Glory Boy – Part 1

This entry is part 2 of 3 in the series Glory Boy

This story was originally posted back in 2008 at Fiction with Friction as part of our Independence Day week of short fiction. It’s number one of a series of three.

Pairing: m/m

Edited a bit recently. NOT SAFE FOR WORK


© 2008 Jet Mykles, all rights reserved

“Oh good. The glory boy is home.” Eric rolled his eyes. “My life is complete.”

Nancy turned her head to look in the same direction “Where?”

Switching his weight to his other elbow, he lifted his arm from the wooden railing and pointed toward the gazebo. “Over there, talking to Mr. Wilson.”

She tilted her head down to look over her sunglasses. “Oh yeah. Man, he’s still hot.”

Eric replaced his elbow on the railing and sunk his chin back on his palm. “Yes. He is.”

She chuckled. “Too bad he’s not gay, huh?”

He made no reply. There was no need. Eric was the only openly gay person in the very small town of Linden Grove and very few people let him forget it. Although he shouldn’t complain. Shocking enough that coming out to his family had been completely anti-climatic. Doubly shocking when both of his parents proceeded to tell everyone they knew. Like Eric’s being gay was a badge of honor, for chrissakes! Sometimes he really hated having hippie parents. Okay, that wasn’t fair. He should be grateful they were supportive, and he was, but it was kinda weird that not only they but pretty much all of their friends were so excited about it. According to them, he was a free spirit, going his own way, doing his own thing. It was kind of irritating.

But then, just about everything about Linden Grove irritated him. He couldn’t wait to pack up for college in the fall. Soon he would be on his own in a completely different world. Bobby Peck—the glory boy—had done that two years ago. By all accounts, the former high school football star was doing well on his business degree and was third string on his college team.

With nothing else to do, Eric studied the glory boy, using his sunglasses and the long brown bangs over his eyes to hide what he was doing. Bobby stood among a group of greats and former greats of the Linden High Broncos, a plastic cup in his hand and that ever-present, blinding smile on his face. Baggy gray cargo shorts and tight white t-shirt with his college’s logo blazoned across perfect pecs. His dark blond hair was cropped short at the neck and sides, a little longer at the top. He could have spiked it if he wanted, but that wouldn’t be his style. Sunglasses and distance hid his eyes from Eric, but he knew they were this deep, sensual brown with surprisingly heavy eyelids. Always made him look seductive. At least, to Eric’s wayward imagination.

Nancy slapped his arm, getting his attention. “C’mon, I’m hungry. Let’s go eat.”

Finding no particular reason not to comply, Eric pushed away from the railing then followed his sister off the bridge and headed toward where the temporary stalls had been set up for the locals to sell food.

* * *

“Eric Malloy.”

He thought it was his uncle Dave’s rich voice at first. But, as he turned, swallowing his bite of hot dog, he realized that was stupid because his uncle wouldn’t say his last name. He couldn’t have been more shocked to look up, first into a t-shirt with “USC” plastered across the front in red and gold, then into a face he’d jacked off thinking about many times.

Luckily he’d swallowed, because he might have choked. As it was, he stammered. “Bobby Peck.”

Surprising, Bobby held out one big hand toward him. “Good to see you.” There was that blinding smile. “How you doin’?”

Eric blinked, stunned. On auto-pilot, he shifted his paper plate to his other hand and shook Bobby’s hand. “I’m good. How’re you?”

Bobby shook his head. “Doin’ good.” That smile made him seem like he had more teeth than normal people.

“Uh.” At a loss, Eric pointed to Nancy, seated beside me. “You remember my sister, Nancy.”

Bobby held out his hand. “I do. How’re you?”

She did that awful giggle thing before taking his hand. “I’m great. What brings you back in town?”

“Just visiting. I missed the picnic last year and my mom barely forgave me.”

They laughed appropriately.

Bobby focused on him again. “You must have graduated in May.”

Again, Eric had to blink away surprise. “Uh, yeah.”

“Congrats, man.” To Eric’s further shock, Bobby sat himself down on the hay bale beside Eric, leaning elbows on knees and holding the plastic cup by the fingertips. “You off to college in the fall?”

Unseen by Bobby, he exchanged wide eyes with Nancy. “Yeah.”

“Where to?”

“UC Santa Barbara.”

Bobby nodded. “Nice school. I’ve got a buddy down there. Gorgeous city.”

Eric nodded, still unable to figure out why the glory boy was talking to him. There were kids Eric’s age and older all over the picnic who’d kill to have his undivided attention. It’s not like they really knew each other. Not well. Bobby had been nice to him in school, but they’d rarely interacted. Eric had interviewed him once for the school paper and Bobby had congratulated him on a good performance after one of the school plays, but those were their two major conversations.

But here they were, having a conversation. Bobby Peck asking him what he was going to study and was he really into journalism and what type of writing did he hope to do. At some point, Nancy left. Eric panicked at first, but Bobby just kept him talking. He’d just started asking Bobby about what he’d been up to at college when others started coming to talk to him. Seemed leaving the glory boy in just one conversation wasn’t acceptable. Two of Bobby’s friends from high school came up and joined the conversation for a while, which was just too weird since they were really nice to Eric. But then they took Bobby off to play Frisbee while the sun was still up.

“Nice talking to you, Eric,” Bobby said, shaking his hand again.

“Yeah.” He had a genuine smile for Bobby. “You too.”

“Whoa!” Nancy bumped him from behind, murmuring into his ear. “What was that?”

“I have no idea.”

* * *

Of course there were fireworks. What self-respecting town picnic didn’t include fireworks? The park in Linden Grove had a nice size lake to reflect and support the colorful display. Eric remembered a time when he and Nancy had waited eagerly for the sun to go all the way down so the show would start. Then, in high school, it was the signal to go off in the wooded area of the park to drink and make out. Well, Eric had never done the make out part but he’d done the drinking part. This year though? Eh. Maybe he’d just watch the show.

He stood off to the side near the trees, out of the crowd that was gathering in the clearing that faced the lake. The old elm tree shaded him mostly from view and that was just fine by him. Nancy had gone into the woods with her friends. He’d been invited but… nah. And he didn’t feel like hanging out with his own few friends. He wasn’t especially close to any of them anymore anyway.

A whistle behind him got his attention. Startled, he glanced over his shoulder. At first all he saw what a silhouette of a person, waving. He thought it might be his dad. Curious, he wandered back into the trees.

He stopped. That was not his dad. That was the glory boy himself. Filtered moonlight caressed one side of his face and limned his white shirt into ghostly blue. “Bobby?”

The taller man stepped closer until that blinding grin was visible. “Hey.”

“What…?” Eric shook his head. “What’s up?”

Bobby glanced toward the crowd. There wasn’t enough light from the picnic grounds to really light him, but Eric’s vision had adjusted enough to make out a few details. His sunglasses were gone so Eric could see those sleepy eyes under those heavy brows. Still couldn’t see the rich color of his eyes but he could imagine well enough. “I wanted to talk to you in private earlier than this, but…” He stepped closer, gaze intent on Eric. “I heard you came out this year.”

Eric’s jaw dropped. He stared at Bobby’s very serious face for a moment before regaining himself. “Yeah, I did.”

Bobby shoved his hands into the front pocket of his shorts. “Takes guts.”

Oh no, this is so not happening. He shrugged. “I couldn’t hide it any longer.”

“I know what you mean.” The look in his eyes suggested he spoke from personal experience.

Jaw dropped again. Eric stared into that all-American wonder boy’s face. “No way.”

Bobby nodded. “Yeah.”

“No way!”

The bigger man chuckled. “Yeah, I know. The glory boy, right?”

Eric swallowed, unaware that Bobby knew what they called him behind his back. “Holy shit. Have you…? Does anyone know?”

“My folks know. My brother and sister know.” He glanced toward the crowd again. “No one else around here. I just told them this week. They’re adjusting.”

“When did…? How did you…?”

Bobby’s grin was back. “College is great for ‘finding yourself’.”

Eric couldn’t help it. He burst out laughing. So that’s why Bobby wanted to talk to him earlier. Kindred spirits and all. “Oh man. That’s great.”

His laughter faded as Bobby stepped even closer. “Y’know, I always thought you were really cute.”

Just like that, Eric was hard. He could feel it in his shorts and was so very glad he’d worn the denim instead of the spandex. He backed up a step. “What?”

Bobby was close enough now that Eric could see the glint in his eyes as those sleepy orbs roamed his face. Hungrily. Really? “I couldn’t admit it then, but, god damn, you have the prettiest mouth I’ve ever seen.”

Said mouth gaped. “You’re joking.”

Bobby stepped even closer. “I’m not.”

Eric stepped back, shaking from head to toe. “This can’t be real.”

Those eyes were on his mouth. “It’s real. And I’d really, really like to kiss you.”

Eric stumbled. Bobby reached out and caught his arm in one strong hand.

Bang! The first explosion of the fireworks sounded, followed by a cascade of pops. Echoing fireworks sizzled up Eric’s arm to set fire to his spine.

Bobby swept his boneless body back, finding a nice, wide tree trunk to brace him against. Shocked, Eric stared up into that face, vivid memories filling in the details that shadows currently hid. He knew it was more fireworks popping in the distance but he got the impression that the detonations were happening in his gut.

Bobby leaned in until his nose almost touched Eric’s, close enough that visual details were no longer necessary. The sound of his breathing, the warm, sunny smell of his skin, the heat of his strong body so very close, these were far more interesting up close. His hands were steel bands around Eric’s slim upper arms, firm, not hurting. “Can I kiss you?”

“Please.” The word spilled out without any conscious thought on Eric’s part.

Which was just as well. Bobby dove in to take possession of his mouth, scattering all thoughts but those of soft lips parting on his and a tongue tapping for entrance. Gladly, he opened, sucking in a tongue he would never have thought he’d get to taste.

When Bobby finally pulled back, it wasn’t far. His hands had moved to cradle Eric’s jaw, tilting his head for better access. Now he paused, lips just a whisper away from Eric’s, breath a tantalizing caress. “Oh fuck.”

Eric’s fingers dug into Bobby’s sides. All hard, delicious muscle. “I’ll say.”

Bobby’s lips brushed Eric’s again. “I could kiss you forever.”


Ba-bang! Zam! Whooosh! The show continued, colorful lights trying to penetrate the shadows around them.

Chuckling, Bobby nipped Eric’s lower lip, pulling out a moan. “I’m okay just kissing, but,” he swiped his tongue just inside Eric’s lip, “I’d love to do more. If you’re willing.”

Eric squirmed, unconsciously trying to pull Bobby closer. He was on fire and needed Bobby to be the smothering blanket for the flames. “Okay.”

“You know what I mean, right?”

“Yeah.” He knew. He was scared to death but he was also painfully aroused.

Bobby’s hands stopped him from pressing up into another kiss. “How far have you gone before?”

Eric swallowed. He so didn’t want to answer. It’d make him seem like a kid. But he didn’t think lying would be a good idea either. “About this far.”

Gentle thumbs caressed the corners of his mouth. “How much farther?”

Couldn’t they just do it? Did Bobby really need to know about Eric’s lack of experience? “Jacking off?”

One hand adjusted so its thumb could toy with Eric’s bottom lip. Bobby watched its progress. “You ever sucked a guy off with this mouth?”

Eric’s dick jumped in his shorts. Might be leaking. “Once.”

The thumb slid inside to trace the tops of his bottom front teeth. “Only once. Shame. You’ve got a mouth that’s made for sucking dick.”

Fire crackled in the sky as Eric closed his lips over that thumb, sucking it in. He locked gazes with Bobby as he did it, making his non-spoken invitation as blatant as he could.

Bobby groaned, pressing closer. One big thigh eased itself between Eric’s legs. “You never been fucked, have you, Eric?” He kept his thumb in Eric’s mouth, sliding his other hand down Eric’s side until it reached his hip. Fingers dug into one side of his ass. “Anyone ever sunk his cock balls deep in your hole?”

Eric groaned, grinding down on Bobby’s thigh. He was having a hard time concentrating.

“Answer me, pretty baby.” Bobby’s breath was a caress on his cheek. “Anyone ever fuck you?”

Unwilling to release Bobby’s thumb, Eric gave a minute shake of his head.

“Oh man. I didn’t think I’d be that lucky. I wanted to come back and find you.” Zim… crack! Explosions overhead punctuated the shock to Eric’s poor brain. “Kiss you. Fuck you.” Bobby rocked his hips into Eric, making his own arousal evident. “Didn’t know you’d be a virgin for me.” He kissed Eric’s cheek, the corner of his eye. “Can I fuck you, baby? Can I do to you what I’ve been wanting to do since I admitted I liked guys?”

That warranted actual words. “God, yes.” Eric spoke around Bobby’s wet thumb. Boldly, he slid one hand down between them and palmed Bobby’s erection. Ker-blam, pop! “Oh please, God, yes.”

Bobby ripped his hand free of Eric’s mouth so he could take possession again with his own. Eric gave it all he could, squeezing the steel rod in Bobby’s shorts. He’d never wanted anything so much in his life.

Growling, Bobby grabbed Eric’s hips and yanked him up farther so that he was precariously balanced on Bobby’s thigh. The toes of his Nikes barely touched the ground. When he was settled, Bobby attacked the button and fly of his shorts. “Can’t do everything I want here.” His voice was low and raspy, the vibrations shaking Eric to the core. “Too many people and no lube.”

Eric heard the crowd’s oooo’s in the distance, knew this wasn’t smart. Anyone could come up and see them. He cried out when one huge hand wrapped around his cock.

“Oh shit, you’re wet.” Bobby groaned, looking down as he stroked Eric’s erection. “Knew you’d be gorgeous. Bet you taste good. Ah, fuck.” One handed, he popped open the fly of his own shorts, releasing his cock. “We’ll just do this now, then go somewhere where I can fuck you all night. Yeah?”

Eric would have answered, but first the sight of Bobby’s cock, even in shadow, took his breath away. Boom! Hisss. Then Bobby wrapped his hand around both cocks, pressing them together.

“Oh fuck!” Eric whimpered, barely remembering not to scream. This was better than anything he and Paul Fiddle from Grainger High had done on their few, secretive dates. All new to the gay thing, he and Paul had only had the guts to suck each other before they broke up over an argument. Why hadn’t they thought of this?! He dug his fingers into the solid meat of Bobby’s shoulders and rocked his hips in time to Bobby’s hand.

“That’s it, pretty baby.” Bobby crooned into his ear, licking the rim while his grip pushed Eric to the edge. “Come for me now and I’ll make you come again later.”

“God, Bobby.” Eager, he reached up to wrap his hand around the back of Bobby’s skull, guiding those delicious lips back to his. Desperate, he fed at Bobby’s mouth as the orgasm took him. Fireworks above the trees around them sounded out the fireworks shattering in Eric’s belly. He shot his own version between them, coating Bobby’s hand.

His mouth went lazy as the sensations drained from him, but Bobby held him fast, still squeezing, still making him squirm for another minute until he grunted and spurted his own cum to mingle with Eric’s.

They kept kissing, all the urgency gone, only sweet enjoyment remaining. Bobby toyed gently with their cocks, keeping them together as they subsided. Eric squirmed at the sensation but not enough to get away.

“Do you need to stay?” Bobby asked finally.

Eric thought about it. The sound of the fireworks show were gone. People would be heading home. No doubt there were other teenagers within the trees, doing similar things to what they’d just done. Geez, had anyone seen them? Swallowing, he pulled back a little. Even if anyone had been watching, they wouldn’t have seen much. Bobby’s body hid just about everything. “No.”

Bobby pressed their foreheads together. “Let’s drive to Grainger. Get a room for the night. I just made promises I’d really like to keep.”

He stared up into those big brown eyes, amazed. Had this just happened? “Really?”

Bobby’s thumb swiped over the soft, wet head of Eric’s cock, making Eric gasp. “Really.”

Eric smiled so wide it hurt his cheeks. “Let’s do it.”

Grinning, Bobby kissed him thoroughly once more before backing away so they could both adjust their clothes. Eric watched him wipe cum off his hand with the hem of his t-shirt before tucking it back into his shorts, seemingly unconcerned.

The glory boy was gay and wanted to fuck Eric into next week. Who would have thought?

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