Love in Appy Valley 2

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Continuation of my story about 2 of my Sims 3 characters.

Warning: some kissing


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Not going to work. Eriyk stared into the glimmering depths of the pool and tried not to sulk. I need to get out of this.

For two months, Eriyk had tried the friend thing. He couldn’t say he didn’t have fun with Dakota. In fact, they had lots of fun both when they were with others and when they were alone. Their likes were similar enough to be compatible but different enough to keep things lively. They teased, argued and laughed a lot. The end result, however, was that Eriyk was more helplessly in love with Dakota now than he had been before.

Gotta tell him. Even if it ruined everything, Eriyk had to confess. It was a good time too. If things went sour, there was an opening at a paper in Riverview that he could probably get if he applied.

A shadow passed over him then Dakota was sitting on the pool’s ledge beside him. Gorgeously muscled shins dunked in the water and a lean, hard shoulder bumped Eriyk’s. “Deep thoughts.”

Eriyk didn’t look at him. Couldn’t. Dakota just wore shorts and the rest of his glorious skin was on display. The blistering summer sun that pounded on his back was nothing next to the heat in Eriyk’s groin when he let himself take in the sight that was his obession.

Tell him. “Yeah.”

“Care to share?”

“Don’t know if I should.”

“Uh-oh. Sounds ominous.”

Eriyk said nothing. Do it.

Dakota kicked one foot, splashing into the watery expanse before them. The timing was perfect, really. Shawnee and Cheyenne were out of town, leaving the entire house to Dakota for the week. Eriyk had spent the last two nights in a spare bedroom. Two nights of jacking off thinking about the man in the next room. Had Dakota even noticed the half dozen wash cloths that Eriyk kept rinsing out?

“Is something wrong?”

“Sort of.” Yes.

“I do something I don’t know about?”

“No. It’s not you. Well not… No, you didn’t do anything.”

“Geez, what’s that mean?”

Do it. Eriyk took a deep breath, sat up straight, and turned to look into that face that dominated his dreams. If he could wake up to that face for the rest of his life, he’d be blissfully happy. While Dakota waited, he looked his fill, making it obvious what he was doing. He let all of his longing show and watched confusion then hesitant understanding dawn in the sable depths of Dakota’s eyes. “You are the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.” Panic. Was that the right thing to say? Would it give Dakota the wrong idea? “I’m –” in love “– attracted to you.”

Dakota blinked. His expression blanked to everything but steady consideration. Then his head tilted just a little. “Is that so?”

Eriyk swallowed. “Yeah. I… Yeah.”

Slowly, Dakota blinked again and warmth bled back into his expression. “I wondered if you were gay.”

“Now you know.”

Dakota nodded, never taking his eyes from Eriyk’s face. What was he thinking? Was he disgusted? Happy? Was he about to toss Eriyk out?

“Listen, I know you probably don’t… I mean you’re not gay.” Eriyk dropped his gaze, too embarrassed to keep looking into those eyes. “I understand if you want me to leave but… I had to tell you.”

Dakota leaned in closer, his shadow falling over Eriyk’s legs. “Why?”


“Why’d you have to tell me?”

Eriyk cringed. “I… can’t do it anymore. I can’t be around you without…”


“Without touching… you.”

To his complete shock, Dakota lay a hand on his leg, on the bare skin a few inches above his knee. “Like this?”

Eriyk couldn’t speak, staring at that hand. He was aware of Dakota leaning in further, of a hard chest touching his shoulder. Of warm breath on his cheek.

“Or, maybe, more?”

A small groan escaped Eriyk’s throat. “Dak, don’t tease.” His voice was strangled. “I can’t…”

Lips brushing his jaw silenced him. “Who’s teasing?”

Eriyk’s mouth dropped open and he stared unseeing at the fencing on the other side of the pool.

Lips brushed his cheek. “Don’t you want to kiss me?”

Did he want..? All he had to do was turn his head. Dakota was right there, those lips he’d dreamed about were right there. His mouth found Dakota’s with instinctive ease and he sighed into the contact. Profound relief calmed his excitement, allowing him to enjoy the plush press of Dakota’s lips. Their mouths opened with ease and their tongues met in mutual quest. Eriyk lifted his hand to gently cradle Dakota’s jaw, needlessly holding the other man close as they tasted each other. Perfect.

They drew apart gradually but Eriyk kept caressing Dakota’s jaw. So smooth. No stubble. Never any stubble. Slowly, he opened his eyes to find Dakota’s half-mast over that knowing smirk.

“Satisfied?” the other man purred.

Eriyk stared at his lips. “No.”

A pink tongue swiped over those lips, just to tease he was sure. “What more do you want?”

The way Dakota leaned into him, the way those sable eyes smoldered, the way he smirked, all of that made Eriyk bold. “What do I want?” he whispered against those delicous lips.

Expecting a kiss, Dakota was completely taken off guard when Eriyk pushed forward into the pool, taking Dakota with him. Eriyk, prepared, landed on his feet in the shallow end but Dakota missed the mark and dunked under the crystal waters. Eriyk laughed as the other came up sputtering.

“What the fuck?” Dakota demanded, flipping his head to clear it of hair.

Eriyk’s laughter died in the face of the wet perfection that was Dakota Fox. Dark skin glistened on a face of harsh chiseled lines. The only softness appeared in the curves of his mouth and the sweep of his eyes. Overcome with need, he grabbed, wrapping one arm around Dakota’s middle and securing the other at the back of his head. Their chests met, cool water warming between hot skin to hot skin. He slanted his mouth over Dakota’s and groaned when strong arms wrapped around his shoulders and neck as Dakota angled his head to deepen the kiss. Sure that Dakota wasn’t leaving the kiss, Eriyk allowed his hands to explore. He caressed satin heat over sleek, hard muscle. Unthinking, only feeling, both of his hands finally slid down so that he could take a handful of tight ass into each palm to squeeze.

Dakota sighed as his head feel back, breaking the kiss. “Fuck yeah.”

Eriyk dipped in to taste the line of Dakota’s neck, nibbling at the throb of his pulse.

“Mnghn.” Dakota’s fingers cupped the back of his head and he braced himself across Eriyk’s shoulders with the other arm so that he could lift one leg to wrap around Eriyk’s. It let him press the column of his erection into Eriyk’s.

“Fuck.” Eriyk’s curse was muffled by the column of Dakota’s neck.

“Yeah.” Hot breath in his ear as Dakota curled close. “Let’s fuck.”

Eriyk squeezed, unsure he heard correctly. Dakota took advantage of his hold to lift both legs to wrap around Eriyk’s middle. He nipped at Eriyk’s ear. “You want to fuck me, don’t you?”

“God yes.” But wasn’t it too soon? Shouldn’t they…? Eriyk didn’t know, he couldn’t think. Not with Dakota writhing in his arms.

“Let’s do it.” Dakota bit his earlobe, hard. “Upstairs.”

Eriyk was walking toward the steps but hesitated as Dakota slipped from his arms. Dakota was out of the pool and two steps toward the sliding glass door before he realized Eriyk wasn’t right behind him.

Eyebrow raised, Dakota faced Eriyk with hands on his hips. His fingers were mere inches away from what looked to be a gorgeous erection, encased in the wet lycra of his swim shorts. “Problem?”

Eriyk made himself look into Dakota’s eyes. “Have you ever…?”

“What? Had sex? Yes.”

“With a guy?”

“Oh. No. I kinda assumed you had.”

“I have.”

A wicked smile underlined with relief. “Then what’s the problem?”

“You’re okay with this?”

He laughed. “Isn’t that a good thing? You expecting me to throw you out calling you a freak or something?”

“I’d hoped not, but…”

“But what? Isn’t this what you want?”

Eriyk scowled. He stepped out of the pool to give himself a little time to think and walked to Dakota. He raised a hand to cup the other man’s jaw. “I want it more than anything.”

“Then let’s…”

“Wait.” He brought his other hand up and ran his thumbs along the proud jut of Dakota’s chin. “I need to know why you want it.”


“You didn’t even know I was gay until a few minutes ago.”

Smile. “I suspected.”


“Jesus, Eriyk…”

“Please? It’s important to me.”

Some of the irritation that had been growing in Dakota’s dark eyes melted. Eriyk kept stroking his chin, amazed at the softness of his skin. “You kept… looking at me. Like you were, I dunno, hungry.”


“I’m not good at this.”

He dipped in for a quick brush of his lips across Dakota’s. “You’re doing fine.”

Dakota blew out a breath and his eyes hooded. “You weren’t going after any of the girls and they were trying. Hard.”

Eriyk smiled. He hadn’t been very subtle about that. He was fine being friends with girls, but he didn’t tolerate more than light flirtation beyond that.

“And you… Only seemed to want to be with me.” The last was a mere murmur. Tentative hands reached out to bracket Eriyk’s hips, sliding slowly up his sides.

“It’s true. I only want to be with you.”

Underneath cover of his lashes, Dakota’s eyes lowered again. “It’s kind of amazing to be the center of that kind of attention.”

“You deserve it. You’re amazing.”

“Okay.” A grin curled his lips and he peeked up. “So why aren’t we fucking?”

“I don’t want to rush you.”

“I thought I was rushing you.”

“I don’t want that either. I want you to be sure.”

“I’m sure.”

“I want you to be more sure.”

Dakota growled and dug his fingers into Eriyk’s sides. “Why are you being such a girl about this? What’s the big deal?”

Swallowing, Eriyk schooled himself not to take offense. He pushed back from Dakota and dropped his hands. “The big deal is that I care about you. Really care about you. And I don’t just want you to fuck me because you’re curious what it’s like to be with a guy.”

“Who says that’s what I’m doing?”

“No one. But I want to be sure.”

Dakota threw out his hands then dropped them to slap his thighs. “And how will you be sure?”

“Go to dinner with me tomorrow night.”


“Yeah. Tomorrow.” Enough time for them both to calm down and really thing.

“What about this?” Dakota reached down to cup his erection. “What about tonight?”

Eriyk forced a smile. It was entirely possible that Dakota would be so pissed by this that they’d never speak again. It was entirely possible that he’d never get a chance to touch that body again. But it was worth the risk. If Dakota let them pass beyond this, they had a better chance at a real relationship. “Call me later if you want to go out.” He turned and headed for the door.

“You son of a bitch.” There was more exasperation than anger in that. At least, Eriyk hoped that’s what he heard. “You better hope I call.”

Eriyk swung around to walk backward for a few steps. “I very much hope that you do.”

With that, he went upstairs briefly to gather his things. When he came back down, Dakota was sitting on the edge of the pool, his back to the door. He was also naked, his trunks a bright splash of color on the concrete just behind his bare butt. Eriyk paused and Dakota glanced over his shoulder. They stared at each other for a moment, then Eriyk gave his obsession a smile and wave and left the house.

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