirked in a grin. “And I can’t really be mad that you want me to be sure.” His fingers kneaded into the back of Eriyk’s neck, his gaze melting things deep in Eriyk’s gut. “But I’d really rather skip the appetizer and get to the main course.” He stared at Eriyk’s lips. “We can do the date later. I promise.”

Fuck, he promises. Eriyk drank in Dakota’s words, understanding him quite clearly. “If you’re sure.”

“I’m sure.” Kiss. Short but effective. “I want you to prove to me that gay sex is awesome.”

A surprised laugh burst from Eriyk’s throat. “Geez, no pressure.”

Another kiss, this with tongue. “I have complete faith in you.”

“Fuck.” He reached up to cup Dakota’s jaw, angling in for another taste of that delectable mouth. “Where do you want to go?”

“There’s a fancy hotel down the street. Bet they’ve got room service.”

“Hot damn, you’re awesome.”

Dakota laughed through one more desperate kiss before Eriyk tore himself away so he could drive the car to their new destination. He was still laughing when they hurried through the hotel’s double doors, dripping wet with no luggage. Barely containing his own laughter, Eriyk braved a brief discussion with a hotel clerk who mostly managed to hide a knowing smile. She didn’t even mention the lack of luggage and made sure that they knew the full kitchen was available 24/7. Eriyk and Dakota kept their hands to themselves only because each backed up against opposite sides of the elevator. They stared at each other across the space, tension like a live wire between them.

They were almost to the 10th floor when something suddenly occurred to Eriyk. His face fell. “Oh shit. We gotta find a drugstore.”

Dakota grinned. “Nah.”

“Uh, yeah. We need…”

Dakota reached into an inner pocket of his overcoat and pulled out a string of shiny gold-wrapped condoms. “These?” He patted the other pocket. “I’ve got lube too.”

“Well.” The elevator dinged and the doors opened. “You certainly thought ahead.”

“Mmmm.” Dakota grabbed the lapel of Eriyk’s coat to bring him close then kissed him fast, hard. “You weren’t getting away from me tonight.”

Eriyk groaned, following after Dakota. “Talk like that will make me your slave.”

Dakota grinned over his shoulder. “Promise?”

Done deal.

Dakota stopped outside their room and waited for Eriyk to slide the keycard and open the door. It was a standard hotel room overlooking the river. The most important part, however, was the king sized bed.

Facing the windows, Eriyk slipped off his coat. Holding it, he turned toward the armoire, intending to hang it up. “You hungry? We could…”

His coat was yanked from his hand and dropped on top of Dakota’s on the room’s one chair. Gonna get wet, Eriyk thought but couldn’t say because the air rushed from his lungs when his back hit the mattress. Dakota had him straddled and pinned in seconds and only then did Eriyk remember that Dakota had won prizes in more than one junior rodeos over the years.

“Food later,” Dakota growled, sliding hands to Eriyk’s chest to attack the buttons of his shirt. “I’ve got something else for you to eat.”

Eriyk laughed, sliding his hands up Dakota’s thighs. “The things you say.”

“Get used to it.”

“With pleasure.”

Dakota got Eriyk’s shirt open then sat up to yank his sweater up and over his head. There was a glimpse of a shirt undernath but it went flying off the bed with the sweater. Aiming a purely wicked grin at Eriyk, Dakota then pushed up higher on his knees and snatched open the button and zipper of his slacks. Eriyk’s mouth watered at the sight of soft grey briefs. Dakota reached in and pulled out an even more mouth watering cock. Just as hard and dark as the rest of his body with an uncut head and a wet little slit.

“Bring that here,” he prompted, patting Dakota’s thighs.

Dakota crawled forward then leaned in to brace his hands on the headboard nailed to the wall. Eriyk wrapped his hand around Dakota’s shaft and pulled back so the head was completely revealed. His first taste of Dakota was salty and warm and purely delicious.

“Oh damn.” So was the groan that poured from Dakota from above. He pushed and Eriyk gladly swallowed more of him down. With his free hand, he reached back and pushed pants and briefs down enough so he could get a handful of firm ass. Carefully, as he teased the head of Dakota’s cock, he edged his fingers between the cheeks of his ass until he could find, and rub, the tight hole there.

“Okay wait.” Suddenly, Eriyk’s mouth was empty and Dakota had pulled back.

Instantly,  Eriyk drew his hands up Dakota’s sides, away from the danger zone. “I’m sorry. If you don’t…”

“No, no, no.” Dakota fell on him, mashing his mouth to Eriyk’s for a demanding kiss. “You did fine. Great. Awesome. But –” Kiss “– we need to be naked.”

Great. Awesome. Eriyk couldn’t have hoped for a better reaction. And he agreed whole-heartedly. He only waited for Dakota to stand before he was up himself and attacking his clothes. He told himself he’d strip Dakota himself next time. There would be a next time.

Dakota fell onto the mattress, not even bothering to pull the covers down.

“Oh God, you’re beautiful,” Eriyk groaned, taking in the sight of all the dark caramel flesh.

Dark eyes did some looking of their own and he felt that gaze all over his skin. “I’m not a girl, you know,” came the growl. “You don’t have to woo me.”

“Oh, but I do.” Eriyk knelt on the bed at Dakota’s feet and casually nudged his legs apart. “I need you to know you’re every inch the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.” He kissed the inside of one of Dakota’s thighs, just above the knee. “Just in case the rest of this isn’t exactly what you expected.”

To his relief, Dakota laughed. “Feeling the pressure, are you?”

Eriyk nuzzled the bend between crotch and one thigh. “Just a little.”

Fingers sifted through his hair. “Make you feel any better to know that I’ve fingered myself?”

Eriyk froze, his nose happily buried in the sparse curlies that protected Dakota’s balls. He rolled his gaze up to see Dakota grinning down at him. “You serious?”


“I love you.”

Dakota threw back his head and laughed.

Eriyk tongued his balls and let him laugh. It’s true. But tonight he’d let it go. His nostrils were full of Dakota’s most intimate of scents and his tongue was coated with his taste. He was happy.

Groaning, Dakota drew one of his knees up and out, creating more room for Eriyk to play. Eriyk made use, bracing a hand underneath Dakota’s thigh to push it even farther, so he could dip his tongue down over Dakota’s taint to find that tight puckered hole again.


“Better than your finger?”

Dakota grabbed his own knee to hold it up. His head was still back but he wasn’t laughing now. “Oh yeah.”

Eriyk played until the hole was good and wet, then he slowly substituted one of his fingers. As he slid inside, took Dakota’s cock back in his mouth.

“Oh, shit.”

Hips started rocking, pushing down on Eriyk’s fingers, then up into his mouth. Groans assured him that Dakota was enjoying so Eriyk pushed in with two fingers. Since Dakota was clutching his hair and still rocking, he figured he was doing okay.

“Lube.” Now Dakota was pulling. “In my coat.”


Dakota’s whole body shook. “Damn it, go get it.”

Eriyk’s lips popped off Dakota’s cock. “No. Gonna make you come.”

“No, I want you to fuck me.”

“Oh, I’m gonna fuck you.” He shoved his fingers in harder, watched the sensation shut Dakota’s protest. “But it’s better if you come first.”

He could tell Dakota didn’t believe him, but there was no further protest when he took that delicious cock back into his mouth. He sucked and pumped and told his own dick to behave while Dakota let loose. It only took a few minutes before his cock erupted and Eriyk did his best to swallow it all down.

“Ah damn.” Dakota sighed, writhing a little on the mattress. “I haven’t come that hard in… forever.”

Proud of himself, Eriyk pulled away, licked Dakota’s hip, then stood.


Squatting on the floor to retrieve the condoms and lube, Eriyk didn’t look up. “Hmm?”

“You ever been fucked? I mean, up the ass?”

Eriyk grinned. “Yeah.”

“You liked it.”

“Not so much the first time. But the second wasn’t so bad.”

“Same guy?”

“Yeah.” He stood. “It was his first time too.”

Dakota had barely moved from his sprawl in the middle of the bed, although the pillows were now loose and skewed under his head and shoulders. “School?”

Eriyk knelt between spread thighs. “Yeah” He tossed lube packets on the mattress with extra condoms then ripped open a plastic packet.

Dakota drew up both knees to either side of Eriyk, watching him work. “That sounds sexy.”

“Wasn’t much.” He rolled on the lubricated latex. “But it was okay for the time.” He reached for a lube packet. “You should roll over.”


“It’s easier.”

Dakota sat up. “Okay.” He hooked a hand around Eriyk’s neck to pull him down for a kiss. “But I want to try it face to face too.”

Eriyk couldn’t help his groan. “Anything you say.”

Dakota chuckled. “I like the sound of that.” He twisted around and pulled up on hands and knees.

Damn. Eriyk grabbed two handfuls of ass and squeezed. Then he leaned in to bite one side, just because it was there. Dakota yelped but didn’t protest. Eriyk pulled him open and drew his tongue up that gorgeous crevice once, twice. Then he made himself stop and use the lube. He needed to make this smooth sailing. He needed Dakota to crave this because he already craved it. His hopes built when Dakota rocked back into the fingers he used to spread the lube.

Then he was leaning in, his cock in one hand aiming. Pressing. Pushing inside. Tight, so tight.

“Oh God.”

At first he thought the words were his own but they were too deep and too far away. Dakota echoed his thoughts exactly.

Eriyk made himself pause. Ask: “You okay.”

“Yeah. You’re bigger’n my fingers though.”

Eriyk chuckled. “Uh, yeah.”

Got a chuckle back. “I’m good.”

Eriyk pulled back a little anyway then pressed forward again. Too good. Geez, he was going to blow before he was even all the way in. But he managed to hold it, managed to rock back and forth slowly, letting Dakota get used to it. He knew he did okay when his hips finally hit Dakota’s butt and Dakota arched his back with a feline growl.


“Oh yeah.”

Slowly he pulled his hips away and Dakota groaned the whole time, his fingers throttling the poor pillow beneath his head. Eriyk took that as a good sign but he still went slow when he pushed back in.

“Oh. Fuck. Yes.”

He kept going, no faster, no slower. In, out, in. Oh, so in. Dakota moved with him, that amazing body in sync with his. Eriyk leaned in until his forehead lay on Dakota’s spine, moderately surprised to realize they were both sweating.



“Can I go faster?”

“Oh, God, yes.”

He did, thanking any deity who’d listen when every indication showed that Dakota was into it. Was enjoying it as much as he could hope, more even.

He lost it. His careful control incinerated in Dakota’s heat. He shoved into Dakota and gripped him hard and barely managed to growl Dakota’s name when the orgasm ripped through him.

Clumsy as he pulled out, he managed to fall on his side next to Dakota, panting. He watched Dakota stretch back on his knees, his back long like a luxuriating cat. Then the man was on his side, facing him, a huge grin on his face.

“That was awesome,” Dakota assured him, reaching up to stroke Eriyk’s cheek with the back of his fingers.

“Yeah?” Eriyk’s heart was like to burst.


They kissed. They snuggled. They spoke words but Eriyk couldn’t keep track of them all since sleep was sneaking up on him fast. But Dakota was with him and that’s what was important. He’d had sex with Dakota and it looked like it’d happen again.

He couldn’t ask for more.

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