Candy – Skirt part 2

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Originally posted on Fiction with Friction in 2008.

Since Finn and his skirt was rather a hit around Halloween, thought I’d bring him and Jeff back for the December holidays. Besides, he showed me his new costume and I couldn’t resist.

Story is quite X-rated. NOT SAFE FOR WORK


©2008 Jet Mykles, all rights reserved

Jeff rounded the corner then slowed his car down in front of the one story blue house that was nearly hidden behind mostly well groomed trees and shrubbery. He considered getting out and going up paved walkway to the front door, but decided against it. Finn had told him to text when he got there and had been adamant that he not come to the door.  Since the last thing he wanted was to piss Finn off when he hadn’t seen him for three weeks, he stopped the car, left it running for the heat, and pulled out his cell to send a text to the amazingly cute guy who he’d sort of been seeing for two months now.

Jeff watched the front door, remembering the first time he’d seen Finn on Halloween. At first it hadn’t occurred to him that the adorable Snow White could possibly be a guy. But then Finn had spoken and given away the game. Even then it had been hard to tell. Finn was prettier than most women Jeff knew. Later, of course, in the back room of the bar, Jeff had discovered that his princess was indeed all male and even more delicious than he’d imagined. Just the thought of Halloween forced Jeff to adjust his slacks. It brought to mind subsequent nights when he’d brought Finn back to his apartment and learned every inch of that slim, delectable body. Finn was gorgeous and insatiable and everything Jeff wanted in a lover. Outside of bed, he was smart and funny. Jeff carefully stopped his thoughts there, knowing it was still too soon to think farther.

Finn’s appearance in the doorway saved him. As always, just looking at the younger man took his breath away. He was bundled against the brisk winter air in a big tan overcoat that did nothing for his figure. A furry red stocking cap was perched on his head with his loose black hair curling about his neck and shoulders. He called something over his shoulder, shut the door then hurried down the front path, his breath clouding softly from his parted lips. Jeff grinned at the sight of the brightly striped red, white and green stockings that covered Finn’s legs from the hem of the overcoat to his red slip-ons. Evidently, he was in for one of Finn’s costumes. He couldn’t wait to see it.

Halfway down the walk, Finn caught his eye and grinned back. Then he lifted one hand and shoved a peppermint stick into his mouth. Jeff groaned. The red and white striped stick was about a foot long and at least an inch thick. Finn’s lips pursed around it, stretching sensuously as he slowly pulled the candy from his mouth. Jeff groaned again, picturing those lips around his cock. Which was, he had no doubt, exactly what Finn wanted him to do.

The passenger door opened. Finn tossed his backpack into the back seat then slipped into the car, waiting until he was seated and turned toward Jeff before he pulled the candy completely from his mouth. His soft lips shone with melted confection. “Hi.”

Gaze hooded, Jeff reached over to hook his hand around the back of Finn’s neck to pull those lips closer. “Hey.”

Finn’s lips were always sweet but now they were doubly so, coated with one of the tastes of Christmas. The tongue that snaked out to meet Jeff’s was just as sugary and Jeff took his time to enjoy.

Mmmm.” Finn’s eyes were closed when Jeff released him from the kiss and remained so for a moment over his blissful smile. “I missed that.”

Because he couldn’t resist, Jeff brushed another kiss over those lips. “I missed you too.”

Giggling, Finn pushed him away. “You’d better start driving,” he advised, twisting so he could fasten his seatbelt, “or my mother might gather enough courage to come out here.”

Jeff glanced at the house and did, indeed, see a female face in the picture window beside the front door. Two, in fact, one much younger than the first. That must be Finn’s sister. “I don’t mind meeting your mom.”

“I do.” Finn crunched the end of his candy, glaring at the window. Then he sighed and turned back to Jeff. “I’ll let her meet you. Someday. Soon. But not today. I haven’t seen you in weeks.” He reached over to comb hair away from Jeff’s brow, blinking prettily to show off his mascara and amazing sky blue eyes. “Did you miss me?”

Jeff decided to let it go. Finn had issues with his family that Jeff had yet to understand, but he agreed, now was not the time. He’d been in Illinois with his family since the week after Thanksgiving and had just gotten back the day after Christmas. He’d had to work over the weekend and Monday so he’d been unable to see Finn but now he looked forward to three whole days  over New Year with his… lover? Boyfriend? How about obsession? Yeah, that fit.

He grabbed Finn’s hand and kissed the palm. “I missed you desperately.” Finn hummed happily and Jeff grinned as he turned the car into the street. Finn loved to hear stuff like that. “I couldn’t look at an elf or a reindeer without thinking of you.”

Finn cackled. “I guess my email gave you pause?”

Jeff snorted. Finn, being rather artistic, had drawn a special holiday image for Jeff including a sexy elf in a skirt riding a big, doe-eyed reindeer. Both figures were looking coyly over their shoulders, showing off rather enticing asses. “I’m not sure I’m okay with being turned on by a reindeer’s butt.”

“Just imagine a guy in a costume.”

“Hmm.” He glanced at Finn’s gaily striped legs. “Is that the costume you’ve got on?”

He glanced over to see Finn’s sly look. “You’ll see.” He winked and commenced sucking on the candy cock.

Luckily, Jeff’s apartment was only twenty minutes away. Otherwise, he might have had to stop somewhere and request Finn replace the hard stick in his mouth with the hard stick in Jeff’s pants. Finn, of course, kept happily slurping as he quizzed Jeff about his family trip to his grandparents’ home. They’d talked during Jeff’s time away, via phone, email and chat, but Finn seemed determined to find out all the boring details. Jeff could only get him to say a few words about his own holiday and most of what he would say was about time with his friends or at the gift shop where he worked before Christmas. Very few words about time with his family. Promising himself that he’d get to the bottom of the family thing soon, Jeff put it in the back of his mind. Better to fuck Finn into compliance first. Yes, that was the ticket.

He pulled into his underground parking garage and stopped in his slot. Finn met him around the back of his car, throwing his arms around Jeff’s neck to bestow another candy-coated kiss on him.

“You didn’t need to go eat first, did you?” Jeff growled, walking Finn backward toward the stairs into the building. Having Finn’s body up against his, even through both of their coats, had his thoughts centered around getting inside that body.

“I only want to eat you,” Finn beamed, following Jeff’s lead easily.

Another kiss then Jeff had to let his treat go so they could climb the stairs. “What’s under the coat?”

“You’ll see.”

He smacked Finn’s ass through layers of fabric. “Walk faster.”

Mmmm, I love it when you get all forceful.”

They made out in the short elevator trip up to Jeff’s fourth floor apartment with Finn fending off Jeff’s attempts to open the coat. When they finally spilled into Jeff’s apartment, Finn was laughing so hard he couldn’t suck on his candy.

“All right.” Jeff removed his own coat and tossed it aside, giving Finn what he hoped was a domineering look. “Show me.”

Tossing his bag onto the couch, Finn popped his candy into his mouth and adjusted his stocking cap to his liking then he put both hands on the belt of his coat. “You sure?”

Jeff loosened his tie. “More than sure.”

Grinning, Finn drew the coat open then let it fall down his arms to puddle at his feet. The sight was worth the wait. It was a little elfin costume, ‘little’ being the operative word. The stretchy dress had to be a few sizes too small. Made of some slightly furry and shimmery red material, it hugged Finn’s slender torso then flared into a short, frilly skirt that let Jeff know the striped stockings were, indeed, held up by bright red garters. Long sleeves ended in puffy fake white fur around Finn’s wrists. The low, scoop neck and skirt hem was trimmed with similar. “You like?”

“You know I do.” And he did. Jeff had always been secretly intrigued by cross dressers, at least since puberty. It was a quiet thing that he’d kept to himself. Didn’t he count himself lucky to have found this adorable little minx who not only liked to wear skirts but looked damn fine in them. Jeff stood there and openly admired, knowing that Finn lived to be admired. He could almost see the younger man getting aroused, just from being watched. “Just like in your picture.”

Finn licked at the end of his candy stick. “Sorry, don’t have a reindeer.”

“We’ll have to make do.” Jeff gestured for Finn to turn so he could see the view from behind. He whistled, the view all around was spectacular. No way Finn could go into public without the coat. Not without getting fined for indecency. “Panties?”

To his groaning delight, Finn flipped up the skirt in the back to show skimpy green satin panties almost covering the firm round cheeks of his butt. He glanced coyly over his shoulder. “Not a thong. Hope that’s okay?”

Jeff took the steps that separated them, sliding his arms around the body he so desperately wanted so he could press that teasing ass into the hard on in his slacks. “God, you’re gorgeous.”

Finely manicured fingers reached up to comb into his hair. “You’re quite the looker yourself,” Finn purred, twisting his neck to offer his mouth.

Jeff took the offer, nibbling at Finn’s sweet lips as he let his hands wander over the warm, stretchy fabric of Finn’s costume. He found the furry hem of the skirt and slipped his hands under it. He found the hot, bare skin at the top of Finn’s thighs and trailed his fingers in the creases between thigh and groin. He traced his fingers over the satin that encased a hard treat that surpassed any peppermint candy. Light, teasing touches as he sampled Finn’s sugary tongue. He knew his lover now, had learned a few hot spots and knew that Finn liked to be taunted. Any moment now…

There it was. There came a point when Finn couldn’t do the teasing anymore. At that time, a sexy as all hell growl would spill from his throat and he’d take charge for a moment. He spun in Jeff’s arms, reaching up to cup the taller man’s jaw while he lifted one leg to twine around Jeff’s. His kisses were hungry, teeth digging into Jeff’s lower lip as he ground his satin-encased cock into Jeff’s thigh.

Chuckling, Jeff reached up to pull away the hand that held the candy, wincing when some of his hair came off on the sticky stick.

“Oh shit, sorry.” Finn’s voice was low and breathy, his eyes glazed over.

“Not a problem.” Grinning, Jeff enjoyed the kisses Finn pressed to his neck as he plucked his hair from the candy. When he was done, he yanked off Finn’s stocking cap so he could twine the fingers of his free hand in abundant black curls, using his hold to pull Finn’s head back.

Finn moved easily with direction, still wound around Jeff like a monkey.

Jeff sucked the tip of the candy to make it very wet then used it to trace over Finn’s lips. “You’ve been teasing me.”

Finn’s pink tongue darted out to lick at the peppermint and his lips, his blue eyes nearly hidden under heavy lids. “Have I?”

“Yes.” Jeff stepped back, letting Finn follow as he backed toward his bedroom. “You need to make it up to me.”

Finn smiled, keeping his arms around Jeff’s neck. “Oh yes. I agree.”

They made quick work of Jeff’s clothing once they passed into the bedroom, but the only articles of clothing that Jeff allowed Finn to remove were his boots and panties. Finn was happy to comply.

Still in possession of the candy cane, Jeff took position in the middle of his king-sized bed, propped up in the pillows piled against his headboard. He directed Finn to crawl up and straddle his thighs but stopped him from the blow job he intended.

“But I want to taste you,” Finn pouted, wrapping one hand around Jeff’s cock.

Jeff had to take a moment to appreciate the hold then reopened his eyes to see Finn’s pleased look. “Later.” Holding the candy between his teeth, he reached down to lift Finn’s skirt and tuck it behind his jutting cock. So pretty, poking out from under the skirt’s fluffy white ruff. “Right now, I want you to ride me.”

His words were hampered by the candy but Finn heard him well enough. Sparkling blue eyes lit up and Finn abandoned his hand job in order to lean toward the nightstand drawer where he knew well enough that Jeff kept the lube. “Oooo! New!”

“Presents for you,” Jeff proclaimed. He’d given Finn his real Christmas present—a tricked out sewing box—before he’d left for his trip but he hadn’t been able to resist buying some fun new sex toys.

Finn fished out the box and exclaimed over the dildo, butt plug, anal beads, pocket rocket and an assortment of small bottles of lube. “Awww.” Finn plucked the candy from Jeff’s lips to give him a kiss, then put the candy back. “Thank you.”

“My pleasure.”

“And three whole days to play.” His wiggling made his hot groin and thighs press marvelously over Jeff.

“Yeah. But let’s play later, huh?”

“All right.” Finn found the second box in the nightstand and again squealed with delight. “Christmas condoms!” He was like a kid in a candy store as he spilled the twenty five pack of gaily colored condoms onto the bedspread beside them. He wrapped his hand back around Jeff’s cock, idly pulling as he mulled over his choices. “How about this one?”

Jeff had to open eyes that had drifted shut in pleasure. Even when he was distracted, Finn’s hand jobs were hard to ignore. “Yeah. Sure. Whatever.”

Smirking, Finn ripped open and roll on what turned out to be a red and white striped condom. “That’s my kind of candy,” he purred, squeezing the head of Jeff’s cock for emphasis.

“Hurry up and put it where it belongs.”

Clearly enjoying himself, Finn opened one of the bottles of lube and another source of peppermint scent perfumed the air. “In keeping with the theme,” he said as he smeared it on Jeff. He touched his tongue to his own palm experimentally. “Oh yum!”


“I’m hurrying.” Humming again, Finn used his dry hand to hold up his skirt in the back then leaned forward as he drew his wet hand behind him. Jeff pulled the candy from his mouth to meet Finn’s kiss. Predictably, Finn was sloppy. He always got distracted when anything—even his own fingers—breached his ass.

“Oh man, it’s tingly,” he breathed into Jeff’s mouth.

Jeff stored that information for later and just continued to nibble at Finn’s lips, knowing his eager lover wouldn’t last long with his own fingers.

When Finn pulled back and reared up, Jeff set the candy stick on his bare chest. He was willing to get a little messy and knew he wasn’t going to be able to keep the thing in his mouth once Finn started… “Ungh!” He gripped Finn’s striped thighs as his lover’s heat slid tight and hot around his cock.

Finn threw his head back, glossy black curls swaying. The fur hem of his skirt teased Jeff’s thighs as Finn’s hard cock oozed a little pre-cum down the shaft.

Jeff watched as Finn rolled his hips, massaging the strength in slender thighs, loving the velvet grip of Finn’s ass. “Missed you,” he groaned.

“Missed you too,” Finn answered breathlessly, taking him all in.

Finn rode Jeff until a fine layer of sweat had plastered tendrils of black hair to the sides of his face and neck. Finn’s thin fingers dug into Jeff’s shoulders. The thighs underneath Jeff’s palms were damp and the head of Finn’s bouncing cock shone with pre-cum. Sweet, desperate little moans pushed through the lips that Finn kept biting. Damp spots darkened parts of his dress and some of his mascara smudged around his tightly shut eyes. To Jeff, this was Finn at his most beautiful.

“Jeff! Please!”

Finn couldn’t come in that position, Jeff knew. Neither could he, not often at least. This position was for foreplay. But that plea meant it was time for the real thing.

“On your knees.”

As Finn eagerly scrambled from his lap, Jeff snatched the candy from his chest and shoved it between his teeth. Impatiently, he ripped off the first, now useless condom and grabbed another one. Colorful but not very long lasting, he thought as he rolled on a bright green sheathe with tiny white Christmas trees scattered over it. By the time he was ready, Finn was on his knees in the same spot where Jeff had sat, his dress pulled up nearly to his armpits, exposing the sleek length of his back and the perfect round globes of his ass. The look of pure lust that he shot at Jeff over his shoulder decided Jeff on no more teasing. He aimed his gaily covered cock at Finn’s stretched, bright red hole and sank back into paradise.

Groaning, he fell forward onto his hands, nearly dropping the candy cane into the spill of Finn’s hair covering his back. He thrust a few times, watching Finn’s profile melt in bliss. Sweet pink lips were open, panting as Finn clutched at the misshapen pillow beneath him.

Jeff pulled the candy from his mouth and leaned over Finn’s back. He traced the parting of Finn’s lips with it. Finn opened his eyes, confused at first, then, with a glance up at Jeff, he opened his mouth further. Jeff slipped the candy in as he pushed his cock to its limit inside Finn. They both groaned. As best he could, Jeff mimicked the thrust of his cock with the thrust of the candy in Finn’s mouth. “So sexy,” he murmured, “so sweet.”

Finn whimpered, writhing underneath Jeff. More praise bled from Jeff’s lips. He wasn’t exactly sure what he said but he did keep one important bit internal. I love you. Those words echoed in his head, sizzled down his spine and burbled in his balls. Inarticulate cries replaced anything understandable as he adjusted position so he could grip Finn’s hip and pound as deep as he could, as long as he could, which wasn’t long because his balls took fire and shot. Finn cried out for him, ass milking him dry.

Sated, Jeff knew he wasn’t done. He pulled from Finn’s gripping, writhing body and flipped the smaller man over. He dove between the legs that Finn splayed before him and swallowed down Finn’s trembling, rock hard cock. With another cry, Finn curled around Jeff’s head, his fingers combing and gripping in Jeff’s hair. Jeff held his breath and swallowed around the head of Finn’s cock, recognizing the signs. Before he had to take a breath, Finn shuddered and warm, thick juice spurted down Jeff’s throat.

Finn collapsed with a small, groaning sigh. Jeff crawled up his body and braced over him. Slowly, gorgeous blue eyes opened to smile up at his. The candy stick, now much shorter and very wet, was still held triumphantly in his teeth.

I love you so much, Jeff wanted to say, but he stopped himself. Smiling, he smoothed sweaty hair from Finn’s forehead and bestowed a soft kiss on swollen lips. “You’re better than any candy.”

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