Love in Appy Valley 3

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More on my Sims 3 characters. This one isn’t much about the romance, mostly filler for Eriyk’s life. I guess it’s my own indulgence. The four kids mentioned here are the kids of my original couple. I kept personal details minimal because I was kind of hurrying. But I’m going to post this anyway.

No warnings


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Eriyk grinned when he saw the caller ID on his cell phone. He punched it on and raised it to his ear. “Hey you.”

“So where are you taking me?”

A bubble of joy in his chest burst from his lips as a laugh. Lying on his bed across their room, Jassen looked up at Eriyk in question. He’d deal with his brother later. “Wherever you want.”

“Hmph. Better be good. Expensive. You can afford it.”

“That I can. Steak? Seafood?”

“There’s a new seafood place in Riverside. Romy’s or something. We might be able to get in there.”

“Should I look it up?”

“I’ll do it. 7:00 good?”

Eriyk glanced at the spaceship clock between the room’s two windows. Damn, we need to redecorate. It was 1:00 now. “That’s perfect.”

“You’re driving.”

“Of course.”

“I think it’s semi-casual dress. I’ll text you the info.”

“Okay. I can’t wait.”

“Hmm.” Then a warm chuckle. “Neither can I. See you then.”

Eriyk cut the call but kept staring at his phone with a grin. I’m going on a date with Dakota. Dream come true.

“Oh man, who was that?” Jassen sat up on the lower bunk, tossing his comic book aside.

“My date for tonight.”

“Spill! Who? Janet Myers? Gloria Littler?”

Eriyk took a deep breath and tucked his phone back in his pocket. It was time. If he was going to be seen with Dakota publicly, all of his family needed to know.

“Actually, it’s Dakota.”

Jassen stared at him. Then, when realization dawned, his mouth dropped open. “Ho. Lee. Shit. Really?”


“How long you been gay?”

“Always, I think.” He’d gone off to boarding school his freshman year and had managed never to date in the summers when he was home.

“Anyone else know?”

“Mom and Dad. That’s it. Haven’t told Lissa and Lauren yet.”

“How’d Mom and Dad take it?”

“Awesome. Mom wanted to set me up with one of her waiters.”

They shared a laugh. “Huh. I didn’t think Dakota was gay.”

“Until this, he wasn’t.”

Another look of shock. “Uh, he does know this is a date, doesn’t he?”

Eriyk laughed, opening their closet to figure out what to wear tonight. “Yeah, he knows.”

“You’re sure?”

“I’m sure.”

“Good. That’d be quite a surprise for a guy. How did you…? Uh, I mean…”

“You don’t want to know.”

“Yeah. You’re right. I don’t want to know.” Jassen laughed. “But that’s cool. Guy or girl, whatever you want, that’s cool with me. So long’s you’re happy.”

“Thanks. That means a lot.”


“This is so cool!” Lissa bounced on Jassen’s bed, nearly squealing.

Lauren, the calmer of the twins, chuckled. “Geez, you’d think Eriyk was a different guy now.”

“He is. Sorta. Way cooler than I thought.”

Eriyk forgot the shirt he was holding up to his chest to look agast at his sister. “Gee, thanks a lot.”

Lauren laughed. “What? Just because he likes dick he’s cooler?”

“Well… Yeah.”

Blushing, Eriyk turned back to the mirror. “I don’t know either of you at all.”

Which only made them laugh.

“Where are you taking him?” Lauren asked.

“A place called Romy’s in Riverside?”

“Oooh, fancy.”

“Is it?”

Lauren stood and went to the closet to take out another shirt. “It’s currently the place to take a date to impress. How’d you know about it? It just opened up a month ago.”

“It was his idea.”

The twins exchanged grins.


“Nothing.” Lauren handed him the shirt. “Just proves that he sees this as a date too.”

Eriyk took the shirt and held it to his chest for the mirror. “He’d better. I made myself clear.”

Lissa sighed, hugging one of the bunkbed’s foot poles. “So sad. Dakota Fox is off the market.”

“Don’t tell me you had a thing for him?” Oh yeah, he decided, nodding at Lauren about the shirt. He’d forgotten he had the black silk with tiny purple pinstripes.

“Every girl in town has at least a little thing for him. He’s gorgeous.”

Eriyk smirked. “Yes. Yes he is.”

Lauren took the shirt back to take it off its hanger as Eriyk took off his T-shirt. “Every girl in town wants you a little bit too.”

“Or a lot,” Lissa added.

Lauren handed him the shirt. “So sad to take two wonderful men off the market.”

“Should I apologize?” he asked as he put the shirt on.

“Probably. But it’s not to be helped.”

“Yeah. As long as you’re happy.”

Eriyk grinned, feeling like a million bucks. His family rocked and he was about to go out on his dream date. Life was good.

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