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“Grant.” From his seat on the small couch, Max held up the embossed photo album, smiling from ear to ear. “Thank you.”

Grant returned the smile and raised his drink in acknowledgment of thanks. “Happy holidays, boss man.”

Max twisted to face the smaller man seated beside him. “And you.” Setting the album on the table before him, Max disregarded the crowd surrounding them as he loomed over Ferris, forcing the smaller man back against the arm of the couch. “Thank you. For everything.”

Beaming, Ferris sank willingly under Max, arms wrapping around the larger man’s neck as their lips met. The red of Ferris’s outfit stood out against the deep forest green of Max’s suit, as brilliant a contrast as Ferris’s oh-so-pale skin next to Max’s dark brown.

What a shot. Grant wished he’d brought his camera. But the Nikon was upstairs and he didn’t have any of his spares. Or did he? Switching his Scotch & Seven from one hand to the other, he patted at the pockets of his jacket to see if maybe he’d brought the little digital to the office holiday party. Probably not. As a professional photographer, he avoided bringing cameras to parties so that he could enjoy rather than work.

“Looking for something?”

Grant glanced up to meet deep soulful brown eyes worthy of a photograph. Eyes that looked far more innocent than he knew their owner to be. Eyes that held secrets and made him yearn to know them. Struggling not to show his surprised arousal, he kept patting his pockets and even reached in to search the ones inside the jacket. “Looking for a camera.”

Nicky raised one meticulously plucked eyebrow, one arm crossed over his middle, the other elbow braced on it to hold up his Cosmopolitan. “The photographer without a camera? What is the world coming to?”

Giving up his search, Grant sighed, settled his jacket back in place and propped his butt back up against the raised reception desk. It was a good place to be, out of the way of the rest of the party, far enough away from the buffet table that he wasn’t mindlessly snacking, but with a good view of most of what was going on. “I don’t have it.”

“Too bad.” Nicky turned to prop against the desk beside him, sharing the view. All around them, the employees of Max’s Wonderland enjoyed spiked eggnog, an open bar and a wide array of artful treats among the wealth of decorations in the spacious first floor of the building. A large enough number of the partyers were gathered around the man himself and his newest boy-toy as Max continued to thank Ferris profusely for the album of photos Grant had taken of him.

Nicky polished off his Cosmo, his fingers poised delicately near the rim of the cocktail glass. “They make such a striking couple.”

“I was thinking the same thing.”

Nicky’s shoulder pressed his. “That was a good thing you did.”

Grant graced the shorter man with a smile, discreetly inhaling the subtle scent of his cologne. “Thank you.”

Nicky returned his smile, with interest, flashing perfectly straight, blinding white teeth. With the eyes, the teeth, the perfect cheekbones and short, expertly frosted chestnut hair, it was no wonder Nicky was one of Max’s favorite dolls. As he was in tip-top shape with a natural slim build, Nicky could wear a barrel and make it look chic. Luckily, tonight he’d chosen instead to wear a snug red cashmere sweater over charcoal wool slacks. A subdued outfit, but Nicky wasn’t all that flamboyant on or off camera. More of an enigma, was Nicky. “Was the shoot Max’s idea or Ferris’s?”

Grant blinked and saved himself from staring overlong at Nicky by concentrating on the last of his own drink. It wasn’t like he didn’t work with delectable dolls every day. Max’s designs attracted beauty so as Max’s head photographer, his life was full of hotties. A handful of whom had also made it into his bed. Didn’t make sense that this one got to him more than most. “Ferris’s, actually. It was a surprise for Max.”

“That’s awesome. I wouldn’t have thought he had it in him.”

Everyone at Wonderland knew the story of the shy little payroll clerk who now lived as the boss man’s boy toy. It was too great a story when you found out that it had been Ferris who’d pursued Max. Not that it was surprising that the flashy designer had fallen so hard so quickly. Ferris was too cute for words. Add in his natural shyness and it was a wonder no one had snapped him up before Max.

“Me neither, to be honest. He was fucking adorable through it all, though.”

Nicky laughed, or something that was between a laugh and a purr. “I’ll just bet he was.” Nicky stood straight, going up on his toes as though he needed that to give him a better view of the closed album on the table in front of the couple who finally came up for air. It gave Grant a chance to cast a quick glance over his tight little derriere. He came down with a bounce then turned so he was directly in front of Grant. “I’m shocked he got the guts to even ask you.”

Grant opened his mouth to answer but lost his train of thought when Nicky leaned close to put his glass down on the desk behind him. It was a calculated move to bring Nicky’s warm body into Grant’s personal space, a move that Grant fully recognized as he got a good look at the long, smooth column of Nicky’s neck. The look in Nicky’s eyes when he coyly tilted his face up to look at Grant told him he knew it too.

Grant smiled, realizing that Nicky was done discussing the boss man and his toy. “Am I that scary?”

“Terrifying.” The pink tip of Nicky’s tongue peeked out between the teeth exposed by his smile. Although not as overtly innocent as Ferris, Nicky had a similar visual quality. Young and untried. The thing with Nicky was, his eyes made you wonder. Then, once you started really gazing into those big brown eyes, you realize that innocence and Nicky had divorced a long, long time ago. He used one now-free hand to test the strength of Grant’s bicep. “You’re so big and menacing.” He gave a fake little shudder.

Grant laughed. He was in shape and tall, but he wasn’t anywhere near huge or menacing. He didn’t have the build for bulk, although he did like to think he was pretty strong. But he was willing to play Nicky’s game. He’d tumbled the model twice before, each time when Nicky stayed deliberately late after a shoot. Both times were etched in Grant’s brain as some of the hottest sex he’d had with another guy. With a guy or a girl, for that matter. Nicky didn’t have to know just how much Grant dwelt on that, though. He wound his arm around Nicky’s waist to pull him close. “You scared?”

“Me? Nah.” This time Nicky definitely did purr, lifting his arms to drape them over Grant’s shoulders. “I’m not a little white rabbit.”

Behind Nicky, Ben walked by and gave Grant a discreet thumbs up. He wasn’t the only one watching. This is new, Grant thought as he slipped his hand down to cup one side of Nicky’s tight ass. Nicky hadn’t displayed public affection for him before. How much had he had to drink? “No, you’re not.” He didn’t smell drunk and the sparkle in those eyes didn’t look like inebriation. “You’re more like…”

Intrigued, Nicky cocked his head to the side. “Like…?”

Caught, Grant searched his brain for the cast of characters from Alice in Wonderland. Wasn’t hard. Max used the theme far too much at work for his employees not to know at least know who was who. “Mmm, how about the Cheshire Cat?”

Nicky’s intrigue melted into heat as he pressed even closer. “Oh, why so?”

Grant shifted his feet farther apart, the better to fit Nicky’s groin to his. Although Nicky seemed fine with the display, he moved his hand up to spread over the model’s lower back instead of his ass. “Always grinning, never making sense –”


“– always disappearing.”

Nicky’s grin froze, those soulful eyes too close to Grant’s for the photographer to hide anything. “Disappearing.”

Grant hoped he wasn’t flushing. He kept his tone light but he could be saying too much. “Yeah. Never can catch you.”

“You caught me a few times.”

It was suddenly too serious for Grant. He’d thought he could go there, but… no. So he put on a big smile and chucked his finger under Nicky’s chin. “Yeah, I have.” He leaned in to hover his lips beside Nicky’s, hoping to distract away Nicky’s thoughtful gaze. “Care to be caught again?”

There was a brief pause Grant didn’t like, but then Nicky was back to being a purring armful. “I was wondering what you’d get me for Christmas.”

Before Grant could comment, Nicky sealed the deal, opening those sweet, soft lips to his. Tongues teased then teeth clashed as the kiss quickly became more serious. A voice a the back of Grant’s brain told him to go slower, to tease the model, but it was hard to back off when he wanted to eat Nicky up with a spoon. He was close enough to bending Nicky over the reception desk right then and there, audience be damned.

He heard the hoots and shouts of a “get a room” from somewhere nearby but it was Nicky who pulled away. Moist, kiss swollen lips parted in laughter, he slipped out of Grant’s arms as he turned around. He did, however, keep hold of Grant’s hand. “Thank you, ladies and gentlemen.” Nicky executed a perfect bow toward a group of hecklers. “Now, if you’ll excuse us, Grant’s promised me a big, fat Christmas present.”

“Hey!” Grant protested half-heartedly, but he went when Nicky tugged at his hand. He refused to look to see if either of them were showing obvious boners in their slacks. Didn’t matter. Nicky had made it obvious what they were about to do. Applause followed them to the elevator.

Grant pressed the code for his floor and they made out in the ride up the lift with Grant pinning Nicky against the polished chrome wall for the entire five floor ride. Grant had taken up residence in the loft apartment at the top of Max’s Wonderland after Max moved out to swankier digs.

As soon as the doors opened on the top floor, Nicky pushed Grant away and rushed from the lift.

“In a hurry, pretty boy?” Grant asked as he followed into the darkened loft.

Ahead of him, Nicky turned, his hands at the hem of his sweater. In one smooth move, he pulled it off, leaving him naked from the waist up. Bare tanned skin nearly glowed in the dim light of the single lamp beside the bedroom door. His front was all in shadow, limned by the ghostly moonlight that drifted in through the half closed blinds, but Grant’s eyes adjusted enough to make out his wide grin. “I want to get you in bed before you change your mind.”

“Before I…?” Grant bit his tongue over a denial. He couldn’t possibly change his mind. Not when he thought of this man whenever he took any other man to bed.

But Nicky was in motion again, tossing his sweater over his shoulder as he turned and sauntered through the black rectangle of the bedroom door. Disappearing, like magic.

“I’m not the one who plays the disappearing act.” Grant followed slowly, trying to calm the race of his blood. This was the first time Nicky had been in his loft, in his bed. It made it seem more real.

“True. You said it yourself.” Only Nicky’s voice reached Grant from within the shadows. “Cat. Cheshire, to be exact.”

“So I was right?” Grant had almost reached the door.

“Indeed.” Two thumps sounded from the other room, Nicky’s dress shoes hitting the hardwood floor. “‘Twas brillig, and the slithy toves, did gyre and gimble in the wabe… Did I ever tell you I have a BA in Acting? Well, almost. I would have if I’d finished my last year at Tisch.”

“You did.” Grant pulled of his jacket and threw it over the back of the couch as he passed it. “But I don’t think the cat recited Jabberwocky in the book.”

“Too bad. It’s the only poem by Carroll that I know. Besides, the cat recited it in the movie.” He hummed and mattress springs sounded. “All mimsy were the borogroves, and the mome raths outgrabe.

Chuckling, Grant passed through the door and flipped on the light switch. He had to stop and admire the sight of Nicky laid out on his unmade bed, tanned skin a gorgeous contrast to Grant’s black sheets. He was on his belly, tucking a pillow underneath his chest. Coyly, he raised one bare leg up and very nearly knocked the perfect curve of his naked ass with his heel.

Slowly, Grant loosened his tie. “I thought I was supposed to give you a present and it looks like I’m the one with the treat in his bed.”

“It’s mutual gift giving.” He snuggled down into the pillow and put on that alluring, innocent look. “Do you need help with your clothes?”

“Nah, I think I got it.”

“Good. ‘Cos I want to watch.”

The tie went sailing into the corner and his fingers started on the buttons of his shirt. “Why?”

A slow blink and a minute toss of his head to flick chestnut hair from his cheek. “I didn’t get to watch the last times. We were… kind of hurried.”

Grant managed to keep his smile but his heart thudded. Damn, that’s probably why he hadn’t been with Nicky in awhile. The younger man thought he was too quick. Not fair since both previous situations had been hurried. So he slowed down even more, giving Nicky a show. He knew he wasn’t model quality but he wasn’t too bad. He kept his black hair cut short so it was out of the way. His own critical eye told him that his face might not be gorgeous but he had a certain quality. By now, stubborn stubble would have shown up to shadow his jaw and his smile seemed to please Nicky. He pulled his shirt open and that seemed to please Nicky more. Dark chest hair over muscles he was rather religious about. Jogging and hours at the small gym in the building’s basement kept him fit. Dropping his shirt, he worked on his belt while toeing out of his shoes.

Nicky sighed, a distraction that made him pause as the younger man rolled onto his side. Head pillowed on one bicep, he trailed the fingers of the other hand down his waxed chest and belly until he could grip the mostly hard cock that jutted from his crotch. “You almost done?”

“Thought you wanted to watch?”

“I am watching. It’s hot. You’re hot. Makes me want to get back to the touching.” He licked his palm then went back to stroking his shaft. “So get back here.”

Grant stopped himself from ripping off the rest of his clothes and pouncing. Instead, he left his fly open and walked to the side of the bed to open a drawer there. Casually, he tossed supplies onto the mattress then turned on the lamp. It provided softer lighting than the overhead. Nicky grunted in frustration when he turned away to get to the light switch to turn the overhead off.

When he turned back, Nicky had shifted. Now he was on his back, crotch aimed toward Grant and knees bent up and spread. He cupped his balls and stroked his shaft, so Grant had an excellent view of that sweet little pucker beneath that just begged to be reamed. “Drop your pants and get over here.”

Grant laughed but took his time obeying. Gratified to see the light of interest when Nicky finally spied his erection, he put aside his own needs as he finally shed the remainder of his clothing and crawled up between Nicky’s legs. As tempting as that hard, red cock was, he let Nicky continue to stroke and fondle himself. Instead, he took hold of Nicky’s thighs and pushed them up, lifting the slim man’s hips off the bed so he could better expose that pink anus he knew could squeeze the sanity out of him. He bent in to trace it with his tongue and Nicky’s groan was as sweet as chocolate covered sin.

“God, Grant.” Nicky’s hands fell away from his goodies to spread out beside him on the mattress so he could lift himself higher.

Grant closed his eyes, afraid the sight alone of Nicky all spread out would make him shoot. He happily lapped at Nicky’s hole, making him wet. He pointed his tongue and shoved it in as far as it would go, loving the squeeze of velvet tissue. Underneath his palms, the taut muscles of Nicky’s thighs flexed as the other man started to writhe.

“Grant, damn. I’m gonna go. Please, man.”

Knowing he, too, was close, Grant eased his hold. He let Nicky slide down as he drew his tongue up over his taint until he could nuzzle fragrant, hairless balls. He had to take it easy because the bare, delicate skin threatened to drive him nuts. He took one testicle in his mouth and sucked gently before finally opening his eyes to see the man beneath him. Those brown eyes were narrowed, so dark in that flushed, gorgeous face. Nicky’s lips were bruised red and swollen from biting, wet and glistening around brilliant white teeth.

“Okay, yeah,” Nicky groaned as soon as their eyes met. “Fucking, now.”

Pleased, Grant kept suckling his treat for a moment before releasing Nicky’s legs to land on the mattress to either side of him. “You that eager?”

“Oh man,” Nicky reached blindly for the lube, “you’ve got no idea.”

Grant plucked up one of the condoms and ripped it open while Nicky worked open the bottle. By the time he had the latex rolled down his cock, Nicky’s wet hand was ready to coat him.

“I would have sucked you,” Nicky chided, a little breathless as he slipped his fist up and down, “but you know what rimming does to me.”

Grant tilted his head back to enjoy the brief hand job. “Yeah, I do.” He’d been delighted to find that out his second time with Nicky. Luckily, it was among his favorite things to do.

After one last squeeze, the hand went away and the lube cap snapped. “So, do me.”

Grant laughed as he looked down, to find Nicky holding his own legs up and spread, the tip of his cock poking toward his navel.

“So romantic,” Grant drawled, taking hold of his prick.

“Whatever. We’ll do the cuddly stuff later. Promise. Now, shove it in.”

They both laughed as Grant rubbed the tip of his dick at Nicky’s grasping opening. It occurred to him to wonder how many men had gone there since Grant had been there last, but he ruthlessly shoved aside that thought. Later. He pushed in, taking it slow. Nicky accepted him easily, eagerly. Before Grant was halfway in, Nicky let go of his legs so he could wrap them around Grant and pull him in.

“Ah, fuck yeah.” Nicky clutched at the bunched sheets and blankets beneath him, eyes closed in clear bliss. “God, I love your cock. Give it all to me.”

Surprise helped Grant to keep it together. He remembered Nicky being enthusiastic, but not like this. He fell forward to brace his hands to either side of Nicky’s torso only to have Nicky immediately reach up to clutch his shoulders. He tried an experimental thrust in Nicky’s ass and was shocked by the growl of pleasure it elicited.

“Fuck me.” Nicky’s eyes reopened — when had they closed? — as one of his hands curled around the back of Grant’s neck. “Fuck me, baby.”

How could he not obey that plea? Thinking to hear more would undo him, Grant dropped down further so he could take over Nicky’s lips with his, shutting the boy up by shoving his tongue in his mouth. Nicky’s mouth sucked him in just as tight and eager as his ass. Drowning in heated pleasure, Grant rocked on top of him, inside him, and Nicky took it all and used his hands and adorable little whimpers to demand more.

Smack. Nicky’s palm print stung the side of Grant’s ass, startling him out of the kiss.

“Pull out. I want to turn over.”

Barely containing himself, Grant pushed onto his knees. “Demanding little…”

“You love it.” Nicky didn’t wait, nimbly sliding himself off Grant’s cock before he scrambled over. Rising up on his knees, shoulders and neck braced on the mattress, he reached back with both hands to spread his butt cheeks. “You want it. Shove it back in.”

Just to be contrary, Grant licked two fingers and shoved them in.

Nicky cried out, arms dropping to the mattress. Eyes closed, fingers bunched in the sheets by his shoulders, he enjoyed a few hard thrusts of Grant’s fingers but then threw a glare over his shoulder. “Damn you, get your cock back in me.”

“Say please.” Deliberately, Grant pressed on Nicky’s sweet spot.

Nicky’s eyelids fluttered, but then opened on a sensual parody of his familiar innocent look. “Please, baby. Please fill my ass with your cock and fuck me so hard I can’t get away.”

Entranced by the fake innocence, Grant almost didn’t hear the words. Did Nicky mean them? He felt his eyes go wide. “What?”

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.” Nicky balanced on his elbows and shoved his ass back to trap Grant’s cock between it and Grant’s belly. He threw his head back, hair brushing in the sweat coating his spine. “Fill me up and make me yours.”

He should stop. He should make Nicky explain what he said. But he couldn’t. Nicky hit every one of his buttons and the words blew his circuits when that hot, moist crack of ass was cradling his cock. Unable to bear it, he wound an arm around Nicky’s waist and yanked him up and back, off his elbows and nearly off his knees. Somehow, he managed to wedge his other hand between them to grab and aim his cock. Gravity as much as anything impaled the younger man on his cock.

“Yes!.” Nicky’s arm proved his flexibility by reaching back to wind around Grant’s neck. It brought them flush chest to back with the back of Nicky’s skull thudding Grant’s shoulder. “Fuck!”

Grant went with it, easily supporting the smaller man’s weight. With a good hold around Nicky’s waist and his own weight on his heels, he jounced the other man in his lap.

“Oh fuck yeah. Do me, baby, I want it all.”

He’d get it. Grant quickly found the right balance to rock Nicky on his dick. He reached around to pump Nicky’s cock, needing to not be alone in his desperation. But Nicky’s encouraging demands assured him that Nicky was right there with him, if not ahead of him. Grant bit down on shoulder meat and shuddered when Nicky’s ass clenched. A glance up nearly proved his undoing when he realized that he could see them in the wide mirror above his dresser, Nicky on display, spread and impaled and gorgeously flushed.

“So close,” Nicky rasped, eyes closed to the erotic reflection of them. “So close. Bring me baby.”

Growling, Grant released Nicky’s cock and shoved forward, falling on top of the younger man’s back. He adjusted quickly, gaining leverage so he could pick up the pace of his thrusts and give it to Nicky just as hard and fast as he begged.

Nicky went wild, grasping at the sheets and crying into the pillow. “Grant, oh fuck, Graaant!”

No mistaking that cry, or that gorgeous squeeze on his cock. Nicky came on that cry, just from Grant fucking his ass. That hadn’t happened before for Grant. Not with Nicky, not with anyone. It sent him over the edge, made him a ravening beast with only thoughts that centered around ramming his cock as deep and as fast into the body beneath him as he could. He was distantly shocked at the roar that pushed from his throat when he finally came.

“Shit.” He braced on his arms to either side of Nicky’s glistening back, lungs working hard.

The younger man’s face was half hidden by rumpled sheets and tousled hair, but his shit-eating grin was brilliant white.

Encouraged, Grant lowered to lay flush over Nicky’s back, keeping his hips pressed just right to keep his cock inside Nicky as long as possible. He licked at the sweat on the back of Nicky’s neck. “How was that?”

“Mmmm. That was fucking awesome.” Nicky had never sounded more like a cat, one who’d lapped up all of the proverbial cream. “You’re awesome.”

Nibbling Nicky’s shoulder, Grant considered calling him on what he’d said earlier. But that wasn’t kosher. Not cool to call a man on the words he’d said during sex. Instead, he kept nuzzling and licking, enjoying the taste of Nicky’s sweat far too much.

Eventually Nicky had to move. Grant reluctantly rolled off to let him get up and go to the bathroom. He was rather happy to see Nicky’s steps falter a few times on the way.

After wrapping up and disposing of the condom, Grant lay on his back, staring at the beams of the ceiling and wondering where things went from here.

Nicky came back and crawled across the bed and over Grant, positioning himself for a full body kiss. One of those that wasn’t just lips but also arms and hands and thighs and chests. Almost enough to get things going again.

Grant gave a breathless chuckle when Nicky finally let him up for air. “If you’re looking for a repeat performance, you’ll have to wait a bit.”

Nicky grinned. “I know. That wasn’t what that was for.”

“What was that for?”

Brown eyes gleamed as they studied his face. “Can I stay here tonight?”

Shock made Grant pause. Nicky waited.

“Yeah.” He ran his hands up Nicky’s sides. “Sure. Of course.”

“Good.” With a satisfied smile, Nicky readjusted so he could lay down next to Grant, plastered to the bigger man’s side. He yawned. “‘Cos I’m beat.” He spread his hand over Grant’s heart, closing his eyes. “You wore me out.”

Grant stared at that gorgeous face, so peaceful and innocent seeming. What was going on behind that facade? Did it matter? Nah. “Likewise,” he murmured, settling his arm around Nicky’s shoulder. He placed his hand over Nicky’s. “Likewise.”

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