Glory Boy – part 2

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Originally posted on Fiction with Friction in 2008.

Enough people asked me what happened next that I got curious myself. So here’s Eric and Bobby, after the fireworks…

Pairing: m/m



©2008 Jet Mykles, all rights reserved

“Be safe, sweetheart. Call us tomorrow if you’re staying out.”

“Okay, mom.” Eric flipped his cell phone shut.

“That’s it?”

Eric looked over at Bobby, who’d glanced at him from the driver’s seat. “What?”

“You just call and say you’re staying out all night?”

Eric laughed, sitting back in the passenger seat of Bobby’s Mustang GT. “My parents like to think of themselves as very progressive. As long as I call in every once and awhile, I can pretty much do what I want.”

“Man. My folks’d never be that cool.”

“You going to call them?”

“Nah. I told them at the picnic that I wouldn’t be home tonight.” His grin turned into a leer even though it was directed at the road ahead. “Before I came to find you.”

Eric blushed, staring at the phone he cradled in his lap. “Oh yeah.”

He snuck another peek at Bobby. The glory boy was lit up only by the dash lights. The twenty mile stretch between Linden Grove and Grainger split through farm and pasture lands so the street lamps were few and far between.

“So,” Bobby adjusted in his seat so that his shoulder was closer to the door, that elbow propped on the window ledge and that wrist looped over the steering wheel to drive. His other hand lay quiet on his thigh, fingers touching the bare, hairy skin below the hem of his shorts. “Can I ask you something?”

Distracted by Bobby’s hand, Eric startled. “Uh, sure.”

“If you’re still a virgin, why’d you bother coming out?”


Bobby shrugged. “You could have hid it until you got to college and avoided all the flack.”

“Oh.” He shrugged. “I dunno. Guess I just wanted it to be out in the open. No one gave me any flack, not really.”

“Not even as school?”

“A couple of guys tried to make something of it but some other guys came to my defense.” He sighed, looking out his window. “Besides, I took judo when I was younger so the one fight I got in didn’t last long.” He chuckled. “No one wanted it known they got beat up by a fag.”

Bobby laughed. “That’s awesome. Man, you’ve got hidden depth beneath that pretty exterior.”

Eric ducked his head. “I’m not pretty.”

Fingers brushing at the hair falling against his cheek startled him. He looked over to see Bobby’s brief, hungry glance. “You’re gorgeous.”

Embarrassed but pleased, Eric ducked his head again. “So why’d you come out?”

“I guess for the same reasons. I’ve figured out that I just like sleeping with guys more than girls and didn’t think it was fair to my parents to hide it from them.”

“You think they’ll be okay with it?”

“Yeah. I think so. If not, can I send them to talk to your mom and dad?”

Eric laughed. “Sure, but I gotta warn you. My parents are pure hippies. They may be more shocking than your being gay.”

Mood lifted, they exchanged stories about their parents for the remainder of the trip. Sure, Eric knew of Bobby’s family but he couldn’t say he knew them personally. He knew of everyone in Linden Grove but really only spoke to a few on a regular basis.

When they reached the turn off into Grainger, the bats in Eric’s belly returned. They fell silent as Bobby navigated to the Best Western.

“This okay with you?” Bobby asked as he turned into the parking lot.

“Yeah. Sure.”

The car stopped in the middle of the deserted driveway, still a good distance away from the entrance lights. Surprised, Eric turned to look at Bobby.

“Say the word, gorgeous, and we’ll leave.” The concern on his face touched Eric heart, making some of his fear melt.

Boldly, Eric leaned over, offering his lips up for a kiss since his seatbelt wouldn’t let him close the distance between them. Bobby helped by leaning over, gently taking the offer.

Eric smiled at him when he pulled back. “I want to stay.”

Bobby grinned. “That’s my boy.”

Eric had to laugh at the spot-on imitation of Mr. Grossman, their high school principal.

* * *

When they got into the room, Bobby tossed the small duffle bag he’d taken from his trunk onto the chair. Eric stared at it. He didn’t have any clothes for the morning. He didn’t have a toothbrush. He didn’t…

Bobby caught his shoulders and turned him into a kiss. Suddenly, he didn’t care what he didn’t have because what he wanted was right here. Bobby held him in amazingly strong arms, one of those big hands on the back of his head to tilt it just the way Bobby wanted it. Eric didn’t feel like he had a thing to worry about, not even when Bobby walked him backward toward the bed. The kiss broke when they reached it and Bobby turned them so that he could sit. He drew Eric into the space between his knees, so tall that the top of his head was on level with the top of Eric’s shoulder. Eric slipped his arms around Bobby’s neck as he was pulled forward.

Bobby kissed him briefly as he let his hands slide down to the waistband of Eric’s shorts. “I need to get you naked,” he said, growling a little through the words as he smoothed his hands up under Eric’s t-shirt.

“Okay.” Eager to please, Eric grabbed the rucked up hem in both hands and pulled the shirt up and over his head.

As he tossed aside the garment, Bobby did a little exploring with his hands, calloused fingers tracing Eric’s ribs and little bit of muscle tone. Eric was so very glad that he’d been swimming lately. It had given him a tan and slimmed off a few of the pounds he’d gained during the winter.

“Oh yeah.” Hands sliding around to Eric’s back, Bobby pulled him forward to bring one nipple to his mouth.

Eric gasped, squeezing the bigger man’s shoulders and pleasure zinged through him. He and Paul had done a little nipple play but Paul hadn’t been much for playing with any but “the important” areas: i.e. mouth, cock and ass. Bobby, on the other hand, seemed quite willing to take his time exploring. Strong fingers kneaded all over Eric’s chest as Bobby feasted on first one, then the other nipple.

“Bobby,” Eric groaned, clutching the man’s t-shirt. “You’re driving me crazy.”

That hot tongue circled his nipple. “I haven’t even started.” Sleepy brown eyes twinkled wickedly before he took a bite at Eric’s nipple, just hard enough to make him jump. Watching Eric, his hands roamed down to firmly cup Eric’s ass. “I can’t wait to get that cock of your in my mouth. I know you taste good.”

Eric had to close his eyes, knowing he was blushing. “Oh man, don’t talk like that.”

“Why not?” Tongue at his nipple, fingers pressing into the crack of his ass. “It makes you blush all pretty.”

Eric frowned down at him. “You’re trying to embarrass me?”

Bobby laughed. “Nah.” Fingers rubbed his back entrance through the double layer of shorts and underwear. “I’m trying to get you all hot.”

“You’ve done that.”

He kissed the center of Eric’s chest. “Not enough.”

When those tormenting fingers came forward to the button of Eric’s cut-offs, he shook himself into some sort of reason. Stepping back, he caught hold of Bobby’s wrists. “Let me do that.” He nodded toward Bobby’s clothes. “You should get naked.”

Those sleepy eyes narrowed, so sexy over his wicked grin. “Okay.” Quick as a wink, he stood and had his t-shirt off. Eric could only blink, having to admire the cut muscles of Bobby’s chest underneath a thick mat of hair. Then Bobby had his cargo shorts open and was bending to shuck them and underwear.

“Whoa!” Eric’s exclamation came unbidden when Bobby stood back up, his cock slapping up against his belly. A terrible mixture of fear and lust transfixed Eric. He wanted that cock, wanted to wrap himself around it and pay due homage to it. But it scared the hell out of him.

It must have shown in his face because some of the wicked drained from Bobby’s face. “You okay?”

Eric nodded, swallowed. “O-one of the reasons the guy I was with broke it off with me was because I was scared to…” He nodded, losing his nerve.

With nothing but understanding in his face, Bobby stepped close enough to reach up and cup Eric’s jaw. He had to use it to turn Eric’s attention from his cock to his eyes. “We don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.” His smile was vastly reassuring. “There are plenty of good things I can do with that body of yours.”

Eric laughed, again much of his fear abating. “You’re good at that.”

“Good at what?”

“Making me feel okay.”

“Hey.” With both hands on either side of Eric’s neck, Bobby used his thumbs to prop up Eric’s chin. “Sex is supposed to be fun. If you’re scared, that kind of defeats the point.”

Bobby kissed him. Eric could not imagine what he’d done to deserve this gorgeous, tender man’s attention but he mentally broadcast a blanket thank you to the universe at large for the privilege.

The kiss got involved and Eric felt Bobby’s cock tapping his belly. He didn’t quite have the nerve to grab it so he did the next best thing and grabbed Bobby’s hips to pull himself close, mashing that cock between them.

“Okay.” Bobby broke away and propelled Eric toward the bed. “Need you naked. Now.”

Eric was a tad shocked to find that he’d forgotten to remove his shorts. Bobby quickly corrected that oversight after he toppled Eric onto the mattress.

“Oh yeah.” Bobby dropped to his knees, big hands to the inside of Eric’s thighs to spread them. His lips found the tip of Eric’s cock, drawing it between them. Eric gasped at that little bit of suction, then seized at the electric frenzy caused by Bobby’s tongue tickling just underneath the head.

“Oh shit!” He leaned back, clutching at the slick, flowered bedspread as Bobby sank his wet, hot mouth down Eric’s shaft. Sleepy eyes were closed in an expression of pure enjoyment and his lips glistened in the yellowish lamplight when he pulled back up.

“Oh God, Bobby, I’m not gonna last.” Eric groaned, unhappy to admit that but he had to let Bobby know.

Fingers wrapped around his base as Bobby’s lips popped off the head. “All keyed up, huh, pretty baby?” he teased.

Eric couldn’t figure out how to respond in kind, so he just nodded.

Bobby smiled. “Okay.” He kissed the tip of Eric’s cock, gave it a fond squeeze, then released it as he stood. “Scoot up into the pillows.”

Distracted, Eric watched Bobby cross over to retrieve the duffle bag, his cock bobbing enticingly before him. When Bobby turned to head back, bag in his hand, Eric licked his lips. “Can I suck you?”

Bobby paused, closing his eyes and reaching down to grasp his own shaft with his free hand. “Oh baby. Yeah. Later.” He opened his eyes and lifted the bag. “First, can we try this?”

“What’s that?”

“Scoot up.”

This time Eric obeyed, watching curiously as Bobby dropped the bag on the side of the mattress and opened it. He should have guessed the contents, he supposed. Wrapped within a thick green towel was a bottle of lube and a bunch of condoms. At least one of them was thinking ahead.

“Lay back.” Bobby set the lube on the bed, then helped Eric into the position he wanted him. They ended up lying side by side, Eric on his back, Bobby facing him on his side. Bobby draped Eric’s near leg over his hip and instructed Eric to let the other leg fall open. “Kiss me.”

Twisting a little awkwardly, Eric obeyed, falling into a languid meeting of lips. Bobby wouldn’t let him make it hot and heavy, teasing with his tongue as his hand stroked Eric’s belly and thigh. He kept from touching Eric’s aching cock or any of the groin he’d exposed. He just kept kissing until Eric relaxed into it. Then he touched, fingers skating down Eric’s shaft until a warm palm could cup and shape his balls. He whimpered, squirming, but again Bobby kept it slow, kept it even, until he sighed and relaxed into that two.

“Put some lube on my hand, would you baby?” Bobby requested against his lips.

Dreamily, Eric retrieved the bottle, popped it open, then poured some into Bobby’s waiting palm. Bobby kissed him again so that he could only feel the hand wetting his balls, wetting behind his balls. Fingers rubbed at that exciting little patch of skin between balls and hole.

“You ever finger yourself?”

Eric flushed, managing to be embarrassed even though the man’s fingers were circling his asshole. “A-a little.”

Mmmm.” Bobby nuzzled his cheek. “I knew I had to be gay when I started playing with my own ass.”

Eric’s eyes snapped open in surprise, staring at the ceiling. “You?”

“Oh yeah.” One thick finger breached Eric. “Once you know how it feels, how can you not?”

Eric squirmed, unbearably turned on by the thought of Bobby with his fingers up his own ass. Had he had anything more than fingers in him?

“Somewhere in here, right baby?” Bobby crooned, that finger gently pushing farther in. “You tell me to stop if you need it.”

Eric squeezed his eyes shut, unable to concentrate on anything but the finger inside of him. Oh man, that felt good.

“One’s easy, huh baby?” The finger pressed in and out gently. “You like that?”


“More lube, baby.”

Eric barely suppressed a squeak of disappointment when the finger pulled out, but he poured some more liquid in Bobby’s waiting palm.

Bobby’s finger slid back inside easily. “You need more, don’t you?” Without waiting for an answer, Bobby pressed in another finger.

Eric was okay with that but he knew anything more would be new territory for him. He tried to relax into the stretch, determined to take everything Bobby offered him.

“How about three?” When he hissed a little, Bobby slowed down. “Feeling it stretch, baby. God, you’re so tight. You’re gonna feel so damn good wrapped around my cock.”

Eric groaned, pressing down on the fingers inside him. Bobby went slow enough that the pain of the stretch morphed easily into a burning pleasure, one that made it impossible for him to stay still. He arched on the bed, digging his into Bobby’s arm

“Jerk off for me baby.”

Nn! No!” Desperately, Eric shook his head.

“Why not?”

“Want…” God those fingers felt good! “Want you inside me.”

“Oh man, you gonna make me come just taking like that.” The fingers inside Eric pumped just a little harder, a little faster. “You ready for me.”

“God, please yet.” He turned his lips into Bobby’s. “Please. Fuck me now.”

Bobby’s growl shot straight to the base of Eric’s cock, making it twitch, making it spill a little hot liquid on his belly. He was so not going to last much longer. “Please, Bobby, please.”

Without words, Bobby drew away. Eric whined at the loss of those fingers and made himself stay still, stay spread open, while Bobby tore open a condom then rolled it on.

“Get on your hands and knees.”


“Trust me. It’s easier the first time like that.”

Unwilling to delay the inevitable any longer than necessary, Eric rolled over and scrambled to his knees, spreading them and presenting his ass to Bobby without being told.

“Oh man, pretty pretty baby.” Bobby’s hands smoothed over his ass cheeks, spreading them. “You don’t even know how good you look.”

“Don’t care.” There was a growl in Eric’s voice now. “Jesus, Bobby, please.”

“Oh yeah, that’s what I like to hear. You want it?” Something slick and hard rubbed at Eric’s hole. “You want it, baby? You want my cock up your ass?”

“Yes, please.”

Bobby pressed in just a little bit. Eric hissed. They both froze while Eric adjusted.

“Push back when you’re ready, baby.” Bobby’s voice sounded strained, his hands smoothing over Eric’s butt cheeks and back.

Eric eased back, stopping when the bite of pain started again. He felt the head of Bobby’s cock pop inside. The pain was nothing to the realization that he was doing it. He was getting fucked and it was going to feel so good. He just knew it. Impatient, he pushed back some more, hissing again when the electric jolt made him stop.

“Easy, baby, easy. Take your time.” Bobby continued to pet him. “I’ll hold as long as I can, but god damn you’re fucking sexy.”

Eric whimpered, pushing back some more. He wanted to swallow Bobby whole, he wanted to encompass this man. He was going to… “Ah!”

“Oh yeah.” Warmth draped Eric’s sweating back, lips brushing the back of his shoulder. “You’ve got all of me inside you, baby.” A wet hand spread over Eric’s heart. “Damn. Fucking damn you feel so good. You okay?”

Eric nodded, breathing heavily through mouth and nose. He was okay. It didn’t hurt exactly. He just felt really, really full.

“Can I move?”


Bobby began to pull back. Eric whined, sure he was going to pass out as every considerable inch of Bobby’s cock dragged over his prostate.  Slowly, Bobby began to pump in and out of Eric, pausing occasionally and only resuming when Eric begged. Eric clutched the pillows, eyes screwed shut, losing himself in the burning, aching pleasure filling his veins with fire. Bobby’s grip on his waist held him up, kept him in the rhythm. In, out, in, out. The way was easy, the pain gone, the pleasure a gripping pain in itself. He couldn’t see. The conditioned air on his sweating skin was another odd caress that sent him spiraling upward. When Bobby reached down to wrap fingers around his shaft, he lost it. Pleasure exploded in him, out him, through him. He bathed the awful bedspread with his spunk while his ass clutched desperately around Bobby.

“Oh fuck.” Bobby clutched him, held him, damn near lifted him off the bed into his embrace as his hips picked up speed, rhythm as ragged as the breath he panted onto Eric’s spine just before he gave a sharp cry and with three. More. Thrusts. Stopped.

Eric collapsed face first into the bed. Still holding him, Bobby was a welcome, heavy blanket. Together they panted, struggling to regain breath.

“Oh shit, that was…” Bobby swallowed, hugged, nuzzled the back of Eric’s neck. “Shit, Eric, that was incredible.”

A different kind of pleasure washed over the remains of the first and Eric smiled into the pillows. “Yeah.”

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