Holiday Nerves

Originally posted on Fiction with Friction in 2008.


©2008 Jet Mykles, all rights reserved

“Oh shit, they’re gonna hate me.”

“They’re not going to hate you.”

“I turned their son gay.”

“You didn’t turn their son gay.” Gale lost the battle with the laughter Frank knew he’d been holding in. “They’ve known I was gay for a while now.”

“But you haven’t brought anyone home for Thanksgiving before.”

Gale reached over to grab Frank’s hand, still keeping his eyes on the road as he drove. “I haven’t wanted to bring anyone home before.”

Frank’s heart swelled. On the one hand, oh my god how sweet was it that his boyfriend loved him enough to want him to meet the family. On the other hand, oh my god how frightening was it to be meeting his boyfriend’s family!

Frank groaned, clutching Gale’s hand. “We should have gone for dinner before. We shouldn’t have waited for Thanksgiving.” He shook his head. “It’s too much.”

Gale was still smiling. “They’ll love you.”

“You don’t know that.”

“I do.”


“How could anyone not love you?”

Frank snorted. “Quit it.”

“It’s true. You are the singularly most lovable person I know.”

“You’re biased.”


Frank subsided, staring at the road in silence for a while. He normally liked taking drives with Gale. Then Gale took his hand back so he could navigate the off ramp.


“Would you quit it? You’re going to make me nervous.”

Frank chewed on his lower lip. He’d actually been to Gale’s parents’ house before, but they hadn’t been there. He and Gale had spent a weekend there once while his parents were on vacation. He and Gale had made love in the living room and the kitchen! “Oh god.”

Gale shook his head but didn’t say anything. He just kept driving through the idyllic little suburb streets toward the family that Frank simply had to impress. Gale was his life, his soul mate. He couldn’t live without the man. He didn’t want to be a wedge between Gale and his family. Frank’s own family was distant enough. He didn’t want Gale to suffer that too.

He frowned when Gale drove past the gated entrance to his parents’ community. “Where are you going?”

“We need to do something first.”


“You’ll see.”

Frank’s eyes widened. Like he needed to be more alarmed? “What are you up to?”


He turned down a little street with big trees packed so tightly close around it that they created an arch over the dirt road.

“What are you doing?”

“We’re almost there.”

“Almost where?”

When Gale finally parked the car on the edge of an incline overlooking a dried out stream, Frank was nearly frantic. “What’s going on?”

Gale turned off the ignition then punched open his seatbelt. “You need to relax.”


“So we’re going to take a walk.”

Frank gaped at his lover as the man exited the car. He continued gaping as Gale circled around the front of the car and came to open his door.

“Come on.”

“You’re joking.”

“I’m not.”

“We don’t have time for a walk.”

“We’ve got plenty of time. Mom and Suse won’t have dinner on for hours still.” Gale held out his hand and wiggled his fingers. “Come on.”

Grumbling, Frank undid his seatbelt and got out of the car. He knew that look in Gale’s eyes. Plus, the other man had the keys. They obviously weren’t leaving until Gale got his way.

Ignoring Frank’s pique, Gale slipped an arm around his shoulders and walked him off toward the trees.

It was a pretty place. Gale came from what Frank called “horse country”. Plenty people in the area had them on their 2+ acre homes. Within a few minutes, Frank could no longer hear cars on the road and the only evidence of civilization was a few power lines he could see strung in the distance overhead. The crisp November air nipped at his nose and made him feel snuggly in his fleece jacket. Gale’s arm about his shoulders and hot body pressed against his made him feel doubly warm.

“You’re breathing again,” Gale noted.


“Doing better?”


Gale stopped, reaching up to take Frank’s chin between thumb and forefinger to tip his face up. “Good.” Gale kissed him, soft and slow. It made Frank’s toes melt and prompted his arms to rise up and circle Gale’s neck all of their own accord. When Gale walked him backward, he had no choice but to go. Not that he wanted to be anywhere but where Gale wanted him. The tree that came up against his back was welcome because it allowed Gale to hitch him up and press in closer.

However, when Gale’s hand started to rummage at the fastening of Frank’s slacks, Frank had to protest. “What are you doing?”

Gale’s lips caressed the side of his neck. “What do you think?” His hand got the slacks open and pressed against Frank’s erection.

Frank squeaked, squirming. But there was nowhere to go. Gale was both bigger and stronger and he’d maneuvered Frank into a helpless position. Frank should have recognized it but he didn’t usually protest. “Wait. Stop.”

Fingers squeezed. “Why?”

Frank’s eyes crossed behind closed lids. “We can’t…”

“Yes, we can.”


“Isn’t going anywhere.” Wonderful hot fingers wormed into Frank’s briefs to squeeze. “And my baby needs to relax.”

“Oh fuck, Gale no.”

Gale bit his earlobe. “Yes.”

Frank whimpered. He had absolutely zero restraint when it came to sex with Gale. Gale knew this and often took shameless advantage. “Gale, please.”

“Relax for me, baby,” Gale murmured, his lips a whisper away from Frank’s. His fingers stroked Frank’s cock.

“R-relax?” Frank’s laughter stuttered.

“Oh yeah. Come for me. Then you’ll feel all better.”

Frank’s response evaporated within a cry when Gale did that thing with his nail of his thumb, pressing right underneath the head of Frank’s cock. Desperately he clung to Gale’s shoulders as his hips began to pump, sliding his cock through Gale’s fingers.

“That’s right, baby.” Gale’s husky voice caressed his ear, spurring him on.

“Gale. Gale, oh shit!”

Instantly, Gale’s warmth was gone as the bigger man dropped to his knees. His timing impeccable, he gulped down Frank’s cock, managing two delicious slides of hot suction up and down Frank’s shaft before the orgasm ripped free of Frank’s spine and spurted down Gale’s throat.

He stayed there, shaking a little, propped with his hands on Gale’s strong shoulders and his back and butt up against the trunk of a tree. Gale hummed, gently lapping his cock clean.

“You…” Frank’s voice broke and he had to clear his throat to continue. “You’re a bastard.”

Gale chuckled, nipping at the sensitive skin at the side of Frank’s groin. “Maybe you should take that up with my mom.”

Frank groaned. “I can’t believe you did that.”

Gale tucked Frank’s spent cock back into his briefs. “You’re much calmer now. You always are after you come.”

Frank had to laugh, falling back against the tree trunk. He raised his palms to cover his eyes as Gale finished putting his clothes back together.

As Gale stood, he slid is hands up Frank’s sides then around his back, gathering the smaller man close. “You going to be okay?”

Unfortunately, Gale was right about him. After he’d come, Frank had a devil of a time worrying about anything for awhile. “Yes.”

“Ready to go?”

“What about you?”

Gale brushed his lips over Frank’s. “I’m fine.” When Frank moved to slide a hand between them to check, Gale caught his hand. “Really, I’m fine. If we try making me come, I’ll fall asleep.”

Frank had to chuckle. “True.” Gale was one of those guys who invariably fell asleep after sex. Good thing he had amazing stamina. “Okay.” He slipped his arms around his lover’s neck and stared into his eyes. “But I’ll make it up to you later.”


Gale kissed him and in Frank’s now-calm mind, he actually believed that things with Gale’s family might just be all right after all.

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