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Graphic sex ahead. NOT SAFE FOR WORK


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Grant didn’t often wake with company. His trysts, both male and female, tended toward fun and fast with no strings attached. In fact, he was known as a go-to guy for a casual fuck among his friends and co-workers. Perhaps not the best reputation to have, but it worked for him.

So it was really weird to wake up with Nicky in his bed.

But, it was what it was and he couldn’t say he was sorry. He watched the way the late morning light suffused the gold of Nicky’s cheek and the smooth curve of his bare shoulder. He admired the drape of the black sheets over Nicky’s midriff and studied the casual grasp of long fingers on the sheet corner he held to his chest. Dusky pink lips were parted for breath and long black lashes curled over his cheeks.


He tried, but he lost the battle. As quietly as he could, Grant got out of bed and rushed into the other room to retrieve one of his cameras. He returned with the digital, flipping the screen on the back into place as he carefully knelt on the mattress. The lighting was perhaps a touch dark but not enough that he needed to flip on a lamp. Besides, shadows often made the image.

He snapped a few photos, feeling only a little guilty. He’d tell Nicky about these, of course, and he’d delete them if the other man insisted. He just hoped Nicky didn’t insist because these were wet dream material.

Nicky sighed and Grant froze, watching the small screen as the young man rolled onto his back, eyes still closed. His lips eased shut and the hand with the sheet bunched just below his sternum. Frosted dark brown curls draped his forehead and one errant curl eased over his temple right next to the corner of his eye. Caught by the sight, Grant slipped into work mode without realizing, crawling closer and angling for an artistic shot.

He wasn’t sure how many shots he snapped off before he realized that Nicky’s eyes were open. Not much but dark brown glittered there underneath the shadow of his lashes.

Grant sat back on his heels, letting the camera rest on his thigh. “Hey.”

“Hey.” Nicky’s voice was barely a whisper.

“Sorry about this,” he held up the camera, “but…” He shrugged. “Photographer, right?”

Full lips curled into a lazy smile. “Yeah. Model, right?”

Grant relaxed, returning the smile. “Yeah.”

Releasing the sheet, Nicky stretched his arms up above his head. Grant gave a mental groan of appreciation to echo the model’s. He lifted the camera and got a few shots of the sheet edge easing down toward Nicky’s crotch as Nicky stretched his legs as well.

“So,” Nicky’s arms flopped above his head, “what are these for?”

Grant stopped himself from ripping the sheet off Nicky’s crotch. He stopped himself from taking more pictures. “Huh?”

Nicky’s fingers rested just beneath one dark copper nipple. “The pictures. What are these for?”

“No one. I just…” He tried to laugh it off. “The light, the sheets, you… everything was perfect. I couldn’t resist.”

Nicky’s grin turned evil just a second before he did something with his feet to pull the sheet down to his thighs.

In an odd moment for him, Grant forgot the camera in his hand. He just stared at the treasure that was Nicky’s morning wood, simply salivating at the sight. He wasn’t fully hard but he was getting there, the shaft angled to arch perfectly toward Nicky’s left side.

Nicky laughed softly. “Go ahead, I don’t mind.”

Grant shook his head. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to but he was oddly possessive of this particular sight.

“It’s okay.” Nicky’s hand drifted down his torso until he could lightly finger the veins threaded up his shaft. “It’s not like there aren’t pictures of me like this out there already.”

Grant blinked, the spell broken by the slight edge to Nicky’s tone. “What?”

Nicky shrugged, shutting his eyes. “I thought you knew.”

“Knew what?”

“It’s how I got into modeling. It’s how I paid for my last year of college.”

“Posing nude?”

Nicky’s eyes opened, oddly cold. “Getting fucked on camera.”

Grant’s mouth went dry, horrified and aroused at the same confusing time. “What?”

Nicky closed his eyes again, wrapping his fingers around his cock as he bent and raised one knee. “Cute young thing like me. I made a lot of money.” Grant heard the echo of another voice underneath Nicky’s, along with the bitterness. “I got lucky because Max didn’t give a damn when he hired me, but there are both pics and vids on the internet.” Again the eyes opened with a cynical taint to them. “Want me to send you the links?”

Yes! No! Grant didn’t know which was his answer so he just stared at Nicky’s face.

Nicky kept fondling himself for a minute, but Grant’s continued silence and expression of disbelief finally stopped him. He paused, waiting, then sighed. “I’ll leave.” He started to roll away from Grant.

“Wait.” Grant grabbed his arm to pull him back. “Don’t leave.”

“It freaks you. I can tell.”

Grant leaned forward to reach the bookshelf in the headboard to set the camera safely away. “I’m just surprised.”

“Sorry. I thought you knew.”

By the time Grant was again sitting on his heels, Nicky had shut down. His eyes were downcast, almost closed. One leg was bent to nearly cover his crotch but Grant could see enough to see what Nicky had lost all enjoyment in the conversation. After an awkward moment, he started to roll away again.


Nicky kept his face turned away. “I need to pee.”

“Oh.” Grant released his arm and watched his back as he retreated.

Videos existed of Nicky getting fucked. Millions of strangers had seen and jacked off to Nicky with some other guy’s dick in his ass. Jealousy reared up in Grant’s chest. He’d known Nicky had been with other guys, but the fact that there was publicly posted evidence was different. It was so wrong. Nicky was too beautiful to be whack off material. If he was nude he should be in an expensive gallery, not some nimrod’s porn stash.

He sat there until the bathroom door reopened. He sat there and watched Nicky bend to pick up his pants.

“Hey, I said don’t go.”

“Look, I’m not proud of what I did, but what’s done is done. It’s just easier for me to go now.”

“Fuck that.” Grant was on his feet and reaching for Nicky before he knew it. He shook the pants from Nicky’s grasp and made the younger man look at him. “Stay.”

“Why would you want me to stay? You don’t know where I’ve been.”

“You’ve been with me all night.” He walked Nicky toward the bed. “And I don’t want you to go.”

Nicky bounced when Grant shoved him down to sit on the edge of the bed. “Oh, right.” He eyed Grant’s cock. “An easy fuck. Gotcha.”

Grant’s head spun. He wasn’t even hard. What was Nicky getting at? “What?”

Nicky pulled himself further onto the mattress then bent and spread his legs. “You want me on my back or on my knees? Doesn’t matter to me.”

Grant stared at the beautiful face, a face capable of intense feeling now devoid of emotion. Soulful brown eyes were empty as he stared up at Grant. “Damn. Who did a number on you?”

Nicky scowled, an ugly expression on an exquisite face. “Look, that’s how it works after I tell someone. Either they want me to leave or they want the fuck and the link so they can tell their friends ‘hey, I fucked that guy.’” He followed that with a parody of a goofy laugh. “If you don’t want me to leave…” He gestured toward his crotch, where his gorgeous dick was fully soft.

Grant shook his head. “I don’t give a shit about what you did.” As he said it, he realized it was true.

“Then why should I stay?”

“I like having you here.”

Nicky pushed up onto his elbows. “Look, I’m not into being a boy toy either.”

“Would you fucking stop? Jesus.” Grant combed fingers through his hair. “Can’t I just like having you around?”

“I don’t know. Can you?”

Grant dropped his hands to his sides, watching uncertainty creep up under Nicky’s anger. “Yes. God.”

Shifting onto one elbow and half on his side, Nicky glanced down to watch his fingers pick at the sheets. One knee feel down to cover his crotch. A curiously shy and defensive pose for a young man Grant wouldn’t have thought knew fear.

Grant sat beside him, careful not to touch. “Is that true? Guys throw you out or fuck you to tell their friends after they find out?”

“More the second than the first. But then I rarely hear from them again.”

“That’s whacked.”

“What? You don’t want to fuck me?”

“Well, yeah, but I wanted that before I knew.”

“And now?” Nicky’s voice was so small. How old had he been when this had happened? He had said college, right? But when was his last year of college?

Unsure, he tried to laugh it off. “You kidding? I still want to fuck you. But I don’t want to tell anyone about what you did.”

Nicky grimaced.

“Wait, no, geez, not like that. I mean I’m not going to go crowing about it.”


“No.” He lowered down onto his elbow in front of Nicky, wishing those brown eyes weren’t shielded by eyelids but willing to regain Nicky’s trust. “Why’d you tell me?”

“I thought you knew.”

“Even if I did, why’d you bring it up?”

A shrug. “Figured it was time. Second or third time I fuck anyone is usually when it comes up. I’ve learned to just go ahead and be the one to say it.”

“And then what?”

That startled Nicky enough for him to look up. “Huh?” The sadness underneath his confusion ate at Grant’s heart.

“After you bring it up. After the fucking. What happens then?”

“Oh.” Eyes went down again. “Then I either don’t ever hear from him again or I become the sideshow.”

“This has happened a lot?”


“You ever had a boyfriend?”

Again Nicky was startled but this time his gaze didn’t make it up to Grant’s eyes. “No.”

Feeling strangely brave and startled himself, Grant reached out to put his hands over Nicky’s fingers, stilling them. “That explains a lot.”

“Does it?”

He leaned in so he could just manage to brush his lips on Nicky’s forehead through his tousled curls. “What if I said I wanted to see you again? And again. Would you believe me?”


“Why what?”

“Why do you want to see me again?”

He nuzzled Nicky’s hair, loving that it carried their combined scent from last night’s lovemaking. “I like you.”

Only because he was so close did he hear the catch in Nicky’s breath. “Even knowing…?”

Grant smoothed his hand over Nicky’s shoulder. “Even knowing.”

He pushed so Nicky fell onto his back and snuggled close up against Nicky’s side. As Nicky struggled not to look at him, he swept his hand over Nicky’s bare chest to find and tweak a nipple. “I like having you around. Not just for sex.”

Finally, Nicky’s gaze met his, laid bare to pure uncertainty, something Grant had never seen there before. “Yeah?”

Grant smiled as he bent his knee and twisted his hip just right so that his knee went between Nicky’s. “Yeah. I’d prove that I wanted you here for more than just sex but I want to touch you too much.”

Gradually, Nicky’s smile grew. “Oh?”

“Yeah. Sorry.” Grant bent to nuzzle his neck and pinched that nipple again. “You smell too damn good. Can I prove I don’t have to fuck you later?”

Nicky laughed, his hand sliding up Grant’s side as he turned into the bigger man. “After you fuck me?”

Grant moved his head back so Nicky could properly position himself. They stared at each other from less than an inch away. “Yeah.”

Nicky curled his leg over Grant’s hip, fitting them closer enough that Grant could feel his renewing erection. “I’m good with that.”

Grant gave in to the need to devour Nicky’s mouth, then laughed when Nicky pulled away muttering about ‘morning breath’. To spare his lover, he switched his attention to the sweet curve of neck and the taut shoulder muscle. Nicky slid his hand over Grant’s back, finally tugging Grant on top of him. Grant went willingly, sucking up his mark on Nicky’s flawless skin. Then he slid down so he could find and taste first one then another hard, tasty nipple. As he enjoyed his treat, he wrapped his fingers around Nicky’s reawakening cock.

“Nicky?” he murmured on his way down the center of Nicky’s torso.


He tongued the indent under the last of Nicky’s ribs. “Grab the lube.”

As Nicky twisted the necessary little bit, Grant readjusted so he was lying between Nicky’s legs, his arms draped over the other man’s thighs so he could comfortably handle that tasty, gorgeous cock. He did want to take some shots of it one day, he decided, stroking it with his tongue, but only for him. Although, now that he knew what Nicky had gone through, they’d definitely have to talk to make sure Nicky would be okay with it. The lube finally reached him but he just set it down nearby, wanting to lavish some wet attention on Nicky’s cock first. Nicky moaned as he took his time suckling the head and rocked his hips when Grant slid his lips down the shaft until the tip bumped the back of his throat. He enjoyed making Nicky moan, enjoyed his taste, enjoyed the way the velvet skin felt on his tongue, enjoyed feeling Nicky’s fingers cup the back of his skull, gently urging him on.

He managed to reach for the lube and pop it open without releasing his treat. Nicky rearranged his own legs as Grant clumsily poured cool liquid on his fingers, but he had no trouble slipping them down the heat of Nicky’s taint to find the anxious little pucker that greedily drew in his fingers.

“Yeah.” Nicky pressed on his fingers, breath catching when Grant twisted his hand. “Fuck yeah.”

Grant sucked and pumped until he had Nicky writhing, begging. He considered making Nicky come like that but his cock didn’t like that idea. So he slid his fingers from Nicky’s ass, gratified to hear a soft whimper. But Nicky had a condom held up for him by the time he climbed to hands and knees. He grinned at the model as he took it, filling his eyes with the sight of a disheveled and flushed Nicky. Yeah, I could wake up to that every morning. Contemplating that calmed his mind as he knelt to open then roll on the condom. Would Nicky be up for that? Was it even smart?

Did it matter?

No. Not when Nicky grabbed his own legs to left and part them. Not when Nicky gave that satisfied little groan as Grant slid into him. Not when Nicky’s legs and arms wrapped around him as he leaned in and lay atop the other man.

“What’s wrong?” Nicky asked, voice low and sexy, dark eyes a little uncertain as Grant just lay there, looking at his face.

Grant smiled and gave Nicky one slow, smooth thrust. “Not a thing,” he promised, bending to kiss wet lips.

Nicky didn’t believe him but couldn’t protest when Grant started to fuck him. Slow and steady, both of them enjoying the tight squeeze of Nicky’s ass around Grant’s cock. But Nicky couldn’t take the slow for long and, to be honest, neither could Grant. Soon enough, he was braced up on his hands for a better angle and had one of Nicky’s ankles bumping his ear. Nicky clutched at him inside and out, making the most amazing pleading sounds. Grant lost it way before he intended, his body shaking as it took over from his mind. He could only watch, dazed from his orgasm, as Nicky took cock into his own hand and pumped himself to completion.

“Sorry about that,” Grant grumped afterward, easing himself reluctantly away from Nicky’s warmth.

“Nothing to be sorry about,” Nicky assured him, stretching contentedly.

Grant flopped face down on the mattress beside him. “I meant it, you know.”

Nicky’s head rolled to the side so those brown eyes could find his. “What?”

Grant groped around and found Nicky’s hand, threading their fingers together. “I want you to stay. I like having you around.”

Nicky searched his face. Were Grant’s words enough for him after so many disappointments?

Evidently, they were enough for now. That brilliant smile emerged. “We’re going to have to leave your place soon enough.”

Grant squeezed Nicky’s fingers. “Yeah. But you’ll come back?” He deliberately made it a question.

Nicky’s smile softened. He squeezed back. “Yeah, sure. I can come back.”

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