Hiding Place – Skirt part 4

This entry is part 4 of 4 in the series Skirt

Originally posted on Fiction with Friction in 2009.

Nothing of too much substance, but Finn and Jeff are back 🙂

NOT SAFE FOR WORK. Fair warning.


©2009 Jet Mykles, all rights reserved

“Jeez, you’re bad at this.”

Jeff rolled his eyes with a grin. He couldn’t see the teasing grin that would go with that tone on Finn’s face. The same one that’d been there all morning since Finn had wakened long before Jeff and used the time to hide all of the two dozen eggs they’d dyed the night before.

Sighing, Jeff shot Finn a glare then got to his knees beside the recliner in the corner. There was that grin on Finn’s delicious pink lips, accompanied by a quick pucker to throw him a kiss. Muttering good-naturedly to himself, Jeff got on his hands to look under the chair. Finn had denied him of all but the briefest of kisses since he’d had his morning coffee, insisting that Jeff find all the eggs first.

There. He reached into the dust beneath the chair to extract a pastel blue egg. “Y’know, I didn’t like egg hunting as a kid.”

Finn gasped. “How the hell can you not like hunting for Easter eggs?”

“My brother,” he set the egg on the table beside him then hunkered down again. Finn had hidden two eggs under the bookcase so it wasn’t beyond reason that he’d done the same here. “He was always better at it and the competition was fierce.” Nope, no eggs. He straightened up to his knees. “I think my parents cheated for him.”

Finn laughed gaily, squirming in his seat on the couch. He looked damn adorable. Not that he didn’t always, but he’d pulled on a frilly blue and white skirt that looked like part of a Bo Peep costume and wore fuzzy white rabbit slippers on the feet he had tucked up under him. He was shirtless but wore a lacy collar and cuffs to match the skirt. His silky black hair was pulled into two tails on either side of his head, both held by more bits of lace. Not being able to touch him was mostly what spurred Jeff on in the hunt.
“Well, this is all for you, big guy,” Finn purred, stretching out like a cat on the couch. He rested his chin on his palm and blinked prettily at Jeff. “The odds are stacked in your favor.”

Mouth watering, Jeff growled and crawled over to the basket on the coffee table. He placed the blue egg on top and counted. “That’s all of them.”

Finn didn’t even look. “No, it’s not.”

Jeff counted again. “Yeah, it is.”

With a sexy little laugh, Finn bent one knee up, then reached between his legs. Jeff watched, fascinated, as he pulled out a little plastic gadget from between his thighs. The white box was hooked to a long, slim black cord. Shifting further onto his back, Finn tossed the box over the table at him. “No. It’s not.”

Jeff caught the box. He’d never seen it before, but he immediately suspected what it was. He matched Finn’s grin. “You’ve been shopping again.”

Finn laughed as Jeff made his way around the table to get closer. “I had to get you a special egg for Easter.”

Jeff flicked on the switch on the little box and admired the full body shudder that broke through his lover. “You got me a special egg?”

Finn squirmed all the way onto his back, letting his thighs fall open. The frilly skirt fell back some, bunching over his groin, the lacy edges hiding Finn’s delicious bits.

But not for long. Jeff set the vibe to medium then dropped the controller on the couch between Finn’s legs. Finn’s gorgeous little moan was just a little louder than the hum of the vibrator as Jeff slid his hands up Finn’s shins, over his knees, then up his thighs. His hands slid under the skirt’s many layers to find beautifully warm skin beneath. He pushed all the fabric up to Finn’s waist, exposing the only treat he really wanted for Easter. Finn’s cock wasn’t fully hard, but it was definitely on its way. Hungry, Jeff swooped in to gulp it down while it was still a little soft, squishing it all in his mouth.

“Oh, yeah,” Finn gasped, eager fingers sinking into Jeff’s hair to keep him there.

Not that Jeff was going anywhere. He sucked at his mouthful until it grew hard enough to push out. He let it slide wetly between his lips until only the tip remained, trapped gently between his teeth. He lashed at it with his tongue until Finn’s hands drew him back down.

Then he remembered his present. He could hear the steady hum that seemed to rise from Finn’s pelvis. Drawing his lips from Finn’s cock with a pop, he trailed his lips down to tongue his lover’s balls. The hum was louder here, close to the source. Blindly he fumbled for the controller and turned it up a notch. Finn wailed softly. One of his thighs fell of the side of the couch and he drew the other up to his chest, holding it there, exposing himself to Jeff. Jeff nuzzled and suckled his balls then lapped wetly at the space of warm, sensitive skin beneath. Then the tip of his tongue found Finn’s moist puckered opening, the rim pulsing around the thin cord leading to the controller. The vibrations from the toy inside tickled his lips as he kissed the sweet little entrance to Finn’s body. Warm strawberry flavor burst over his tongue and he had to smile at Finn’s thoughtfulness to use the flavored lube for his surprise. He tugged the cord gently as he lapped at that warm, moist bud. Gently. Slowly. Until…

“Nngnuh!” Finn’s hands snapped up to grip the arm of the couch behind his head. His back arched and Jeff was glad to be ready with his free hand to catch one of Finn’s thighs when it would have come slamming down on his shoulder.

He chuckled. “Find a good spot?”

The answer was obvious. Finn’s g-spot was very sensitive to vibration, as shown by the frenzy of his slim limbs and rush of cum that surged from his cock to splatter his skirt and belly. Jeff watched, entranced. His thumb, which had been resting on the bud of Finn’s anus got sucked in to the first knuckle and squeezed, which reminded his cock that it was still wrapped in his pajama pants.

“S-stop it,” Finn stuttered, his body still shuddering. “Stop the egg. P-please.”

Jeff took pity, found the controller, and turned off the vibrations. While Finn lay disheveled, catching his breath, Jeff stood and shucked his pants.

Finn opened crystal blue eyes and licked his pink lips when he saw Jeff massaging his cock. “For me?”

“Where do you want it?”

Finn grabbed his knee and pulled it to his chest. “You have to ask?”

Grinning, Jeff knelt on the couch. He twined the cord of the egg around his finger and started to tug it out.

“Wait. Don’t.” Finn caught his wrist and grinned when Jeff looked at him. “Leave it in.”


“Turn it on and leave it in while you fuck me.”

Jeff stared at the slim white cord and the controller. “What if it breaks?”

Finn laughed. “It won’t break. It’s made for shit like that.”

“Not like that.”

“How do you know?”

The cord was long… “Won’t that be uncomfortable for you?”

“Let’s find out.”

Doubtfully, he unwound the cord from his fingers and picked up the controller. “You’ll tell me if it hurts.” Finn didn’t always, but he never complained. He claimed the pain was just part of it. But this was different.

“Yes.” Finn pulled up the hem of his skirt with his free hand then reached down to cup his balls. He wasn’t hard and he wasn’t going to be for awhile, but that rarely bothered him. “Fuck me, baby.”

Called by Finn’s siren song, Jeff leaned in and set his cock at Finn’s moist, puckered opening. The white cord threw him off. “Finn…”

Grunting, Finn reached down and caught Jeff’s shaft. “Don’t think about it. Fuck me.”

Jeff let Finn guide him in, supplying the push that took his cock halfway into Finn’s tight ass. He paused, eyes closed to savor the tight squeeze. He jumped when the vibrations started, eyes flying open to see that Finn had found the controller. The egg teased the tip of him in a most interesting fashion.

“Can you feel that?”

Finn smiled. “I feel you. That’s all that matters.”


Finn rolled his hips, now an expert at getting Jeff to move when he wanted him to. Jeff groaned at the strange feel of the vibrations deep within the vise grip of Finn’s body. His own hips rolled of their own volition, taking him away then back to the humming sensation.

“Yeah.” Finn’s fingers tangled in Jeff’s hair, pulling his lips down for a sloppy, open-mouthed kiss.

Jeff moaned, pushing into Finn, letting himself fuck his lover. Not with abandon, no, he couldn’t do that. It couldn’t be that deep but Finn seemed to like it and God what a feeling! he pumped faster, never all the way but far enough to bump the damn egg every time. The tip of him got unbearably sensitive, shooting electricity up his shaft and into his hips, forcing him to thrust faster. Finn rolled with him, matching him, sucking on his tongue and whispering unintelligible words onto his lips. Jeff shook, feeling the pull, knowing he was close.


“Yeah, baby.” Finn squeezed and that was it.

Jeff shot deep into Finn with a cry, shuddering as the toy’s humm egged him on.

He lasted a minute or so afterward, sampling Finn’s lips as the zing of coming faded, but then he had to pull out and shut off the damn egg.

Finn giggled as Jeff sat back, adjusting his skirt so the blue fabric and lace caught most of the cum that seeped from his ass.

“You’re crazy, you know that?”

That just made Finn laugh harder. “You liked it.”

Jeff watched as he wound the cord around his fingers and slowly pulled the egg from him. He got up and went to the bathroom for a towel. By the time he got back, the toy lay on the table and Finn lay on his back, eyes closed with a beatific smile on his face. Blue eyes opened as Jeff tucked the towel underneath him but he wouldn’t lift more than to allow Jeff to slip the towel under him. He wrapped his arms around Jeff’s neck and pulled, relentless until Jeff finally gave in and lay down atop him.

“Did you like my special egg?” Finn asked, rubbing the tip of his nose with Jeff’s.

Jeff laughed softly, pausing to kiss his lover briefly. “I like the hiding place better.”

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