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Delving for Inspiration

My inspiration level is at an all time low. I’ve got ideas but not any that are really panning out. And I’ve got to get something written soon!

So, in the past few days I’ve:

  • Watched Duran Duran Live from London. Am probably going to break out Sing Blue Silver next.
  • Watched 14 Weiss Kruez episodes on DVD (not Gluhen). Saiyki’s probably next. Might have to get the last few Get Backers DVDs finally.
  • Listened to Adam Lambert’s For Your Entertainment and/or Duran Duran for hours at a time
  • Been working on commission artwork. Haven’t done commissions in a long time and really didn’t intend to start up again but I needed some Poser ideas and some impetus for follow through.

It’s sort of working. I got inspiration for a new rocker story (not Indigo Knights or Heaven Sent. Sorry). But it’s slow going. I know I should be easy on myself since I’m just recovering from two weeks with what had to be the flu. I know I was on vacation before that and not expected to get much done. But I NEED whatever block is in my head to go the fuck away! I’m not sure what to try next.

So, help me out. Any ideas? What do you do for inspiration?