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If anyone out there has played The Sims 3, you probably know how addictive it is. I have learned this for a fact in the last two months. Shortly before Christmas, I finally gave in a bought the game I’d been avoiding for years. Avoiding because I knew it would suck me in. I was right. I’m obsessed. I have all the expansion and stuff packs and I’m eagerly looking forward to Showtime in March.

It’s no particular surprise that I got obsessed with one of my couples. No particular surprise that it was my first gay couple. They so frickin’ adorable! I didn’t take pics, but I should. I’ve gone on to other Sims, but these two are still my favorite.

Anyway, here’s an unedited piece that I wrote about the “first” meeting. In quotes because you’ll see in the story that they’ve known each other forever, but they’ve just rediscovered each other. There’s a part 2 to this too, but I’ll save that for another day.

For those who’ve played, this takes place in Appaloosa Valley and involves the Fox family. Dakota starts off a new game as a toddler and Eriyk is the son of the couple that I started the game with. I very carefully manipulated Eriyk and Dakota together and have now played a few different versions of them. One lasted through two adopted kids all the way to both of their tragic deaths. I was quite sad when that happened, tbh.

The text might be a bit off. Not much editing and I may have taken some knowledge for granted. But I hope it’s legible and fun.

Welcome to my obsession.


Holy shit!

All thought flew from Eriyk’s head at the sight. No, all thought but one. He’s so fucking gorgeous. There was no other way to describe the man walking up the steps onto his parent’s front porch. His hair, which used to be a sumptuous brown, glowed chestnut in the autumn sun. Clearly, it’d been dyed but it was a damn good job. And it showed off the white tips of his hair perfectly. The white tips that Eriyk never could decide — and had never been told — if they were a genetic freak of nature or from a bottle. Didn’t matter, the entire effect was breathtaking, especially since he’d cut his hair so that those tips just barely reached his chin. Eriyk had always liked Dakota’s hair long, but the short was better than he expected. It framed that gorgeous face, with it’s straight black brows, deep sable eyes and straight, patrician nose. And those lips. Eriyk could wax philosophic until world’s end about those perfect, dark pink lips, always drawn into a slight smirk.

A hand bumped Eriyk’s shoulder, distracting him from the approaching vision. He spun to face his brother Jassen, who held up a bottle of beer. “Dad says we can have these for the special occasion.” Eriyk was just back from boarding school and a few months shy of turning twenty and Jassen was still in high school so neither of them were old enough to drink. But Shane was nothing if he wasn’t a cool dad.

“Thanks.” Resolutely putting his back to the sight that would turn his knees to water, Eriyk lifted the cool bottle to his lips and drank. That Dad didn’t know it wasn’t his first beer was a good thing.

“Oh, hey, the Fox’s are here.” Oblivious to Eriyk’s dilemma, Jassen passed by him to greet Shawnee Fox as the huge man passed through the front door. Shawnee was six foot six if he was an inch and all of it was classic Native American. Eriyk forgot which tribe and, truthfully, the Fox’s didn’t make a big deal about their heritage, but you only had to look at Shawnee to know his people had originally owned this land. His wife, Cheyenne, had less of the classical look but carried herself like the natural queen of the land. She’d never been anything but nice to Eriyk but she and her husband had intimidated Eriyk his entire life.

Then there was their son. Dakota was a few years older than Eriyk, enough that they never quite connected in school. Ages ago, they’d hung out together with some of the other kids in the neighborhood. Eriyk had been to pool and slumber parties at the Fox’s enormous house at the end of the street. He and Dakota were what he’d call neighborhood friends, but they didn’t know each other that well anymore thanks to distance through school. Eriyk had been at boarding school for the last three years and Dakota had been traveling during most of the summers he’d been home. But distance didn’t mean that Eriyk didn’t think about Dakota all the fucking time. When away at school, he’d not only discovered he was gay, he’d also figured out that his neighborhood friend was his prototypical type. It had taken him two years to figure out that every guy he’d lusted over — and certainly the three guys he’d kissed — were somehow reminiscent of Dakota, either in looks or in personality. Which told Eriyk one thing: he wanted Dakota and he wanted him bad. Now that he was back home, whether he stayed depended on that unsuspecting man. Eriyk was determined to confess his feelings for Dakota. He didn’t even know if Dakota was gay. In fact, he was pretty sure he wasn’t. But, if he was rejected, Eriyk was prepared to move away to avoid embarrasing Dakota or either or their families.

Eriyk turned and looked up at the stern face of Shawnee Fox. The taller man smiled and extended a hand. “Welcome back.”

Putting on a smile, Eriyk shook his hand. “Thank you.”

“How was art school?”

“Awesome. I learned so much.”

Shawnee nodded. “Good to hear. Sometimes I wonder if we shouldn’t have sent Dak off to school.”

“You just wanted to get rid of me.” That voice. Decadent dark chocolate poured over warm, moist cake. Dakota appeared from behind his father to give Eriyk a huge smile. “Hey man, welcome back to the real world.”

Before Eriyk could respond, Dakota came forward and folded him into a friendly hug. Holy shit. Dakota had been working out. Lots. The muscles under that smooth, dark caramel skin were rock hard and well formed. Still a few inches shorter than Eriyk, he fit perfectly in Eriyk’s embrace. Eriyk hung onto him and had to close his eyes for a brief moment to just savor the feel of that body pressed to his. Then Eriyk remembered that Shawnee Fox was still standing there. He opened his eyes as he stepped back from Dakota and glanced up. The older man’s gaze was on them, his expression thoughtful. Damn.

“If these huge men would move out of the doorway –” a female voice almost as low and just as melodious as her son’s spoke from behind Shawnee, “– then some of us might be able to come in and get something to drink.”

With a start, Shawnee stepped forward, shuffling Eriyk and Dakota further into the house. In the midst of pulling away, Dakota was taken off guard and stumbled back into Eriyk. Eriyk ended up against the wall with the most wonderful body leaning into him.

Dakota looked up at him, eyes shining with amusement. For a moment, they just stared. Then Dakota stepped back, laughing. “Sorry about that.”

“No problem.”

Shawnee had left them, tailing his wife into the kitchen. Everyone else was occupied, leaving them as alone as they could be at Eriyk’s welcome home party.

“So.” Dakota brushed at his ripped jeans, leaning forward just a little so that the open V of his loose shirt gaped enough for Eriyk to get a mouthwatering glimpse of his naturally hairless chest. Then those sparkling brown eyes were focused on him again as Dakota tossed overlong fringe of brown, red and white-tipped hair from his face. “You back for good?”

Eriyk brought his beer to his lips, needing its cool touch to help calm him down. “For now, at least. Although –” He glanced to his right where, down the hall, his sisters were in their room, arguing. “– not sure how long I’ll last.”

Dakota laughed. “C’mon, you’ve been living in a dorm.”

“Yeah, but it wasn’t co-ed. Don’t get me wrong, I love my sisters but…” He shook his head as one of them shrieked.

“I gotcha.” Turning his head, Dakota perked. “Is that hamburgers I smell?”

Chuckling, Eriyk trailed after his obession, past their mothers in the kitchen and into the backyard where Eriyk’s father was barbequing.


The afternoon settled into night. Eriyk tried not to be obvious but he didn’t stray too far from Dakota’s side. For his part, Dakota didn’t seem to mind. They talked about everything and nothing for hours. Dakota was interested in what Eriyk had learned in school. Eriyk learned that Dakota had taken up the guitar. He was excited at the prospect of jamming together.

Darkness fell and they found themselves alone in the backyard. Shawnee and Cheyenne had long since gone home. All the food was cleaned up. Lauren and Lissa had been quiet long enough that Eriyk figured they were down for the night. Jassen, who’d been talking music with them, had just gone to bed.

They sat, side by side on the grass, staring up at the stars. The moment was perfect. Eriyk wracked his brain, trying to decide how best to approach his confession. Or if he should confess. Maybe it was too soon. Maybe he should wait a few weeks at least and get to know Dakota again.

“It’s good to have you back,” said that decadent voice beside Eriyk.

“Thanks. I think it’s good to be back.” He sat forward, picking at the grass. “So, you seeing anyone?”

“Not really. Rhonda and I go out sometimes but nothing steady.”

Well, shit. Not gay. At least, not completely. Eriyk himself had dated a few girls before figuring out that he really wanted boys. Could be that Dakota just didn’t realize… Or he could just not be gay.

Dakota sat forward to mimic his position. “Why? You want me to set you up with someone? Doubt it’d be a problem. The girls are all talking about you.”

Eriyk startled. “What?”

“Oh yeah. They all know you’re back in town and the ones who’ve seen you have spread the word.” A playful punch landed on Eriyk’s shoulder. “You’ve become the town’s biggest hunk.”

Eriyk blinked. “I’ve only been back two days.” Less, really. One and a half.

“Just goes to show how gorgeous you are, man.” Laugh. “Or so they say.”

Eriyk stomped down on the hope that blossomed when Dakota said he was gorgeous. He was just repeating what the girls had said, not voicing his own opinion. Right?

“You should come out with us. You remember the dinosaur?”

“Sure.” There was a rinky little amusement park that was long since closed and run down about a mile away from their neighborhood. They’d spent hours exploring it as kids.

“There’s a party there most nights. Derek Reilly barbeques every Friday.” He shrugged, gaze back on the stars. “Mostly high school kids but…”

After a moment of silence, Dakota twisted around to look at him. “What?”

Eriyk realized he’d been staring. He pulled his gaze. “Nothing.” This wasn’t going to work. Dakota was sitting right next to him but he might as well be worlds away.

“Hey. It’s getting late. I should go.” Dakota stood. “I’ve got an interview tomorrow.”

Eriyk stood. “Where?”

“The gym’s looking for some marketing people.” He shrugged. It wasn’t like Dakota needed money. Shawnee and Cheyenne provided more than enough for him to take his time looking for a career.

“Good luck.”

“Thanks.” He gave Eriyk a brilliant smile. “Call me. Let’s hang out.”

Eriyk let a little hope blossom. If nothing else, he and Dakota could at least be friends. “Will do.”

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