Glory Boy – part 3

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Originally posted to Fiction with Friction in 2008

By popular demand, here’s the next chapter of Eric and Bobby.

Sorry folks, I think this is it.


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Why was Eric so nervous?

As it turned out, Eric had only gotten to spend a small part of the weekend with Bobby. All hell broke loose at Bobby’s parents’ house. He’d spent the next few days dealing with their inability to handle his being gay. Since he’d only been in town for a few days anyway—had to get back for his summer job—that had ruined their chances of getting back together more than once. Bobby’d been really sweet about it, though. He’d called Eric every night on the sly, explaining that he didn’t tell his parents about Eric because he didn’t want to cause Linden Grove-type trouble. Eric knew well enough what he meant even if he couldn’t care less. Thinking back on it, he should have been more assertive, more seductive, more something to get into Bobby’s pants one last time.

But that would all be rectified very soon. Bobby had called him just last night and asked to see him. He was on his way now. Bobby had called him. He’d been trying to summon the courage to call the man for nearly two months and then Bobby had called him. Bobby was driving from the Los Angeles to Santa Barbara  because he wanted to see him. Eric was over-the-moon excited.

What did that mean?

“So, you gonna be back tonight?”

Eric smiled and turned from the mirror to face Kavan. “I hope not.”

His roommate was dressed in trunks, a baggy t-shirt and flip flops with a colorful beach towel hanging around his neck.  He and some of the others on their floor were heading to the beach. “Damn, she must be someone special. Do I get to meet her?”

Eric thought he managed to hide the flinch. His bravado of coming out at home had faded in the new world of college life. He’d not told his new friends he was gay. He didn’t want to make them uncomfortable. They were all dealing with enough. Also, it was one thing to come out to people he’d known all his life, it turned out to be a surprisingly different thing to come out to new people. He didn’t want to be labeled “the gay guy” right out of the starting gate. Maybe a little later in the semester, after they got to know him.

Maybe never.

“Maybe,” he answered the spoken question, wondering if he could ever introduce Bobby to them. Of course, Bobby being Bobby, he’d charm them instantly. He’d smile that smile and fix those sleepy brown eyes on them and they’d… Okay, stop thinking about the sleepy eyes, he cautioned himself, smoothing a hand over the dick that threatened to tent his shorts.

Should he wear jeans instead?

Kavan laughed. “Okay, man, I won’t wait up. Hey, maybe I’ll find a girl of my own at the beach.”

“I’m sure you will.”

“Thanks for the vote of confidence.”

They both laughed as Kavan walked out the door.

Eric’s cell phone rang. “I’m here.” God, Bobby’s voice was so very damn sexy! “Where do I pick you up?”

Snatching up his keys, Eric gave directions as he left his dorm. He could hardly believe it when he saw that dusty blue Mustang pull up in front of him and it was all he could do not to throw himself inside.

Bobby watched him sit, hands gripping the wheel. “Damn you look good.”

Eric fastened his seatbelt, suddenly shy. WTF?! “So do you.”

“Is it okay to kiss you or should we wait until we’re alone?”

Eric wanted to kiss him so bad it hurt. His lips were open and his body wanted to lean into the other man’s strength, but the words stopped him. “Uh,” he glanced around. This wasn’t a particularly crowded part of campus, but there were people around. No one was paying them any mind, but… “We’d better wait. Sorry.”

Smiling, Bobby lowered his sunglasses and maneuvered the Mustang into the street. “No worries. I totally understand.”

“Did you go through the same?”

“Not my freshman year, no, but I had a similar thing later.” He shook his head. “No sense inviting trouble, right?”

While relieved that Bobby understood, Eric grappled with the necessity of it. He was quiet until they left the campus grounds. “So, where’re we going?”

“You tell me, these are your digs.”

“God, I’ve only been here a week.”

“You didn’t do the freshman summer thing?”


“Well,” Bobby stared ahead, his profile limned by the bright sunlight streaming through his window, “you hungry?”

Eric kept staring. He put all of the frustration from the last two months into his voice and said, “Yeah.”

Bobby heard it. He glanced over and a slow smile took those lips Eric wanted to devour. “For food?”

“Not really.”

The smile widened, parting Bobby’s lips to show off pearly white teeth. “We could go walk on the beach.”

“We could, but…”


Eric squirmed. “I dunno. Can we just go somewhere to be alone? For awhile?”

Bobby laughed. “Is that a subtle request for sex?”

Eric smiled, embarrassed. “Well… yeah?”

Bobby laughed harder. “Works for me. I’ve been dying to taste you again.” He stopped at a red light, reached over to wrap a hand around the back of Eric’s neck and pulled him in for a quick, hard kiss. Pulling back, he tilted his head so Eric could see his eyes over the rims of his sunglasses. “We’ll go to dinner later, ‘k?”

Biting his lip, Eric nodded.

“So,” Bobby sat right in his seat to resume driving, “how about the Sea Foam Inn?”

Eric blinked. “The what?”

“I saw this motel on the way up and it caught my eye. Wanna try it?”

A zing of electricity shot through Eric’s belly. Was he really going to go have sex at a motel? How seedy. How exciting! “Uh, sure.”

“Unless you know someplace better?”

Trying to seem at least a little adult, Eric laughed. “I’d be fine with that Motel 6.” He pointed as they passed by.

He jumped when he felt Bobby’s big hand squeeze his knee. “Impatient?”

He grabbed that hand and squeezed it back. “Yeah.”

The Sea Foam Inn turned out to be a tiny little monstrosity sitting right across a small stretch of road from the beach. The buildings were painted an awful pastel green with trim that Eric could only think of as blue and white ‘froth’. The big neon sign was purple and green with a huge mermaid cresting a wave over the capital letters.

Bobby laughed as they drove in. “Awful, isn’t it?”

“Um, yeah.” Eric couldn’t help but laugh.

“I love cheesy stuff like this. You ok with this?”

“Yeah. I’m fine.” Actually, he could see the charm. It was just too awful not to be kind of neat. It was also very interesting to find out this little tidbit about Bobby.

He went inside with Bobby to order the room. He panicked a bit to realize that one of them was going to have to pay for this, but when he heard how much, he decided he’d use some of his monthly cash to buy dinner. In no time, Bobby was leading the way up an outdoor white stone staircase then along a sea foam green wall to a ridiculously pink door with the number 12 on it.

Inside, Eric barely got a glance at a blue and white clad queen sized bed, white walls and a light green carpet before Bobby spun him around and wrapped him in a kiss. Eric immediately forgot about the kitschy surroundings and did some wrapping of his own. He yanked Bobby’s t-shirt up and shoved his hands underneath, anxious to get at hot, satiny flesh. Bobby’s hands slid around to cup Eric’s ass, squeezing as he walked Eric toward the bed.

Eric fell back on the bed with a gasp. “God, I hope that bag you took out of the car has lube in it.”

Bobby chuckled and went quickly back to where he’d drop said small travel bag by the door. “I’m always prepared.”

Eric ripped his own t-shirt off and busied himself with shoes and socks. “Thank God.”

The bag thumped on the bed beside him and Eric tracked Bobby while the other man stripped of shirt and slipped out of his sandals. Before he could get his jeans, though, Eric stopped him. “Let me,” he said, tucking his hand into Bobby’s waistband to pull him forward.

Bobby grunted, carding his fingers through Eric’s hair as Eric unfastened his jeans. “Man, your hair’s so soft.”

Eric was of the opinion that he had ridiculous, thin, mousey brown hair that he couldn’t do a thing with, but if Bobby liked it, that was just grand. Also, it felt nice to have those big hands gently massaging his scalp. While that was going on, he tugged Bobby’s jeans down then, giving into impulse, he pressed his face to the front of Bobby’s boxer briefs. Sweat and male overpowered the scents of laundered fabric and soap. The heat of Bobby’s erection pulsed against Eric’s cheek and he rubbed up and down its length, wanting, needing to have that smell on him. His fingers dug into the creases that separated Bobby’s butt from his thighs, massaging the muscles apart so he could rub the dark, secret flesh between.

“Oh shit, baby.” Bobby’s grip in his hair tightened, those hands encouraging Eric as he continued to rub into Bobby’s groin.

Smelling something a little different, Eric pulled away just enough to see the wet spot in the dark gray fabric of Bobby’s underwear. Smiling, he lay his tongue over it, letting the salty taste of pre-cum mingle with his saliva.

“Oh fuck.”

Glancing up, he saw Bobby’s heated gaze on him, watching his tongue. God, that was hot. He hooked his fingers in Bobby’s underwear and eased them down, careful not to touch the cock that sprang free until he’d gotten all fabric down well below Bobby’s knees. Then he slid his palms back up hairy thighs until his face was once again level with the dick he’d dreamed about for weeks now. Bobby’s hands slid back into his hair, encouraging him as he leaned in to nuzzle fat testicles before dragging his tongue slowly up the underside of Bobby’s staff. He teased underneath the tip with his tongue, traced the firm ridge, kissed the smooth skin of the mushroom head.

“Baby, don’t tease me.”

Since you asked so nice. Eric opened his mouth and took in as much of Bobby’s dick as he could. The fingers in his hair tightened to an almost painful grip that just set his blood boiling. He let Bobby guide his head, making sure to keep plenty of saliva in his mouth so he could make Bobby’s cock so very wet.

“Fuck. Eric. So. Good.”

Eric closed his eyes, thrilled to put that ragged tone in Bobby’s voice. When Bobby’s grip faltered, he kept up the pace, pausing when he had the tip between his lips so he could probe the very tip with his tongue.

“Okay,” Bobby gasped. “Gotta decide. If I’m… oh shit! I’m gonna come if you keep that up.”

Eric paused, letting Bobby’s cock rest in his mouth while he considered it. He could keep it up and swallow or he could stop and let Bobby fuck him. Or… He popped Bobby’s cock from his mouth. “How about we suck each other off?” Bobby had shown him gay porn in their weekend together. The images from that had haunted him since.

“You got it, babe.”

Bobby shucked the rest of his clothes while Eric got out of his shorts. Eric lay on his side as Bobby knelt on the bed. Bobby chose to lean in and kiss him first before stretching out on the bed before him. Big hands took hold of Eric’s hips and guide them forward. Thrilled, Eric moved in to resume his tasty feast. He moaned around the cock in his mouth when Bobby’s wet heat enclosed his own. Suction enough to drain his brain pulled on his cock, making him light headed.

“Hey,” he protested.

Bobby chuckled. “Have to get you caught up.”

“Oh man.”

Peeking down, he watched Bobby thoroughly lick his fingers, getting them good and wet. Was he going to…? Oh yeah. Eric groaned again when those wet fingers delved at his hole. One of them pushed in.

“Been dreaming about this hole,” Bobby murmured, using his other hand to slowly jerk Eric’s cock.  “You’ve got the prettiest, tightest little hole I’ve ever seen.”

With no words of his own to compete with, Eric resumed his meal of cock, determined now to make Bobby come. It became a duel of control but Bobby was just more experienced. Eric did his best. He knew from Bobby’s drawn up balls and the rock solid state of his cock that Bobby was close, but the three fingers Bobby had jammed in his ass and the wet mouth that kept up steady suction on his cock finally shattered his control. Whimpering around his mouthful, he sucked as hard as he could as orgasm blast through him. Thankfully, Bobby couldn’t hold out much longer. A jerk of his hips took his cock out of Eric’s mouth then warm cum splattered Eric’s face.

They lay loosely entwined for precious moments after that, figuring out how to breathe again. Bobby fell onto his back and Eric was happy to snuggle closer to rest his head on one beefy thigh. Bobby’s fingers found his hair again, stroking lightly as the sound of the nearby surf drifted in through the window that was open behind the partially shut curtains.

“Now that was worth the drive,” Bobby murmured.

Eric laughed. “You let me know any time you feel like making it. We’ll meet here at the Sea Foam.”

He expected a responding laugh. Instead, Bobby levered himself up and twisted around so that he lay on his side facing Eric. The look on his face was more serious. “You mean that?”

Eric blinked. “Yeah.”

Bobby kept eye contact. “Because I really like you. I couldn’t stop thinking about you since 4th of July weekend.”

Nervous, Eric licked his lips. “Yeah. Me too.”



Bobby reached over to cup Eric’s jaw. “We don’t have to do the exclusive thing, if you don’t want. I know you’re just starting college and all. But I really would like to see you again. A lot.”

Compelled, Eric edged closer until their noses were just an inch or so apart. “I’d like that.”



Bobby pulled him in for a lingering kiss that tasted of sweat, cum and promise, a heady combination. The glory boy for my own, Eric couldn’t help thinking. How excellent is that?!

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