Family Issues – Skirt part 3

This entry is part 3 of 4 in the series Skirt

Originally posted on Fiction with Friction in 2009.

Since I raised the curiosity of problems with Finn’s family, guess I have to deliver, huh? So here’s Finn and Jeff again. No cute little costume this time. Hope you’ll like it anyway


©2009 Jet Mykles, all rights reserved

He’s going to kill me. I should drive around for awhile. But Jeff turned down Finn’s street and stopped his car in front of Finn’s house. He was early. Finn wouldn’t be ready.

He’s going to kill me. But Jeff did it anyway. He picked up the two boxes of candy off the passenger seat and got out of the car. A cold February breeze brushed him but it wasn’t enough to prompt him to pull his overcoat out of the backseat. Besides, he was plenty warm with anticipation.

Taking a breath, he headed up the path toward the front door. He hadn’t been this close to the house since Halloween. What would he find on the other side? Finn still hadn’t allowed him to meet any of his family. Jeff knew he lived with his parents and his younger sister, but that was about it. Finn was so very good at deflecting any kind of discussion about his family that it was hard for Jeff to get a conversation started. He had meant to push the point over New Years’ but ended up not having the heart to rain on what turned out to be a fabulous weekend. And since… He’d tried, and failed. What he was doing now was perhaps not the best idea, but he figured it would at least force some kind of talk. He hoped to God it wouldn’t be a break up talk.

He rang the doorbell. It took a few minutes, but then it opened.

The man standing there had to be Finn’s father. Not nearly as delicate as his son but he was on the slim side and about Finn’s height. The eyes and nose were definitely the same. The cropped black hair on top of the man’s head might also be the same as Finn’s glossy locks but it was too short to really tell. He frowned. “Yes?”

Jeff put on his best smile. “Hi. I came to pick up Finn.”

It was like a glacier settled over the man. All expression left his face. The sky blue eyes dropped down Jeff’s body then back up, then they went cold. Without a word, he turned and walked away.

Jeff stared at the mirror mounted on the wall across the narrow entrance from the door. What was he supposed to do now?

“Don, who was at the door?” A woman’s voice came closer.

Jeff didn’t hear a reply, but then he saw the woman. Also short and slim, she had light brown hair pulled back into a ponytail. An apron was tied around her waist and yellow rubber gloves on her hands. She glanced over and saw him standing there. Frowning a little, she glanced again to her right, then approached Jeff, putting on an airy smile. “Hello?”

He cleared his throat, still reeling from his previous reception. “Hi, I’m Jeff. Finn’s… friend.” Something told him that ‘boyfriend’ would be a bad word to use.

Her dark blue eyes went wide. “Oh!” She threw another glance, this one holding a trace of fear, over her right shoulder toward where the man had gone. “Oh.” She closed the distance between them, trying to dredge up her smile again as she extended her hand. “Hello. Nice to meet you.”

At least she knew his name. He nodded, holding out his hand but he stopped short of taking hers, looking at the gloves.

She looked down and started. “Oh. I’m sorry.” Hastily, she plucked off the one glove so she could shake his hand, glancing up at him again. Finn may have gotten his looks from his father—surprisingly—but he got his smile and build from his mother. “I wasn’t… Does Finn know you’d be here?”

“I’m a little early.”

“Oh.” She blinked at him, clearly uncertain.

They stared at each other for a long moment that made Jeff certain this had, indeed, been a very bad idea.

“Well.” Finn’s mother came to a decision. She stepped back and waved inside. “Won’t you come in? I’ll let Finn know you’re here.”

Knowing he shouldn’t, Jeff stepped across the threshold. She took his elbow in a gentle grip and guided him through the entrance hall and to the right, away from the large room on their left. In that room sat the man, Finn’s father, on the couch with his back to the front door. A television showed a basketball game, the sound turned up rather loud. The room to which Finn’s mother guided him was the kitchen, where she sat him at a four-seater underneath the window to one end. A bottle of 409 sat on the corner, its aroma telling Jeff that she’d been in the midst of cleaning. Looked like Finn’s parents didn’t have Valentine’s Day plans.

She pulled off her other glove and tossed both of them into the sink. “Can I get you anything? Something to drink?”

“No. I’m fine, thanks.”

“All right. Hold on. I’ll tell Finn you’re here.”

“Thank you.”

She smiled at him, a pale echo of what he was sure had once been a gorgeous smile. She was still pretty but there were deep lines of sorrow etched across her face and her eyes were tired.

Then he was alone with the sound of the basketball game filling the air. God! He didn’t know what was going on but if this was how Finn lived, Jeff understood why he didn’t invite him in.

After a few minutes, Finn’s mother reappeared. She spoke in a low tone, barely understandable over the blare of the television in the other room. “Finn’s finishing in the shower but he asked if I’d take you to his room.”

Jeff stood and followed her. He stared at the two candy boxes in his hands. He’d intended to win her over by giving her one but it didn’t seem like a very good idea now.

Down the hall and to the right, Finn’s room was colorful and cluttered. The full-sized bed was unmade, blue and green sheets spilling over the sides to the faded blue carpet. The top of the dresser was filled with cosmetics and trinket boxes, the desk cluttered around his computer. A sewing machine was half hidden under draped fabric on a second desk.

Finn’s mother gave him a shy smile. “Finn will be right with you.” She began to shut the door, then frowned at it. Without looking at him, she left the door ajar and disappeared.

Jeff sighed, sitting heavily on the edge of the bed. He’s definitely going to kill me. He stared morosely at the boxes of chocolate, knowing the treats wouldn’t buy his forgiveness.

The sound of raised voices—Finn’s parents—reached him but he couldn’t make out what they were saying.

Five minutes later, Finn appeared holding a blue and white towel wrapped around his slim waist. At any other time, Jeff would have admired the pale damp skin and dripping black hair, but the look on Finn’s face assured him that his lover wasn’t happy with him. The door shut firmly. “What are you doing here?”

Jeff stared at one of Finn’s slip ons that had been discarded by the bed. No use dissembling, he was in deep no matter what he did. “I came early.”

Finn stomped toward him. “Why?”

Jeff dragged his glance up that slim, wiry body that he loved so very much.  Finn was almost trembling with rage. “I…” He stared into those flashing blue eyes. Words were going to be useless. He shook his head. “I don’t know.”

Damn it.” Finn spun away from Jeff toward the dresser. He draped the towel over his head, vigorously rubbing.

Jeff’s gaze dropped to the perfect globes of Finn’s ass. He admired both it and the reflection of Finn’s chest and groin in the dresser’s wide mirror, wondering if he’d just lost his privilege of ever touching them again.

Throwing the towel aside, Finn tore open a drawer and pulled out a pair of yellow boxer briefs. He’d barely gotten into them when there was a pounding on the door.

Jeff jumped back at the sound, descending on his elbows on the mattress.

Growling, Finn stomped to the door and ripped it open. “What?”

“Keep the fucking door open.” Finn’s father was on the other side. In one glance he took in Finn’s state of undress and Jeff’s position on the unmade bed.

“It’s my room.”

“You’re not doing any of that deviant stuff under my roof!”

“It’s not any of your business what I do in my room that I pay for. Don’t you dare forget who’s helping you pay the bills.

“Don’t you throw that in my face again, you little shit. I’m not going to have any of that stuff going on in my house.”

“Keep out of my business.”

“Not under my roof!”

“If you’d get the hell out of here I could get dressed and we could leave.”

They stared at each other. Finn’s father was only a little taller than Finn, shorter than Jeff, but he was wider. Jeff sat up, wary of the fists the man curled at his sides. Father or not, that man was not going to hit Finn if Jeff could help it. Jeff’s movement caught Finn’s father’s eye. He glared at Jeff over his son’s head, then back at Finn. “Leave the door open and hurry up and get the hell out of here.”

He stormed off. Finn slammed the door after him.

“God damn it!”

“Fuck you!” Finn shouted through the door.

“Don, please!” came the sound of Finn’s mother, pleading.

The sound of their argument continued but no one came back to the door.

Heart in his throat, Jeff watched Finn snatch clothes out of his dresser. Nothing fancy, nothing feminine. Jeff had hoped for one of Finn’s dresses but it looked like he was out of luck. Not that he wouldn’t take Finn any way he could get him. But the lack of dress or makeup meant that Finn was far from happy. Finn wouldn’t look at him. He shoved into torn jeans and an oversized blue sweater. Jeff thought to remind him that they were going out to a fancy restaurant for dinner, but decided to keep his tongue. He’d bail of the reservations. Finn didn’t look like he was in the mood anyway.

Finally Finn dropped down on the bed beside him, shoes and sneakers in hand. “Do you still want to go out?”

“Yes.” Even if Finn didn’t, Jeff was going to do everything he could to get his lover out of the house.

Finn nodded, profile obscured by wet black curls. “You shouldn’t have come,” he murmured, bending over so he could put on his socks.

“I’m sorry.” Jeff wanted to say more. He wanted to ask what was up. He wanted to take Finn in his arms and sweep him away from this house. He wanted to beat Finn’s father senseless. But all he could do was apologize.

“You…” Elbows on knees, hair dripping on the carpet at his feet, Finn shook his head. “You shouldn’t have come.” There was a sob at the end of that sentence.

Jeff reached out before he thought about it. His arm came around those slim shoulders in time to feel the shaking constriction in Finn’s chest.

“No.” Finn shook him off, bending again to finish putting on his shoes. “Not here.” He let Jeff’s hand stay on his back as he tied his shoes He stood and went to snatch his denim jacket off the desk chair. He checked the pockets, presumably for his wallet and cell phone. “Let’s go.”

Heartened by the fact that Finn did, at least, want to leave with him, Jeff stood. Consciously leaving one of the two boxes of chocolate on the bed behind him, he followed Finn out the door.

“We’re leaving,” Finn called toward the kitchen as they passed.

He didn’t glance toward the living room but Jeff did. Finn’s dad was back at his basketball game, ignoring them.

Finn’s mother bustled out of the kitchen after them. “Are you coming back tonight?”

Finn opened the door, not looking back. “No.”

“All right.” She reached the door just after Jeff crossed onto the porch. “Call me tomorrow,” she called after her son, who was already headed down the path.

Finn waved a hand in the air.

She looked up at Jeff and tried a smile. She failed. Tears were in her eyes. “It was nice to meet you, Jeff.” She stuck out her hand. “I hope we can…” Her words died out.

He hoped his attempt at a smile was better than hers as he took her hand and squeezed it. “Me too.”

Finn stood at the passenger door of Jeff’s car, his back to his house, his back ramrod stiff. As soon as Jeff used his key fob to unlock the doors, Finn had his open.

Jeff got in and started the car. “Where to?”

Finn’s empty stare was fixed on the latch of the glove compartment. “Don’t care. Away.”

Since it was his choice and Jeff’s original plans for the night looked to be a bad idea, he drove for home. Finn said nothing and Jeff wasn’t sure how to break the brittle silence. The twenty minute drive seemed to take forever but he finally pulled into his parking space. Finn didn’t wait for him to even shut off the car before he was out and headed for the building entrance. Jeff followed, only catching up to his lover when a door or the elevator stopped Finn’s progress.

Once inside his apartment, Finn went directly for the kitchen. Jeff’s eyes went wide when Finn pulled out the whiskey and poured himself a healthy drink. He stood on the other side of the kitchen counter as Finn finished it then set the glass on the fake tiles.

“So,” he stared at the thin layer of whiskey on the bottom of the tumbler, “now you’ve met my parents.”

Jeff stood very still. “Yes.”



Finn shook his head. “You shouldn’t have done that.”

“I know. Now.”

Finn shut his eyes, clutching the edge of the counter. Jeff waited but when Finn started to shake and tears spilled from his eyes, he couldn’t keep his distance. He rushed around the corner of the counter and pulled Finn into his arms, relieved when the smaller man melted into his embrace.

Finn’s arms wrapped around his waist, his face burying in the bend of Jeff’s neck. “I hate them.”

Jeff squeezed, not sure what he could say about that. He didn’t think anyone should hate their parents but he could definitely see why Finn felt the way he did. Finn clutched him, succumbing to great, body-wrecking sobs. Jeff combed his fingers in Finn’s still-damp curls and hung on, willing himself to be the rock that Finn seemed to need right now.

Only after the sobbing subsided to sniffles did Jeff move them. Without easing his embrace, he maneuvered Finn from the kitchen, through the living room and back into the bedroom. He plucked a box of tissues from the dresser as they entered and held it for Finn after they were seated. Finn snatched up a handful of tissues and used them on his face and nose as Jeff slid to his knees.

“My father’s homophobic.” Nose blow. “Did you get that impression?”

Jeff lifted one of Finn’s feet. “Yeah.” He started to untie the sneaker.

“He takes it as a personal insult that his only son likes guys. Most of the time he just pretends I’m not alive. We kind of live around each other. I’ve paid him rent since I graduated high school though and he just lost his job so he can’t afford to kick me out.”

Jeff left Finn’s sock on and started on the other shoe.

“Funny, huh? We live in the same house but we haven’t had a meal together for years. Not even Thanksgiving or Christmas. We don’t really do Christmas anyway. No family around so nowhere to go. My mom tries. For my sister…” He trailed off.

Jeff glanced up. Finn was slumped into himself, eyes closed, face contorted as he tried to keep back tears. Not knowing what to say, Jeff just sat there, squeezing his knees.

“It’s better when he’s not around. When he was working nights, it was easier. But now…” Finn shook his head.

Jeff took the soggy handful of tissues out of Finn’s hands and replaced them with fresh. He took the mess into the bathroom to dispose of it. Grabbing a washcloth, he wet it thoroughly and took it back with him to the bedroom.

Finn smiled when he saw it and finally those baby blues met Jeff’s. It was a pale echo of his normal bright smile and the eyes were red and puffy, but it was something. “So thoughtful.”

Jeff knelt before him again, holding that gaze as long as he could. “I’m so sorry.”

Finn shrugged, gaze dropping as he brought the washcloth to his face. “I should have warned you, I guess. I just… it’s easier not to talk about it.”

Jeff bent to lay his cheek on Finn’s thigh. “We don’t have to.”

“No. Now that you’ve seen, you should know.” Finn smiled sadly. “My father hates me. My mother tries but she doesn’t understand me. My sister hates me because I piss off my parents. My family’s fucked up. They might be okay if I wasn’t around but…”

Jeff circled his arms around Finn’s waist and pulled. Finn had to spread his legs to allow Jeff between them. “I can’t imagine not wanting you around.” He buried his face into the sweater at Finn’s belly, breathing in his lover’s scent.

Finn’s hand petted Jeff’s hair lightly. “You’ve made it a lot easier to stand.”

“Finn…” I love you. It felt like the wrong time to say it. It always felt wrong although he knew his feelings were true.

Finn tapped the back of his shoulder. “I need to go to the bathroom.”

Jeff nodded. He straightened but immediately reached up to cup that beautiful face. He stared into Finn’s eyes, not remotely caring that Finn wasn’t at his best. He wanted Finn through everything, the good and the bad, and he tried to put that into his eyes before he leaned in to brush his lips on Finn’s.

He pulled back and released Finn, who let his fingers trail over Jeff’s shoulder then arm as he retreated to the other room. Jeff stayed on his knees, staring at the side of his bed. His heart felt like it was growing with every thud, swelling until it would no longer fit in his chest cavity. The person he needed most in this world was in the next room hurting. Finn lived in a house devoid of the love he needed. Finn needed to be with him.

He was still there when Finn returned. The smaller man resumed his seat in front of Jeff and placed his hands on Jeff’s shoulders. “I’m sorry. I kind of ruined our Valentine’s plans.”

Jeff squeezed Finn’s thighs. “You didn’t ruin anything. I did. I shouldn’t have come early.”

Finn had cleaned his face but his eyes were still puffy. As much as Jeff loved to see Finn all dressed up and in his element, he had to admit that this fragile, vulnerable Finn was precious too. “You did it on purpose?”


Finn nodded.

“I’m sorry.” He seemed to be saying that a lot but it was of utmost importance that Finn understand that the sentiment was real.

“I’m sorry. I probably would have done something worse if you kept a secret like that from me.”

Jeff edged closer, letting his hands slip around to Finn’s back. “Finn?”


“Move in with me.”

Beloved blue eyes widened. “What?”

Jeff swallowed. “Move in with me. I…” Love you, “want to have you here with me. All the time.”

Finn’s attention dropped to Jeff’s collarbone. “You’re just saying that because of what you saw.”



“Okay, yes. But no.” He pulled Finn closer, pressing his lips to Finn’s forehead. “I want you here.”

“For sex?”

“Well, that too.” He let himself chuckle, gratified to feel Finn shake slightly in response. “But I like having you around.” He bent his head so he could nuzzle Finn’s ear. Here, surrounded by Finn, holding him, drinking him in, he found his voice for the words. “I love you.”

The slim body in his arms stiffened. “What?”

He pulled back so he could look at Finn. “I love you.”

Finn’s jaw unhinged.

“I’ve wanted to tell you that for weeks but…” Jeff lost his courage, felt the blush creeping up his neck.

“Jeff,” Finn breathed, his long fingers gently cupping the side of Jeff’s jaw, “really?”


“Are you sure?”

“Am I sure?”

“You don’t have to say that just because…”

He grabbed Finn’s wrist and made sure that those sky blue eyes were on him. “I’m not saying this just because of what I saw today. I’m not saying it just because you like to dress up in women’s clothing. I’m not saying it just because I can’t get enough of fucking your sexy little body. I’m saying it because… Because of all of that and more. I love you, Finn.”

Halfway through his diatribe, two tears spilled from Finn’s eyes. The smile that curled those gorgeous lips was the most precious thing Jeff had ever seen and he did all he could to memorize it.

“I love you too.” Lack of breath behind them made the words hard to hear, but Jeff heard the sentiment just fine.

He crowded in, slanting his mouth over plump, beautiful lips that parted eagerly for him.

Eagerly, he pushed Finn back, crawling up over him on the bed. He settled his weight into the cradle of Finn’s hips, drawing those long legs around his waist while he feasted on Finn’s tongue. Those gorgeous little moans started in Finn’s throat, assuring Jeff of his success in distracting Finn.

Then he realized he didn’t want him fully distracted. He propped up on his elbows over his lover, watching those blue eyes slowly open as kiss swollen lips remained parted.

“You’ll move in with me?”

Finn blinked. “Don’t I get a chance to think about it?”

“Bad of me to say ‘no’?”

Finn grinned, the dreaded lines of worry and despair disappearing. “Yes.”

“Damn.” He reared back, reaching up to start unbuttoning his shirt. “What do I need to do to convince you?”

Finn sat up, graceful hands going to Jeff’s belt. “Are you sure I can afford the rent?”

Jeff bit back his immediate offer to let Finn live with him rent-free. He did just fine and didn’t need help to pay for the condo, but he knew Finn was stubbornly independent and would want to pay his way. “We could work the difference out in trade,” he suggested, putting on a leer.

Finn heard it, saw it when he glanced up. He smiled. Jeff’s belt was open and his zipper quickly came down. “Oh?” The slacks dropped to Jeff’s ankles. Finn cupped his cock through his black briefs. “How so?”

Jeff groaned, forgetting his unbuttoning task as Finn leaned forward to kiss the weeping tip of his cock through the stretchy fabric. Nimble lips nipped at him as Finn’s fingers slid between underneath to cup and gently squeeze his balls. Using his teeth only, Finn got hold of the waistband of Jeff’s briefs and pulled it out and down to free Jeff’s cock. Only when he had the stretchy band free did he use his hands to pull the garment down Jeff’s thighs.

He glanced up at Jeff, blinking prettily and smiling to match. “Hmm?”


Finn laughed, curling his soft, manicured fingers around Jeff’s shaft. “Something about working out the difference in trade?”

For a moment, Jeff honestly didn’t know what he was talking about. All he knew in this world was that Finn sat before him, holding him, stroking him, with those gorgeous lips wet and ready to take him in.

“Whatever you say, baby.”

Finn’s smile was as beautiful as Jeff had ever seen it. “Oh Jeff, I’m disappointed.” He pursed those lovely lips, pink and perfect even without makeup, around the tip of Jeff’s cock.

Jeff groaned as the head of his cock sucked into Finn’s mouth then popped right back out.

“You get distracted so easily.”

Not true. Actually, Finn was usually the one that got distracted, but Jeff was off his game. Finn was here, was his. Finn would agree to move in with him, he just knew it.

Abandoning his buttons, he reached down to comb his fingers in Finn’s hair. “With a mouth as pretty as yours, can you blame me?”

A tongue just a few shades off from the lips darted out to trace the rim of his cock’s head. “Flatterer.”

Jeff was spared answering by Finn’s opening up and swallowing him down. Groaning, he dug the fingers of both hands into Finn’s hair, more to steady himself than to guide his lover. Finn knew how to drive him crazy just fine. “God, baby.”

Finn worked him near to coming, then drew away. Jeff couldn’t help a slight whimper of disappointment.

Smiling, Finn ripped off his sweater. “I need you to fuck me, big boy.”

That was good too. He divested himself of the rest of his clothing while watching Finn get naked. Grabbing the lube and a condom, he stretched out beside Finn. Having had a chance to catch his breath, he was able to slide his arms around Finn and indulge in a gentle, exploratory kiss. He let Finn rub against him, inserting his thigh between Finn’s legs as Finn wrapped slim arms and legs around him. Their cocks pressed together between their bellies but Jeff resisted the urge to ramp things up. He wanted to take his time. He wanted to enjoy Finn. He wanted his lover to feel good, feel warm, feel wanted, none of which he got in that awful house where he lived.

Eventually, though, they both needed more. Through whimpers and biting kisses, Finn made his desires known. Jeff rolled him over onto his back. He slid his hands down Finn’s sides then back up, drawing up to his elbows so he could start kissing his way down Finn’s chest. Finn writhed when he bit into a nipple. Jeff glanced up to see the heels of Finn’s hands digging into his eye sockets, his white teeth showing as he bit his bottom lip hard. Liking the effect he had on his lover, Jeff stated to drift down, kissing each of Finn’s ribs.

Finn’s fingers dug into his shoulders when he reached the final rib. “Stop!”

Jeff froze, startled. He glanced up to see Finn curled up partway to stop him. “Why?”

“I want you inside me.”

Jeff ground his own cock into the mattress. “I’m getting there.”

“No.” He pushed until Jeff got up on his knees. “Now.”

Jeff blinked at Finn’s suddenly serious face. He reached up to cup Finn’s cheek. “You okay?”

Finn leaned into his touch, closing his eyes. A brief flash of something like pain marred his pretty features, then was gone. “Almost. I just.” He opened pleading blue eyes. “Just… please?”

“Okay.” He leaned forward enough to brush his lips over Finn’s, then reached for the lube and condom.

Finn snatched up the condom before he could and tossed it off the side of the bed.

Jeff stared after it while Finn rolled over onto his belly. He waited until his lover glanced over his shoulder. “You sure?”

Finn nodded hard enough to drop his hair into his eyes. Impatiently, he tossed it away. “I want it, tonight, to be just you and me. As close as we can be.”

Jeff felt the silly little grin on his own lips. “Okay.”

Finn scrambled into position while Jeff opened the lube. Before Jeff was done slicking up his cock, Finn was wiggling, reaching down to palm his cock. Jeff enjoyed his view of Finn’s pert little upturned ass, the position spreading his cheeks just enough to expose his little pink pucker. His lightly furred balls were mostly drawn up, testament to just how close he was.

Unable to resist, Jeff leaned down to kiss each firm cheek. Finn arched back with a cry when Jeff ran his tongue down the space between until he could tease Finn’s clutching opening.

“Jeff, please.”

He knelt up again so he could aim his cock. He relished the brief, cushioning resistance as he pushed in, then sighed in appreciation as Finn’s body swallowed his shaft.

Finn’s fingers dug into one side of Jeff’s hips. “Yes. God! More.”

Jeff settled all his weight on top of Finn, making himself heavy so his lover sank down into the mattress. He smothered Finn on purpose, using his knees to spread Finn’s legs. Finn sighed, wiggling back into Jeff. He lifted enough to allow Jeff’s forearms under his chest, then settled.

Jeff lay still for a moment, simply enjoying the warmth of the body beneath him and the squeeze of Finn’s ass around his cock. He nuzzled the side of Finn’s neck, working his way to one delicate little ear. “I love you.”

Finn’s smile in profile was just as dazzling as when faced full force. “Say it again.”

Jeff nipped the shell of Finn’s ear. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” He rocked his hips. “But you’ve got to move now.”

Nose buried in the bend of Finn’s neck, his forearms trapped underneath his slight lover, Jeff rocked just his hips. Slowly. Enjoying each millimeter of drag on the bare skin of his cock. Finn hummed his pleasure, finding and matching Jeff’s rhythm and they undulated together. Finn found Jeff’s fingers underneath his heart and wound their hands together, holding tight as their sweat-slicked bodies moved.

When Jeff came, it was a gradual explosion that was more a flush of pleasure than an explosion. His whole body warmed and he clutched Finn, pressing his face to the flesh just to the side of one of Finn’s shoulder blades.

Breathing hard, he kept rocking, using the last of his erection to bring Finn to the same soft flare of bliss. Finn cried out into the pillow, pressing into Jeff, the muscles in his body flexing so hard he managed to lift Jeff a little. Then he melted, letting Jeff’s weight nearly smother him in the mattress.

Jeff waited, playing his lips gently over the top of Finn’s spine until his lover stopped moving, and beyond. It felt so good to just hold him and know that they belonged together. “I want you here with me all the time.”

Finn clutched the hand he still held underneath his heartbeat. “I want that too.”

“Say you’ll live with me.”

“I want to.” He tensed, then sighed. “We’ll talk about it, I promise.” He wiggled a little, settling his cheek on the pillow so that Jeff could see the sated cast to his profile. “But can we talk later?”

He kissed Finn’s shoulder again. “Yes.”

When he would have moved from where he lay, Finn stopped him by grabbing his hand. “Stay there. For awhile.”

Their position kept his cock inside Finn. It wouldn’t last long, but it would last for a little. Content, he rested his cheek on the side of Finn’s head and breathed in his lover’s scent, soaked in his warmth. Finn was his. It was just a matter of time to make it more permanent.

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